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Bloody Monday Last Season 2

Counter Attack

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 13, 2011 02:33 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 02


SFX: Rumble rumble

Kusunoki: Sorry about asking you to go get some tea, Minami-san.
Kusunoki: Now we're just barely going to make it in time.
Minami: Hm?
SFX: Rumble

Kusunoki: What is Kanou-san going to say...?
Kanou: Did you do it?
Kanou: Did you do it?
Minami: Yeah...
Minami: Kanou-san's pretty loose with the rules himself, but he can be strict with others.

SFX: Hoo
Minami: What are you getting so worried about, Kusunoki!?

Kusunoki: I...
Kusunoki: thought it was fu-


SFX: Clunk

SFX: Lights go out
Crowd: Kyaaah!
Crowd: Wahh!
Crowd: What's going on!?

Kusunoki & Minami: Eh...?


SFX: Spark spark
Hibiki: It's been severed.

Text: Emergency Stop

Fujimaru: Now the elevators have been stopped.


Fujimaru: Tokyo Neo Tower's observation block...
Text: More destruction remains...
Fujimaru: has been completely isolated.
Title: File 2 Counter Attack
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Fujimaru: The observation block...
Fujimaru: is five floors in total.


SFX: Click
Fujimaru: The first observation floor is the Gate Floor 350 meters up.

Fujimaru: The second floor is the Earth Floor.
SFX: Click

Fujimaru: The third floor is the Sky Floor.
Fujimaru: The fourth floor is the Cosmos Floor.

Fujimaru: And the top floor at 450 meters up...
Fujimaru: is the Prestige Floor where the summit party is being held.


Fujimaru: I have...
Fujimaru: hacked all the surveillance cameras.

J: Understood.
J: So Alpha Team on the Gate Floor has begun to move...
J: and there will be no problem with Beta Team remaining on standby on the Prestige Floor?

Fujimaru: It's all going as scheduled.


Fujimaru: The party hall is quite a spectacle.
Fujimaru: It's not often the heads of the 12 nations at the center of the world gather in one place with their families.

J: It's clear as day that this would make any terrorist drool.
J: Which is what all the security is for.


J: Japanese forces...
J: and the American troops in Japan have jointly set up a defense line at a radius of one kilometer around the building.
J: Is your countermeasure going as planned?

Fujimaru: That pathetic defensive mob...
Fujimaru: is pointless before Falcon.


Fujimaru: A defensive line with a walkable radius of 100 meters would be a challenge...
Fujimaru: but when the radius is spread to an entire kilometer, their extra effort ends up making my job easier.
Fujimaru: After all, they have to have a way to send transmissions back and forth.

Fujimaru: No matter what kind of secret line they use, I can penetrate it and easily send in false information.
SFX: Lick


J: Heh

J: You're quite the expert terrorist,
J: Falcon.


Box: Sunday November 24th 6:30 PM
Box: Observation Block Gate Floor
Kanou: Minami and Kusunoki are late!

Kanou: Don't tell me...
Kanou: they suddenly started getting it on!?
Text: Ahahhn!
Makimura: That guy really is the worst with things like that.

Kanou: Makimura! What's with that face!?
SFX: Creak
Makimura: Ghah!
Small text: Ow! Kanou-san...!


Mamiya: How about you leave it at that,
Mamiya: Kanou.
SFX: Step forward

SFX: Step
Mamiya: Good work on the patrolling.
Elite JSDF Units under direct control of the Ministry of Defense
Crack Units aka "CraUns" Unit C Commander
Mamiya Kyouichi

Kanou: Mamiya...

Kanou: If this is good enough work for you, I feel like I should be paying for this, Mamiya!
SFX: Cough cough
Mamiya: Don't worry about it.
Mamiya: Just enjoy the party and leave the defense to us in CraUns.


Kanou: Sure thing, oh glorious elite unit.
Kanou: So the defense of the summit is up to you and Third-i is just here to assist?
Kanou: Do you think you're a "CraUn" fit for a king!?

Mamiya: If so, the king that wears us is Prime Minister Kujou.
Mamiya: And you sure are in a bad mood.

Mamiya: I understand not liking having your specialty job taken from you...
Mamiya: but we can't have you acting like that.

Mamiya: CraUns are anti-terror units under direct control of the Ministry of Defense.
Mamiya: We have become the first to respond to any terrorist attacks in the country...
Mamiya: but we still need you with the Ministry of Justice's Third-i to act as our backup by continuing your intelligence work.


Mamiya: We are the power...
Mamiya: and you are the intelligence.
Mamiya: It is a fair division of duties that you should be satisfied with.

Mamiya: Let's end this hostility...
Mamiya: and make sure this summit ends safely.

SFX: Smile

Kanou: I know that!! I was just kidding! It's nice working with you, Mamiya.
SFX: Grab
Mamiya: Yes, I trust you from our time in the JSDF together.
Mamiya: Let's join forces and work to exterminate the terrorists.


