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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 262

Little Princess (6)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 18, 2011 23:27 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 262


Kaoru: Volume 26...
Aoi: will be released on June 17th.
Shiho: As will the limited edition with the Drama CD!

Kaoru: You play a large role in the drama, Patty-san.
Kaoru: What are its best points?
Patty: It has action and a love story.
Patty: It's the ultimate entertainment.

Patty: And all the performers were wonderful.
Aoi: What is this, an interview with a Hollywood actress!?
Shiho: If you were...
Shiho: to sum it up in one word, what would it be?

Patty: It's quite...
Patty: rotten.
SFX: Grin
Children: Is that so...

Text: When he woke, he was asleep in his futon in the night duty room.

Text: With him in the room were...
Text: a lot of empty beer cans.

Sakaki: Ah ha ha.
Text: Teh heh
Sakaki: It looks like I drank too much.
Sakaki: Wait.
SFX: Tongue sticking out

Sakaki: Did you really think that would work on a Psychometer!!?
Sakaki: And I don't drink like that!!!
Text: Don't underestimate me!
Minamoto: Are you the kind of criminal who fails because you made your case too perfect with too much contrary evidence?
Shiho: Tch.
Margin and bottom: If you don't hurry, it'll rot even further!? Volume 26 & the limited edition with the drama CD will be released on 6/17!! The additional performance by the super lovely performers is boiling with Director Patty!!!?


Text: Never let go of that hand...
Title: 262nd sense. Little Princess (6)
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Bottom: If you read it, the Drama CD will be even more enjoyable!? Full Color Supplements, Round 2!! They are being shown on clubsunday.jp!! The full color wallpaper present project is also open!!


SFX: Vhhhn!!

Minamoto: Shiho's Psychometry is running out of control!?
Minamoto: It's an overflow!!

Minamoto: The image she was reading is reversing and being discharged.
Minamoto: When she then reads it again, it causes a howling effect!!


Minamoto: I've reactivated her limiter, but it isn't stopping!?
SFX: Beep
Minamoto: At this rate, the burden on her brain will be too large!

Minamoto: We need to get out of here!!
SFX: Grab

Mouse: Squeak
SFX: Run run run

SFX: Crack

SFX: Break
SFX: Clatter clatter
Minamoto: ...Wha-!?

Minamoto: Th-the roof!?
Minamoto: Wait...


SFX: Gyuhn

SFX: Stop

Minamoto: Impossible!
Minamoto: That Kaoru...
Minamoto: is just a psychic image...

Kaoru: I...


Kaoru: failed to protect...
Kaoru: Shiho and Aoi!!

SFX: Slam!!

SFX: Crack crack


SFX: Boom

Kaoru: ...It's no good, Suma-san.
Kaoru: This limiter can't bring me below Level 4.

Suma: I see...Too bad.
Suma: But it's a huge help that you cooperated with this.
Suma: I got some valuable data.


Suma: The engineering department will be thrilled.
Kaoru: Then can Shiho and Aoi...
Kaoru: go home like you promised!?

Kaoru: I don't care about myself...
Kaoru: but those two can go to school now, right!?

Suma: ...You idiot.

Kaoru: Eh?

SFX: Beep

SFX: Zap
Kaoru: Gyaahhh!!


Suma: It looks like you need more discipline.
Suma: That is what that tool is for.
Suma: It's a magic collar that trains animals!!

Kaoru: Wha-...!?

Suma: It's no use trying to remove it with your powers.
Suma: The more you do, the more the electric current flows to obstruct your psychic waves.
Suma: Even if we can't neutralize the powers, we can manage like this.

Suma: If any one of you resists...
Suma: the electric current flows on the other two as well.


Kaoru: You put this on Shiho and Aoi, too?
Suma: Yes.
Suma: You three are good friends, right?

Suma: Really now...!!
Suma: BABEL is just so naive!
Suma: They should have just done this from the beginning!

Shiho: Kaoru-chan...


Shiho: I'm sorry!!
Shiho: If I had just read her mind, this wouldn't have happened...
Shiho: But I...

Shiho: I didn't want to be hated again...
Shiho: so I...!!
Shiho: I'm sorry!!

Kaoru: No!
Kaoru: It's because I was an idiot!
Kaoru: I won't trust anyone anymore!
Kaoru: Sorry!!

Kaoru: I had decided I would protect those two!!
Kaoru: I didn't care if I had to stay behind to accomplish it!!


Kaoru: It might have been my fault that dad left!
Kaoru: Mom got mad and scolded me...
Kaoru: and I got mad and...
Kaoru: hurt mom.

Kaoru: The only thing...
Kaoru: I have left to live for is these two!!

Shiho: No!
Shiho: That's not true, Kaoru-chan!!

Shiho: But she isn't telling me this...
Shiho: I'm just selfishly reading my friend's mind.
Shiho: She'd just get mad if I said something!

Shiho: I wish I had...
Shiho: a power to let other people read my heart instead of Psychometery.


Shiho: Like Kaoru-chan did on that day!!

SFX: Rumble rumble


SFX: Crumble crumble
SFX: Crash

Minamoto: She saved us!
Minamoto: She was just an afterimage...
Minamoto: but she saved us!?

Shiho: There really is...
Shiho: no changing that girl.

SFX: Hug


Shiho: I...
Shiho: love Kaoru-chan and Aoi-chan!!
Shiho: I really do!!


Minamoto: They...
Minamoto: know that...
Minamoto: very well.

Shiho: Yeah.

Shiho: I thought I could at least comfort...
Shiho: an afterimage from that time...
Shiho: but I couldn't.
Shiho: I just ended up being protected again.


Minamoto: That's not true.
Minamoto: You're all good friends.
Shiho: I suppose.
Shiho: But...

Minamoto: You three are good girls.
Minamoto: Nice to meet you!
Shiho: It's a little...
Shiho: regrettable.

Shiho: Of course...
Shiho: I love you too, Minamoto-san.
SFX: Rrrrrrrr
Minamoto: Eh?
Minamoto: What?


Shiho: Nothing!!
SFX: Rrrrrrrrr
Minamoto: Wait!
Minamoto: Don't drive so fast!!

Text: Heh...

SFX: Disappear

Kaoru: Missing...
Kaoru: Something's missing...
SFX: Mumble mumble
Aoi: Nnn..Shiho...
Aoi: Hurry up and do something about her...
Text: Nnn nnn
Text: She is newly aware of her bonds!! Next Issue will have opening color pages!!
Box: To be continued in Issue 30

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