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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 265

Generation Zero (3)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 13, 2011 00:58 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 265


Fujiko: Japanese is read from right to left when written vertically...
Fujiko: and in older times it was read right from left when written horizontally, too.
Children: Hehh...
Box: nerdlihC neraK iatteZ

Fujiko: In this manga...
Fujiko: the current style and the style of the time are mixed together...
Fujiko: for readability and for the atmosphere.
Fujiko: Also old kanji and word usages will sometimes be used.

Kaoru: So it's a halfhearted attempt?
Fujiko: Oh.
Fujiko: But period dramas aren't done exactly as things were at the time either.
Fujiko: The standards of beauty and the makeup change depending on the period, but they're all done in the modern way.

Fujiko: So if there are any other mistakes...
Fujiko: I mean independent interpretations...
Fujiko: you shouldn't pay attention to them!!
SFX: Sparkle
Children: What an immature defense!!

Kaoru: Wow, a snail.
Kaoru: I wonder if it's male or female.

Minamoto: Snails are hermaphrodites...
Minamoto: so there's no distinction between male and female.
SFX: Shock
Kaoru: Really!!?

Kaoru: Snails have a lot of parasites...
Kaoru: which can be dangerous if you catch them, so you need to be careful.
Kaoru: Escargot snails are raised to be especially safe.
Box: 3 years later

Kaoru: There is a theory that they were originally all clockwise...
Kaoru: but their natural enemies evolved to match that, so they grew reverse spirals to counter that.
Minamoto: Was that shock...
Minamoto: so much that you continued to read up on them every year?
Box: Another 5 years later

Margin: Volume 26 is on sale now!!! The limited edition with the drama CD in which Patty's delusions are going full blast is on sale too!!!
Bottom: You can read full color Supplements on clubsudany.jp!! You can also get lovely wallpaper as a present!!


Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 265th sense. Generation Zero (3)
Margin: The third chapter of the greatly influential past arc!! Before heading back in time, review Volumes 1-26 which are on sale now!!!
Text: They train daily until that day comes!!!
Bottom: The popular full color Supplements are having their second limited round on clubsunday.jp!! Those who send a message to their favorite character get a lovely color wallpaper as a present!!


Box: Father,
Box: it has been a year since then.
Box: 1938

Announcer: The powers of the West are after territories and their own interests in Asia!
SFX: Fanfare
Announcer: In response, we of Japan have proposed the ideal Great Eastern Alliance!
Text: Eastern Asian News


Announcer: Some members are resisting because they are backed by the cowardly West.
Announcer: The fighting continues so that they will give in!
Announcer: After a year, our Japanese forces are fighting as valiantly as ever!

Fujiko: ...Ridiculous!
Hyoubu: Shh.
Hyoubu: Other people will hear you!
Announcer: The great crowds watch those courageous soldiers head to the battlefield...
Box: The war on the continent has continued and Japan has been dyed strongly in the colors of war.
Announcer: and they cry "Protect the peace of the world!"

Box: This has angered Fujiko-san.
Fujiko: So what if they hear me!?
Fujiko: I'm saying it's ridiculous because it's ridiculous!!
Utsumi: Calm down, Tsubomi-kun.


Box: She's a selfish and sometimes troublesome sister...
Box: but I think she is merely honest to her own feelings.

Utsumi: Oh, look!
Utsumi: We're next.
Box: I love Fujiko-san and my comrades in the unit.

Announcer: Following in the footsteps of the advanced psychic nation of the Jerman Empire...
Announcer: our country now has its own psychic unit.
Text: Formation of the Army's Psychic Powers Unit

Announcer: This unit was formed a year ago...
SFX: Fanfare
Announcer: and it is a first for this country.


Announcer: The members are young and all possess fantastic powers.
Announcer: These powers that have led to others abhorring them as monsters have been gathered for the sake of our country.
Hyoubu: Monsters...

Announcer: First up is the man who breathes fire!!
SFX: Boom
Announcer: He can cook the enemy tanks.
Text: Private First-Class Kikuchi Kanji - Fire Production

Kikuchi: That's me!!
Kikuchi: That's me!!
Text: Uhyoh!
Text: Look, look!
Fujiko: Yes, we can tell.
Fujiko: But you were the first one they showed after talking about monsters.


Announcer: This one can travel instantaneously!
Announcer: He can leap faster than a bullet!!
SFX: Hyupah
Text: Private First-Class Akuta Ryuu - Instantaneous Travel

Announcer: By directly affecting the mind...
Announcer: he can pull of ninja techniques.

SFX: Vhhn!!
Text: Corporal Natsumi Iwao - Mental Sensing and Vision Production
Announcer: But this is trick footage created later.
Announcer: His illusions cannot be filmed.


Announcer: These are the ones who can actually transform.
Announcer: But it is limited to animals.
Announcer: Their families have been companions for generations.
Text: Corporal Yadorigi Akio
Text: Private First-Class Inugami Hajime

Announcer: And...

Announcer: The cornerstone of the team is this man and his psychically controlled electricity.
Announcer: This head of the unit can heal wounds by activating the human body through electrical stimuli.
Text: Sergeant Shiga Tadashi - Electricity Control and Telekinesis


Text: Private First-Class Hyoubu Kyousuke - Telekinesis
Announcer: And this unit...
Announcer: is the secret weapon that will lead the continent to peace.