Man: Excuse me!
SFX: Step
Man: May I speak with you, Commander Mamiya?
Mamiya: What is it?

Mamiya: ...Well, we'll head out.
Mamiya: You enjoy the party.
Kanou: Sure.

Makimura: I don't like those CraUns guys.
Makimura: They may be the best of the best from the JSDF, but it's clear that they don't see any value in our defenses.
Mamiya: Well, he focuses on nothing but work...
Mamiya: so he might come off a bit odd.

Kanou: Makimura, do you have a gun mic?
Makimura: Eh?
Makimura: Um, yes.
Kanou: I could tell from his face that something's happened.
Kanou: Pick up what they're saying.


Makimura: Understood!

SFX: Beep
Radio: There's an emergency.
Radio: Please respond.

Kanou: What is it, Sawakita!?

Sawakita: An irregularity has occurred within the Tokyo Neo Tower control system that we've synced up with!
Sawakita: All four elevators headed to the observation block have been stopped!
Kanou: What?
Kanou: Did the power go down!?


Sawakita: Yes.
Sawakita: The timing was too good for a simple breakdown and even the backup power is down.

Sawakita: It's possible someone severed the cables.
Kanou: But Sawakita...
Kanou: I thought all the cables ran through the structure and couldn't be severed?

Tsukamoto: There is a single exception to that.
Kanou: Where is it?

Tsukamoto: Inside the elevator shaft.
Tsukamoto: The power cable is exposed there.


Kanou: If someone has made their way in there...

Kanou: Did you hear that, Makimura?
Makimura: Yes.

Makimura: And they're talking about the same thing.
Makimura: It really seems like they have no intention of telling us.

Makimura: It seems they've sent Teams 1 and 2 to the elevator shaft.
Makimura: Their equipment is at condition red.
Kanou: We need to get started, too.
Kanou: Where are Minami and Kusunoki?
SFX: Step forward
Sawakita: We haven't been able to contact them...


Kanou: Hahh? Where are they off to all lovey-dovey...
SFX: Vvv Vvv

Minami: Kanou-san!
Kanou: You damn idiot!
Kanou: Minami! Where the hell are you...!?

Minami: The elevator stopped.
Minami: Kusunoki and I are inside it.
Kanou: Wha-!?


Minami: It seems electromagnetic signals can't make it through the elevator.
Minami: I had to open the inspection opening on the ceiling to call you.

Kanou: Perfect! Listen, Minami. This might be a terrorist attack.
Kanou: Someone may have destroyed the power cable in the elevator shaft.

SFX: Jump
Minami: ...I thought that might be it.

Minami: Send me the location of the power cable on my handheld device.
SFX: Land
Minami: I'll head there myself.
Kanou: Please do, but Teams 1 and 2 of CraUns should arrive shortly after you do.
Kanou: Send out your identification signal so you don't accidentally fight each other.


Minami: Understood.
Minami: This is Minami. Can you hear me, Third-i HQ?

Kirishima: This is Kirishima.
Kirishima: Something about this doesn't smell right to me about this.

SFX: Distant rumble
Minami: It literally doesn't smell right.
Minami: I smell smoke...possibly from C-4.

Minami: Kusunoki! Have you informed the people in the elevator of the situation?
Kusunoki: Yes. Gently.

Minami: Okay.
Minami: You wait there.
SFX: Grab

Kusunoki: Eh?
Kusunoki: I'll go with-...
Minami: I'll call you if I need you.
Minami: The elevator needs to be defended, too.


Kusunoki: ...Okay!
Kusunoki: Be...careful.

Minami: ...Thanks.
Minami: I'll be going!

SFX: Beep beep
Minami: Oh, there's the data.
Minami: That was fast, Kirishima-san.
Kirishima: Of course it was.

Kirishima: That's why the analysis team broke into Tokyo Neo Tower's control system ahead of time.
Kirishima: We have no intention on being slow with the information!!


Kirishima: Don't forget that the heads of 12 nations and their families are in that isolated observation block.
Kirishima: The dignity of Japan...
Kirishima: and the safety of the world is at stake.

Kirishima: We're counting on you,
Kirishima: Minami!

Minami: I know.
SFX: Slide off

Minami: Ahh...
Minami: And I just bought them...
Text: What a waste...
Kirishima: What was that?


SFX: Toss aside

Minami: Nothing.
Minami: I'm going!


Hibiki: Someone just left one of the elevators and is headed here.
Hibiki: I think they're armed.
Hibiki: What should I do, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru: Head out into the machine room passageway and let them go by.

Hibiki: What if they come after me?


Fujimaru: Do not hesitate.
Fujimaru: Shoot them.

Hibiki: No matter who it is?


Fujimaru: No matter who it is.

Text: Former comrades are about to come into conflict!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 31

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