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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 261

Little Princess (5)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 11, 2011 15:28 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 261


Shiho: Sorry about back then...
Aoi: Did that happen?
Aoi: There was so much going on with my family...
Aoi: that I don't really remember.

Shiho: By the way...
Shiho: I ate the cream puff in the fridge.
Shiho: Sorry.
Text: Teh heh

Shiho: For not remembering...
Shiho: this retaliation certainly is reminiscent of it.
Aoi: I was looking forward to eating that!!!
SFX: Hyupah pah pah pah pah pah

Sakaki: The metastasis has spread too far!
Sakaki: It's too late for surgery or for my body control.
SFX: Kyuhhn!

Sakaki: It's because the current system only allows normal patients to undergo psychic treatment as a last resort...
Fujiko: Fujiko will help.
Fujiko: She'll do whatever she can.

Fujiko: Okay...
Fujiko: New nurse Fujiko is here!!
Fujiko: If you get better, I'll let you touch them.
SFX: Boing

Sakaki: The metastasis is gone!?
Sakaki: Your powers of eroticism scare me!!
SFX: Thumbs up
SFX: Kyuhn
Fujiko: If the patient is a woman...
Fujiko: you'll need to strip!

Margin and bottom: Any past is now a precious memory...right? ...They're sure to give you some memories. Volume 26 and the limited edition with a drama CD will be out on 6/17!!


Left: FORMER Commander Suma's thorough ideas of leadership!! ...She goes overboard with everything, so watch out!!!
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 261st sense. Little Princess (5)
Top corner:
Volume 26 will be released on June 17!!
The super wonderful voice actors came back together for the drama CD "Supplemental Performance! Patty's Hidden Passion Made Public" that will come with the limited edition!!
A special postcard comes with it, too!!
The second round of full color Supplements!!
This time, there will also be a super beautiful wallpaper present project!!
It's all at Club Sunday!!
Go to clubsunday.jp for details!!


Shiho: It's been a while,
Shiho: Kaoru-chan!
SFX: Kyuuhhhn!


Minamoto: What!? Who!?
Minamoto: Is there someone there!?
Minamoto: I can't see anyone.
Shiho: ...It's an image from the past.
Shiho: Just as I expected.

Shiho: Kaoru-chan would...
Shiho: come here alone to cry...
Shiho: when she couldn't stand the pain.

Shiho: She would never...
Shiho: let us see her cry.

Minamoto: Really?


Minamoto: When I first met Kaoru...
Minamoto: she was crying.

Kaoru: I'm strong!

Minamoto: Was that...
Minamoto: an expression she didn't even let her two best friends see?

Shiho: Kaoru-chan?
Shiho: I think...
Shiho: I've become bit more of a big sister than I was back then.

Shiho: You've gotten bigger too...
Shiho: and you still do nothing but protect me...
Shiho: but...


Shiho: You don't have to cry alone anymore.
Shiho: So tell me.
Shiho: Where can I go to feel your presence even stronger?

SFX: Glance

Shiho: ...I see.
Shiho: Thank you.

SFX: Disappear

Shiho: This way, Minamoto-san.
Minamoto: Shiho...
Minamoto: That...


Minamoto: looked like you were talking to a ghost.
Minamoto: And this place is famous for being haunted.
SFX: Grab!!
Shiho: No way, really!? Don't say scary things like that!!
Shiho: I-i-if you leave me, I'll never forgive you!!

Kaoru: Hello, this is Moga-chan.
Kaoru: I'm...

Kaoru: right behind you.
SFX: Creepy

Aoi: Kyaaahhh!!
SFX: Grab!!
Shiho: Gyaahhhh!!


Aoi: Kaoru, you're really good at that!
Aoi: Do the cursed video next!
Text: Ah ha ha ha
Shiho: No!!
Shiho: I hate scary things!!
Kaoru: Why?
Kaoru: You were fine watching "Twisted Murderer vs. Girl Detective" the other day.

Kaoru: Ahh.
Kaoru: I'm bored.
Kaoru: Training and practice are still on hold.

Kaoru: I don't like being ordered around...
Kaoru: but I like to occasionally blow away a building or a tank.
Shiho: It seems they can't decide on a new commander.
Aoi: They're all scared because of your rampage the other day, Kaoru.


Kaoru: But, she...
Kaoru: just hit Shiho all of a sudden and I lost control...

Shiho: It's all my fault.
Shiho: I shouldn't have said that.
Shiho: "You should...

Shiho: break up with your boyfriend."
Shiho: "He's a spy from a neighboring country who is after information on BABEL."


Shiho: I thought it would be better to tell her directly rather than telling the chief or Kashiwagi-san...
Aoi: And the person before that...
Aoi: secretly put ESP suppressing drugs in our snacks,
Aoi: but you saw through that, too.

Shiho: What they're all afraid of the most...
Shiho: isn't Kaoru-chan's power.
Shiho: It's my Level 7 Psychometry.
Shiho: No one can defend their heart against me.

Kaoru: Don't worry! Whatever happens, we'll always be friends...
Kaoru: and I'm sure a better commander will come along eventually!
Kaoru: Some curious person will take a liking to us and...

Aoi: I wonder...
Aoi: if the next person will be any good...

Kaoru: I have a feeling...
Kaoru: that the next person will be...
SFX: Beep


SFX: Slide

Suma: The government has sent me from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.
Suma: I am Suma Kiriko!
Suma: Starting today, I will be your commander.


Kaoru: I don't really...
Aoi: have a good feeling...
Shiho: about her.


Minamoto: What is it?
Minamoto: Is something wrong?
SFX: Kyuhhn
Shiho: It seems...
Shiho: she came here a lot.

Shiho: I can feel Kaoru-chan's presence throughout this room.

Shiho: Could you release my limiter for just a bit?
Shiho: There are just so many traces that I can't pick one out very well.
Minamoto: Okay.
Minamoto: Understood.

Minamoto: Sannomiya Shiho.
Minamoto: Release!!
SFX: Beeep!!


SFX: Vhhhhn!!


SFX: Vhhn!!
Shiho: Ahh...


Minamoto: Shiho, what is it!?
SFX: Collapse

Minamoto: Not good!
Minamoto: It's an overflow!!

Minamoto: Kaoru came here to release her emotions!
Minamoto: Completely sensing the traces of the bared emotions...
Minamoto: of a high level esper has caused her psychic center to burst!!

Minamoto: I didn't expect there to be this much power!
SFX: Beep
Minamoto: I need to get her limiter back on...

SFX: Realization


Minamoto: K-Kaoru!?
SFX: Vhhhhn
Minamoto: Illusions of her!?

Minamoto: The images Shiho is seeing with her super senses are being released!!
Minamoto: Her Psychometry is going out of control!!
Text: What feelings of Kaoru's are Shiho seeing!?
Box: To be continued in Issue 29

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