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Bloody Monday Last Season 1

A New Terrorist

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 6, 2011 01:29 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

-> RTS Page for Bloody Monday Last Season 1

For JAC only

Chapter 01


Box: Sunday November 24th Just Before Dawn
SFX: Type type
Text: The new series starts with color pages and a 43 page chapter!!

Computer: Ksshh...Alpha Team here. We have reached 350 meters above ground.
Computer: Waiting for orders...
Computer: Alpha Team, wait there until 0020 when the operation begins.
Computer: Break in at the same time that Bravo Team severs the emergency defense system at 450 meters.
Computer: ...Ksshh...Bravo Team here. Roger that.

Computer: So this long day...
Computer: begins.


Fujimaru: Yes...
Text: Those suspicious eyes glow in the dark night...
Title: File 1 A New Terrorist

Green Text: Everything resets and a new terrorist attack begins from zero!
Yellow Text: An unforeseen and impossible cyber crisis!!


Box: Sunday November 24th 8 AM
Text: Live Haneda Airport
TV: American President Curtis's personal airplane has just now landed at Haneda Airport.
TV: With this, the heads of 12 major nations including Japan, America, Russia, France, England, Germany, Italy, and China have gathered here for the Tokyo Super Summit.


TV: The reception will be held tonight in the newly constructed Tokyo Neo Tower's observation reception hall.
TV: The actual meeting is scheduled to begin tomorrow night at 10.
TV: Some believe the main topics of discussion for the summit will be the extermination of the frequent terrorism and the ending of local conflicts.
TV: As for the future of Japan where two large scale terror plots were revealed to have taken place a year ago...

Kanou: It's only been a year since that attack...
Kanou: It's amazing he's managed to regain international trust to the point of holding a summit here.
Sakaki: ...Yes.


Sakaki: I was worried that the rest of the world would isolate Japan as an unstable country because President Adams was killed here...

Sakaki: Bringing things back this far...
Sakaki: took some amazing diplomacy.

Kanou: ...I know.

TV: To continue, today's lighting ceremony will be done by Roppongi Sacas's Christmas Illumination.
TV: Hayashibara-san!
TV: Yes! It cost about 3 million to...

Text: Kyah! Ah ha ha...
Kanou: Ohh, ohh.
Kanou: They're having all sorts of fun with this while not knowing that we're working our asses off.


Sakaki: There's no need for them to know.
Sakaki: And we can't let them know.

Sakaki: Protecting peace no matter the cost...
Sakaki: is our duty in Third-i.

Kanou: ...I know.

Sakaki: Hey, Kanou.

Sakaki: Do we still not know where Takagi's son went?


Kanou: No...
SFX: Scratch

Kanou: After the last incident, it seems he went on a trip with his sister Haruka-chan...
Kanou: After the trip, he left her with the Kujou boy and he hasn't been seen since.

Sakaki: So it's been a year now...
Sakaki: That's worrying.

Sakaki: And tomorrow...
Sakaki: is Monday.

Kanou: Gives you a bad feeling, doesn't it?
SFX: Beep beep


Kanou: ...Oh.
Kanou: The president has come out.
SFX: Cheer
Kanou: Third-i is helping out with the defense this time...
Kanou: so don't let your guard down!

Kanou: C'mon!
Kanou: It's time for work!
SFX: Energetic action

Kanou: Fujimaru.
Kanou: Where are you and what are you doing?


Box: Sunday November 24th Noon

Haruka: Thanks for the meal!
SFX: Clap

Woman: You're very welcome.
Haruka: I really appreciate it!
Haruka: It was good today, as usual!

Woman: Oh dear...
SFX: Clatter clatter
Woman: Are you okay, Haruka-san?


Otoya: Haruka-chan, you don't have to do that...
SFX: Hold out hand
Haruka: No!
Haruka: I won't let you say that!

Haruka: I've been here for a year...
Haruka: so I can't let you continue to treat me like a guest.
Haruka: At least let me do this much!

Woman: My, my.
Woman: If such a hardworking bride were to come here, all of my work would disappear, Otoya-san.
SFX: Step step step
Otoya: Ichikawa-san!


Woman: So it's been a year...
Woman: The household has been so much brighter since you came here, Haruka-san.
Haruka: Oh, c'mon...
Otoya: Thinking of it that way...
Otoya: I may need to thank Fujimaru for leaving you here even if I am worried about him.

Haruka: Yeah...
Haruka: Where is he anyway?

Haruka: He has been sending messages at set intervals like he promised, so we know he's okay, but...
Screen: Hey. How are you doing? You don't need to worry about me. Fujimaru
Haruka: Honestly!

Otoya: Heh
Haruka: What?
Haruka: Eh? Do I have something on my face?


Otoya: No, I was just noticing how much more energetic you've gotten.
Otoya: Until a while ago you had the dialysis, but you still had to be constantly worrying about your health.

