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Translations: Gintama 588 (2) , Bleach 673 by cnet128 , One Piece 825 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 260

Little Princess (4)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 4, 2011 19:30 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 260


Women: That new girl, Kashiwagi...
Women: was suddenly chosen to be the chief's secretary.
SFX: Whisper whisper
Women: I wonder whether she...
Women: has connections or if she seduced him...

Kashiwagi: I just showed him I could do the job.
Kashiwagi: Well, I expected this kind of rumor.
Kashiwagi: I need to put an end to it quickly.

Kashiwagi: How is it?
Text: Kyaaahh!
Women: I-it's so good!!!
Women: I love you, Oboro-chan!!

Kashiwagi: And from then on they cheered me on warmly.
SFX: Tremble tremble
Minamoto: Yeah, but what is in that tea!!?
Kashiwagi: I just put my heart into making it is all.

Chief: We have three Level 7's now!!
Chief: The future is looking bright!!
SFX: Hm hmm hm hmm

Chief: They're the same age, so I should put them in a team!
Chief: But what to call the team?
Chief: Triple Seven.
Chief: No...Princess Three?

SFX: Pop down
Hyoubu: What about the Children?
Hyoubu: It's nice and simple.
Chief: Oh!
Chief: That's great!!

Chief: ...Who was that?

Margin: Volume 26 that had lots of heart put into its creation will be on sale 6/17!!!

Bottom: The limited edition comes with an audio drama CD that the super wonderful voice actors came back together to make!!!


Shiho: Aoi-chan was fairly timid.
Shiho: But that was why...

Shiho: she was such a cute kid.
Shiho: She had been isolated in BABEL for her own safety.

Shiho: But...
Shiho: I was different.


Title: 260th sense. Little Princess (4)
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Margin: To celebrate the limited edition with the drama CD, there will be a large full color supplement release on clubsunday.jp!!
Text: They pass by each other until that day on which they will meet.


Shiho: Adults made sure not to touch me.
Shiho: I hate vegetables.
Woman: They're small and I didn't give you very many.
Woman: You need to eat some.

Woman: You can do it, right, Aoi-chan?
Aoi: Y-yeah.
Aoi: I guess...
Woman: What a good girl.

Shiho: Yes, what a good girl.
SFX: Pour pour

Aoi: Wahhhh!!
Woman: Shiho-chan!!
SFX: Leave


SFX: Dramatic
Aoi: Wahhhhh!!

SFX: Paint paint
SFX: Cry

SFX: Stare

Kashiwagi: This is...?
Text: Mh
Chief: Not good.


Kashiwagi: The nursing staff are at their limit mentally,
Kashiwagi: but Aoi-chan can't just stay with her.
Kashiwagi: But...
Kashiwagi: we can't leave Shiho-chan alone either.

Kashiwagi: I don't think...
Kashiwagi: it's that Shiho-chan doesn't like Aoi-chan.
Kashiwagi: I think she doesn't like herself.

Kashiwagi: High level espers have a tendency of hating their own powers.
Kashiwagi: The presence of comrades usually helps...
Kashiwagi: but with just the two of them, she notices it all the more.

Chief: She has so much talent at her age...
Chief: and yet she doesn't like herself...

Chief: Understood.


Chief: Some still have doubts about her tremendous power...
Chief: but let's bring Kaoru-kun in.
Chief: Let's begin Project Children!

Chief: If she thinks other children have the right to be loved...
Chief: but she does not...


Chief: We'll bring in a third...
Chief: so she loses 2 to 1!!

Kaoru: I'm Akashi Kaoru!!
Kaoru: They said we're gonna be a team from now on!!


Kaoru: Nice to meet you!!
SFX: Gyuhn
SFX: Pull pull
Kaoru: Let's be friends!

Shiho: Wh-
Shiho: What's with this girl!?
SFX: Hug


Shiho: I-I can't breathe!!
Shiho: Let go!!

SFX: Kyuuhhhnn
Kaoru: I'm so happy!!
Kaoru: I love you!!
Kaoru: I'm so happy!!

Kaoru: There are two girls here that are so cute!!
Kaoru: Thank you!!
Kaoru: Thank you for bringing me here!!

SFX: Realization

SFX: Grab


Kaoru: Dahh!?
SFX: Hyupah
SFX: Slam

Kaoru: Ahhh!! Ahhhh!!
Kaoru: My hand!!
Shiho: Hmph!
Chief: A-aahhhhh!!

Shiho: Just so you know...
Shiho: I'll do even worse...
Shiho: if you touch me again!

Shiho: What!?
Kaoru: W-

Kaoru: Wowwww!!
Kaoru: You're so cool!!
SFX: Hug
Shiho: Wah!


Kaoru: You can read my mind when you touch me, right?
Kaoru: And you're strong!
SFX: Bright
Kaoru: Is it because you can read your enemy's mind!?
SFX: Sparkle sparkle
Shiho: I-I suppose.

Kaoru: Wow!!
Kaoru: You're cute, strong, and amazing!!
SFX: Grab!!
Shiho: I said let go!!

Shiho: If you don't, I'll read all of your-
Kaoru: I love you!!
Kaoru: I'll definitely protect you!!

Kaoru: I won't mess up like before...
Kaoru: with mom and sis!!
SFX: Kihhhn!!
Kaoru: For sure!!

Shiho: What happened...
Shiho: with your mama?
SFX: Twitch


Shiho: I can't read her anymore.
Shiho: I guess she is a Level 7, too.

Shiho: Now do you see how scary a Psychometer is!?
Shiho: If you get near me...

SFX: Hug

Kaoru: Please...
Kaoru: don't be scared!

Shiho: N-
Shiho: No, I was saying...


Shiho: I see.
Shiho: She's...

Shiho: an idiot.
Shiho: I'm not...
Shiho: scared of you!
SFX: Hug


SFX: Push
Shiho: You don't even let go when you're asleep?
Shiho: What a pain!!

SFX: Zzzz


Shiho: Can you...
Shiho: not sleep either?
SFX: Shock

Aoi: Zzzz
Aoi: Zzzz

Shiho: ...I'm sorry.

Aoi: Yeah.


Shiho: ...Is this the place?
Minamoto: Yes.
Minamoto: You've never been here?
Shiho: No, this is my first time.


Shiho: Kaoru-chan would...
Shiho: sneak out and come here from time to time.

SFX: Gyuuuhhhn
Shiho: She kept it a secret from the workers and us.

Text: What did the young Kaoru do there?

Shiho: It's been a while,
Shiho: Kaoru-chan!

Box: To be continued in Issue 28.

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