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Needless 92

City (3)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jun 21, 2011 00:26 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 92

Chapter 92


Mengroze: Hey!
Mengroze: Rise and shine! Long time no see!
SFX: Sparkle
Text: After collapsing Cruz is...huh?

Mengroze: Okay, I'll start cutting here.
SFX: Stop

Mengroze: Now, be reborn!
Cruz: Waaaahhhhhh!

Mengroze: Okay?


Text: The battle begins for the gathered heroes!!
Title: #92 City (3)


Cruz: Waaahhhh!!!

Cruz: What a horrible dream...

Blade: Take this.

Cruz: That's right...
Cruz: Was that was a sleeping pill?


Cruz: I'm just a burden...
Cruz: so they left me behind...
SFX: Rustle

Cruz: Hm?

Cruz: This is a...transmitter?

Note: Dear Cruz-kun, This transmitter is from Disk-chan. She said to use it to contact her in an emergency, but I was called in by Setsuna, so I'll be going. This was fun. Let's play together again. -Mio

Cruz: So Mio-chan left, too...

Cruz: Simeon truly intends to attack father and the others!
SFX: Step


Cruz: Even so...
Cruz: I wanted to fight alongside father.
Cruz: I wanted to return the favor...

Cruz: I...
Cruz: truly am needless...


Chief: Outta the way.
SFX: Pat

Chief: You're up against Needlesses, right?

SFX: Thoom
Police: Ch-chief!!!


Chief: I...
Chief: love harassing outlaws until they behave.
Chief: That's why I joined the police.
SFX: Whirrr

SFX: Foom

Chief: Eat this!!
Chief: Satellite Spear!!!

Blade: A half, hm?

SFX: Slide


Disk: Rocket Jet Counter
SFX: Wham

Chief: Beh!

SFX: Boom crash crash
Chief: Ghh!

Disk: Megaton Infinity Range Punch!!!
SFX: Intense
Solva: You weren't done yet?
Seth: That's a long name.


SFX: Crash
Chief: Nhh...

Chief: What kind of mechanism was that!?
Chief: You're a half, too!?

Disk: Yes.
Disk: How about we try to get along as comrades?

Disk: Blade.
Disk: Leave this to me!!
Disk: You all go on ahead.

Blade: Okay! How thoughtful of you!
Seth: ...Is that okay?


Blade: As I'm sure you know...
Blade: men cannot live alone.

Blade: After all, things are easier when you divide up the labor!!
Text: Right?
Seth: Ehhhh?

Blade: And I'll leave all the annoying shit to my servants!!
Eve: Ehhhhh?

Disk: And I get a good deal by taking the first and therefore weakest enemy!!!
SFX: Clench
Solva: Ehhhh?

Blade: Anyway, Disk!! If you die, I'll kill you!! Got it!?
SFX: Point
Disk: Ehh? I don't understand.


SFX: Boom boom
Police: Wahh!

Police: Th-they're flying!!
Police: Dammit!! They got away!!

SFX: Thoom


Chief: I have crushed countless Needlesses in the past.
SFX: Rumble
Chief: You have guts to challenge me alone!!

Disk: I'll be fine.
SFX: Rumble
Disk: I'm only up against a toy made of tinplate.

SFX: Roar
Chief: You are needless!!!


SFX: Open up

Disk: Linear Motor Field!!!
SFX: Flash

SFX: Warp


Disk: Ah hah.
Disk: As I thought, you have a lot of unneeded metal.

Chief: My fist was redirected!!
Chief: What kind of technology is this!!?

Disk: This miraculous machinery was created by the doll maker of hell and a girl who likes creating OOPArts.
SFX: Boom
Disk: Have a taste and be destroyed.


SFX: Wind blowing

Cruz: I may not be able to do anything...
Cruz: but I can't just wait here!!

SFX: Chatter chatter
SFX: Slide slide


Crowd: What!?
Crowd: What's going on!?
SFX: Chatter chatter
Crowd: It seems some idiots attacked the City!!
Crowd: Seriously!?
Crowd: Are we finally at war!?

Crazy Wink: I'm goin' too!!
Crowd: Don't do it, you idiot!!

Crazy Wink: Ohhh!!
Crazy Wink: I am this Blackspot's greatest Needless!!
SFX: Stomp
Crazy Wink: I'm Crazy Wink-sama!!

Crazy Wink: Let me thro-
SFX: Foom
Crazy Wink: Ph!


SFX: Crackle crackle

Guards: Get back!!
SFX: Step forward
Crowd: Ee!

Cruz: Father and the others...
Cruz: went through here.

SFX: Step

SFX: Step forward

Guards: We said to stay back!!
Guards: We will shoot!!
SFX: Aim!!
Guards: This is a guarded zone!!
Guards: Stay back!!


Cruz: I was called by Simeon headquarters.
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Cruz: I am Yamada, Girls Squad No. 49. Please let me through.

Guards: Show me your ID!!
Guards: Don't move!!

SFX: Beep

SFX: Vhn

SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat


SFX: Beep
Name on screen: Yamada

Guard: ...Okay, you may pass.
SFX: Kachunk
Cruz: Th-
Cruz: Thanks.
SFX: Hoo

Crowd: Hey, what's with you?
Crowd: You're with Simeon!?
SFX: Step step

SFX: Step step

SFX: Realization


Guard: Wait a second!!
SFX: Shock

Cruz: ...Eh?
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Cruz: Yes...?

SFX: Reach...

SFX: Oppressive atmosphere

SFX: Oppressive atmosphere

Guard: Could you sign this?
Guard: My little brother's a fan of the girl's squad.
Cruz: Eh?


SFX: Whoosh
SFX: Jump

Blade: Hey, where's the Simeji HQ?
Eve: Dunno.

Solva: Magnetic World [Simeji HQ]!!
SFX: Intense
Seth: That's not gonna work.

SFX: Crumble crumble
Solva: Hm?


SFX: Crash
Blade: Woah!!

Blade: What!? Why the hell did you just call this in here!?
SFX: Boom
Solva: It wasn't me!!


Solva: Is it an enemy!!?
SFX: Flames
Seth: This is...
Seth: Flame!!?

SFX: Roooar

Solva: You're...!!!

Teruyama: Hey...
SFX: Rumble
Teruyama: Long time no see.


SFX: Rumble

Text: Teruyama Momiji!!!
SFX: Boom


Blade: Hey...
SFX: Rumble
Blade: Isn't this a little much for a greeting?

SFX: Rumble
Teruyama: A greeting?
Teruyama: Nope.
Teruyama: This is an eternal..

Teruyama: farewell.

Seth: You bastard!!
Solva: Did you betray us!!?

Teruyama: Wrong again.
Teruyama: I got the power I wanted.

Blade: ...Heh.
Blade: So the Simeji hunter is now the Simeji.
Blade: Now this is a surprise.
Seth: I don't understand.

Eve: Then you're in the way.


Eve: So move your ass!!!

Eve: Eve Cannon!!
SFX: Boom

SFX: Whoosh

Teruyama: Here's your consolation prize!!!

Teruyama: Vulcan Shock Little Boy!!!


SFX: Smash


SFX: Surge

SFX: Boooom

Solva: Woah!
SFX: Crash crash crash
Solva: What is this destructive power!!?

Eve: You bastard...
SFX: Crumble
Eve: You're doping, aren't you!?

Teruyama: Exactly.
Teruyama: This is...


Teruyama: Eden's Seed.
SFX: Rumble
Text: Teruyama's unexpected return...!!

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