Haruka: ...Yes.

Haruka: It's thanks to dad.
Haruka: It's thanks to the kidney he gave me.

Haruka: I may not know what my brother's doing, but my dad is always with me!
Haruka: That way I'm not lonely.
SFX: Bright
Haruka: And everyone here has been so nice to me...


Haruka: And Ichikawa-san, with you, I feel like I have a mother...
Haruka: That...makes me kind of happy.
Woman: Oh...
Woman: Hee hee hee.

SFX: Glance

SFX: Step step...
Otoya: ...Haruka-chan.
Haruka: Yes?
Haruka: What is it, Otoya-san?

Otoya: Could you...
SFX: Place
Otoya: come with me to tonight's party?

Haruka: Oh, yes.
Haruka: But do you really want someone like me?
Haruka: It's a party with the Prime Minister and others like him...

Otoya: I have no one but you.


Otoya: And...
Otoya: Haruka-chan.

Otoya: Once the party is over...
Otoya: I have something I want to talk with you about.
Otoya: And something I want to give you.

Haruka: ...Eh?


Haruka: Ah...ha ha.
Haruka: I-I wonder what that is?

Woman: Oh...

Box: Sunday November 24th 2 PM


SFX: Smile smile smile

Kusunoki: M-Minami-saan!
Kusunoki: Are you done yet?
Minami: W-wait a second! I'm still putting it on...

Kusunoki: ...Okay.

SFX: Slide

Minami: Okay!
Minami: What do you think, Kusunoki? Do you think this is a good compromise for me!?


Text repeated in background: I have to say something
Kanou: Listen up, Kusunoki! Just a bit more! Push just a bit more and she's yours!!
Kanou: Go with her and settle this if you get a chance!!
Sawakita: You need to make a good decision, Kusunoki-kun.
Sawakita: Minami really doesn't care about that kind of thing.
Women: It looks wonderful on you.
Women: It really does! It's perfect on you, miss.

Minami: You say something too, Kusunoki!
Minami: These clothes aren't my kind of thing and I didn't come here to buy them because I wanted to.
Minami: Kanou-san said my only good outfit wasn't suitable to wear at such a high class gathering even if I was just a guard.

Text: Ah
Kusunoki: I-It looks wonderful on you, Minami-san!

Kusunoki: Just like the dress from a year ago, it looks amazing on you!!
Kusunoki: You look lovely!!
Kusunoki: I said it!!

Minami: R-really?
Kusunoki: Yes!
SFX: Hee hee

Minami: Then I'll go with this.


SFX: Bend
Minami: It stretches surprisingly well which makes it easy to move in.
Minami: So it's perfect!

SFX: Glance
Kusunoki: Wah!

Minami: Excuse me, I'd like to buy this.

Minami: Oh.
Minami: And also...
Minami: these.

Minami: Sorry for bringing you along on this, Kusunoki!
Minami: I don't like going into stores like that on my own...
Minami: so you were a huge help!
Kusunoki: No!
Kusunoki: I to...


Minami: Ah...!
SFX: Grab
Kusunoki: Are you okay?

Minami: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.

SFX: Wobble wobble
Minami: These shoes might be a problem.
Minami: They're hard to run or even move normally in.
Minami: I don't know how Morimi wore them.

Kusunoki: Morimi-san? You mean Yajima-san's late fiancee?

Minami: Yes.
Minami: It had always been so sad and frustrating to remember her...
Minami: but lately...I've finally been able to...
Minami: remember the fun times.


Minami: Morimi, Sawakita, and I all entered Third-i at around the same time...
Minami: so we would go drinking when we were off duty.
Minami: We would also go with Morimi when she would go shopping.

Minami: We'd often go together for things like this.
Minami: Ha ha. We had so much fun.
Minami: Sawakita and I would always pull out clothes...
Minami: and she would saw we'd never be popular wearing them.

Minami: And...
Minami: she was always saying she would marry a young, rich, hot guy...
Minami: so we made fun of her when she ended up with Yajima-san.
Kusunoki: Ah ha ha...

Minami: Oh, you laughed?
Minami: I'm gonna tell Yajima-san.
Kusunoki: Wait.
Kusunoki: Minami-san!


Minami: But...
Minami: she really did look happy.
Minami: It almost makes me a little jealous.

Kusunoki: It makes you jealous?
Minami: You'd better not say you find that surprising!

Minami: Even if it isn't like me, I kind of feel like that would be nice.

Minami: Oh.
Minami: But...

Minami: There's Sawakita.

Minami: Ever since Morimi and Kudou died...
Minami: she hasn't been saying stuff like that anymore...


Minami: Oh, sorry.
Minami: I didn't mean to start rambling on.

Minami: ...Hm?
Kusunoki: Minami-san.