Announcer: They hone their powers with harsh training...
Text: Corporal Utsumi Seishirou - Sensing Upon Touch
Announcer: in order to become proper soldiers of the empire!
Announcer: They wish to be of use to this country as soon as possible!

Fujiko: Huh?
Fujiko: Where am I!?


Announcer: But until then, they will rest to bring themselves up right.
SFX: Zzz zzz
Text: Private First-Class Tsubomi Fujiko - Telekinesis

SFX: Fanfare
Text: Eastern Asian News - End

Guys: Heh...
Guys: Heh heh...

Fujiko: What was that!?
Fujiko: Are they making fun of me!?
Fujiko: They didn't even try to seriously introduce me!!


Fujiko: They're mocking me...
Fujiko: No, they're mocking the psychic unit!!
Fujiko: And why were they putting us on the news!?
Fujiko: They had a cheerful news story about something that should be a military secret!!
Utsumi: ...This is why the others didn't come.
Kikuchi: They understood...

Utsumi: But you don't want to be a military weapon, right?
Kikuchi: Right, right.
Kikuchi: Getting the general public used to the existence of psychic powers is part of our job.

Fujiko: Don't divide up a maiden's heart like that!!
Fujiko: Your sister was disgraced, so you should be more-...
Fujiko: ...Huh?

Fujiko: Where's Kyousuke?
Utsumi: He said he was going shopping...
Utsumi: while you were getting all angry.


Sign: Iwama Clocks
Hyoubu: Excuse me.

Hyoubu: Have you finished the repairs I asked for?
Man: Oh, welcome.
Man: You're the boy from the other day, right?

Man: Yes, it is finished.

Man: The chain is getting rather old, so how about a new one?
Man: I can give you a good price.
Hyoubu: No, I'd rather keep it as it is.
Hyoubu: This is a memento of my father.


Hyoubu: Now then...
Hyoubu: I wonder if Fujiko-san has calmed down...

Hyoubu: Wah!!
SFX: Bump

Police: Hmm!?
SFX: Glare
Hyoubu: Ah...S-sorry,
Hyoubu: officer.

Police: That's a rather showy outfit...
Police: for a Japanese boy.
Hyoubu: Um, I...
Police: You can't be so carefree while all of Japan is fighting!

Hyoubu: No, this is...
Police: The soldiers are fighting for your sake on the continent.
Police: Do you feel no shame in playing so cheerfully at the same time!?

SFX: Talk talk
SFX: Talk talk
Hyoubu: Uuh...
Hyoubu: This is why I said I'd rather wear my uniform...


Hyoubu: But Fujiko-san said...
Fujiko: You can't!
Fujiko: We always wear our uniforms, so we need to dress up when we're out in the city!
Hyoubu: Then you alone should dress up!!

Fujiko: No!!
Fujiko: I've been looking after you since we joined the unit!!
Fujiko: You need to do what your sister says until your older!

Hyoubu: Fujiko-san...

Hyoubu: Then at least let me wear something plainer!
Fujiko: Fujiko loves showy things!

Hyoubu: U-um...
Hyoubu: I'm actually a soldier, so...
Police: Hm?

Fujiko: Women and children get to take breaks!!


SFX: Slam
Fujiko: What's wrong with showy clooooooothes!!

Hyoubu: F-
Text: Eeee!!
Hyoubu: Fujiko-saaan!!


Police: You interfered with a public servant's duties!!
Police: And that kick had murderous intent behind it, didn't it!?
Police: That's attempted murder!!
Fujiko: Forcing others to listen to lectures that have nothing to do with the law is not your duty!!
Fujiko: And don't get so upset over a girl giving you a slight nudge!!
Police: That was not slight!!

Hyoubu: Fujiko-san, stop!!!
Hyoubu: Utsumi-san!? Kikuchi-san!?

Fujiko: I'm sure you're sick of these people, too!
Fujiko: They just go along with the flow around them...
Fujiko: but then they proudly force their values on others!!!
Hyoubu: Huh!? And whose values had me wear these clothes!?

Fujiko: There's nothing wrong with being different!!
Fujiko: I won't lose to anyone!!
Fujiko: I won't let others decide what my value is or how I should live my life!!


Utsumi: Don't tell me..
Utsumi: that crowd is...
SFX: Chatter chatter
Kikuchi: Did...
Kikuchi: Tsubomi-don do something?
[TN: "-don" is an honorific from a dialect in southern Kyushu that Kikuchi speaks.]

Utsumi: Ah.
Utsumi: This is bad!!

Soldier: Hey, you!
Soldier: Give it a rest!

Soldier: I understand what you want to say...
Soldier: but we need to come together as a country in times like this...
SFX: Pat
Fujiko: Ahn!?

Fujiko: I'm telling you not to tell me...

Soldier: Ngah!!
SFX: Wham
Fujiko: to do things like that!!!


SFX: Collapse
Utsumi: Wait...
Utsumi: Ahhh!!

Utsumi: Tsubomi-kun...!!
Utsumi: What have you done?
Utsumi: Now you've punched both a police officer and a naval officer!!

Kikuchi: This looks like it could get troublesome.
Fujiko: Eh?
Text: Hah!?
Fujiko: I-I didn't do anything wrong.
Fujiko: Right!?
Hyoubu: ...Don't ask me to agree with you.
Text: Fujiko has her own way of doing things in every era!! Next Chapter: The trouble heads in an unexpected direction...?

Margin: To be continued in Issue 33

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