Kusunoki: There's still some time until we're supposed to meet up with everyone else.
Kusunoki: Would you...
Kusunoki: like to get some tea?

Kusunoki: If you...
Kusunoki: would like...

SFX: Let go...


Minami: ...Yeah!
SFX: Grab

SFX: Step
Minami: We won't have any time to rest until the summit's over...
Minami: so let's take it easy for a bit!

SFX: Wind blowing


SFX: Wind blowing
Box: Sunday November 24th 6 PM Tokyo Neo Tower


SFX: Wind blowing...

Guards: This is G Group in the elevator hall.
Guards: Russian President Ivan and his wife have arrived.
Guards: They are getting on the elevator now.

Guards: Roger that.


Guards: Make sure that no one suspicious gets on with them.
Guards: Understood.

Guards: I feel like I've seen her somewhere before...

SFX: Tone

SFX: Footsteps


Guards: Regular people shouldn't be able to get in tonight, so is she the daughter of a guest?
Guards: No, but...?

Guards: This is G Group.
SFX: Rumble rumble
Guards: I want you to track the woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a long dress that is on elevator 2.
Guards: Understood.
Guards: We'll send a guard to track her once she arrives on the observation floor.


Voice: Now.
SFX: Light up
Voice: Shut off the electricity.

SFX: Press

SFX: Turn off
Crowd: Kyaaahhh!!
Crowd: Wh-what!?


Fujimaru: Excuse me, sirs and madams. We would like to apologize. One of our officials accidentally shut off the lights for the elevator.
Fujimaru: They will be back on momentarily, so please calm down and wait.

SFX: Turn on
SFX: Rumble
SFX: Chatter chatter
Crowd: Wh-what?
Crowd: They must not be used to the controls since the tower was only just built.

SFX: Rumble
Crowd: And this is supposed to be the reception for the summit...

Fujimaru: Good.
SFX: Crack
Fujimaru: The central control room was not informed of the power outage in th elevator.


SFX: Chatter chatter
Text: Ha ha ha...

Guard: Blonde hair, blue eyes... Blonde hair, blue eyes...

Guard: Madam?
Guard: Excuse me, but could you tell me who invited you?


Woman: What?
Woman: I am the wife of the French Ambassador.

Guard: Oh! I am so very sorry!
Guard: Please be on your way, Mr. Ambassador.
SFX: Bow

Guard: This is T Group in the observation area.
Guard: There was one blonde haired, blue eyed woman, but she was the wife of an ambassador.

Guard: That really made me sweat...
Guard: but there was nothing out of the ordinary.


SFX: Close...

SFX: Unclip

SFX: Slide down

SFX: Place

Hibiki: I'm in.
Hibiki: The ignition device is set.


Fujimaru: Okay.
Fujimaru: Sneak into the air duct and wait for further orders.

Hibiki: Understood.



Sawakita: Section Chief Kirishima, Tokyo Neo Tower's control system has been synchronized with Third-i's system.
Kirishima: And the tower controller hasn't noticed?
Sawakita: Of course not.

Kirishima: Okay.
Kirishima: Good job, Yajima-san.

Yajima: No, it was mostly her.
Yajima: Right, Tsukamoto?
SFX: Sip
Tsukamoto: I suppose...

Yajima: Your level is more at that of a hacker than an operator, Tsukamoto.
Tsukamoto: Well, I was never just an operator to begin with.

Tsukamoto: Although...
Tsukamoto: I'm not much compared to that boy...


Yajima: We are professionals when it comes to terrorism counter measures. We can't always rely on just him.

Kirishima: Takagi Fujimaru...
Kirishima: Where are you and what are you doing?

Fujimaru: The target has entered the party hall.


Fujimaru: Begin preparations to take out the elevators.

SFX: Lean over
Hibiki: Understood.

Hibiki: Preparations complete.
Fujimaru: Okay, escape through the elevator shaft for now.
Hibiki: Understood.


SFX: Slide

SFX: Press
Hibiki: Ignition!

SFX: Flash
SFX: Boom


Fujimaru: The power cable has been severed.
Fujimaru: Good job, Hibiki.
Text: Emergency Stop
Fujimaru: Now the elevators have been stopped completely isolating the observation floor.

Hibiki: Understood.
J: That was an excellent debut as a terrorist.

J: How does it feel, Falcon?


Fujimaru: Cut the crap.
Fujimaru: It's already started.

Fujimaru: We don't have time for pointless talk,
Fujimaru: J.
Text: Fujimaru is there in the maelstrom of terrorism...
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 30.

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#1. by Arhazivory (Scanlator)
Posted on Jul 6, 2011
Whoa! How unexpected! That is, the end of the chapter...not the translation. lol.

Thanks js06~!!
#2. by Mr. Death (Scanlator)
Posted on Jul 7, 2011
Thanks Buddy....

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