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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Zettai Karen Children 266

Generation Zero (4)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jul 23, 2011 18:15 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 266


Aoi: It's not fair if it's just you two!!
Text: Keee!
Akira: Eh?
Akira: What isn't?

Kaoru: You got a guest appearance in the main story!!
Kaoru: And we got nothing!!

Hatsune: Ah, Hatsune has seen those people in Buddhist altar at home!
Akira: Yes.
Akira: Thye were the cousins of our grandfathers, right?

Text: They acted in about the same way.
SFX: Tick tick tick
SFX: Tremble tremble
Hajime: Uuh...
Hajime: Ugghh...!
Akio: Oh, amazing!!
Akio: Just a bit more and you can have it!!

Kashiwagi: How about we do some summer jogging?
Minamoto: That's a good idea. I've been getting a bit out of shape lately.
Sakaki: Let's go running together during our lunch break.

Sakaki: Oh...?
SFX: Step step step

Sakaki: Ha ha!!
SFX: Charge
Minamoto: Mh!

Kashiwagi: This wasn't a race.
SFX: Pant pant pant pant
Minamoto: We know...
Sakaki: It's just our male instincts.
Margin: Both boys and girls should follow their instincts and go running over to buy Volume 26!!
Bottom: Make sure to check out the limited edition that comes with the Drama CD "Supplemental Performance! Patty's Hidden Passion Made Public"!!


Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 266th sense. Generation Zero (4)
Text: Such wonderful youth burning with life!!!
Bottom: Volume 26 & the limited edition that comes with the re-gathering of the super lovely voice actors are out now!! In celebration of the release of the Drama CD, full color Supplements are being released on clubsunday.jp!!


Shiga: So all of us are under house arrest due to joint responsibility, hm?
Shiga: That's rather harsh.

Box: Baron Tsubomi's Villa in a certain place within N Prefecture


Shiga: It seems the army does not intend to overlook a chance to crush us.
Utsumi: Well, there's really no helping it.

Utsumi: The military is an organization...
Utsumi: that gives rules and regulations top priority.

Utsumi: We respect individuality and behave as we see fit...
Utsumi: so it is not surprising they do not like us.
Kikuchi: Yeah, we really did stand out in the garrison.


Kikuchi: I wonder if they're going to put us through some tough military training now.
Text: Not that I really mind.

Shiga: Do you intend to cut your hair, Utsumi?

Utsumi: No.
Text: Keh!

Tsubomi: I will not allow that to happen.
Shiga: Tsubomi-san!

Tsubomi: It is because you are different from normal soldiers...
Tsubomi: that you are valuable.
Tsubomi: If you were forced into their mold and had your individuality killed, we believe it would lower your abilities.

Shiga: Will the military accept that?
Tsubomi: That...
Tsubomi: is up to Saotome-kun.

Margin: Previously: Just before the war in 1937 Japan, Fujiko and Kyousuke entered a military unit in order to make use of their powers, but the unit has been wrapped up in trouble because Fujiko punched both a policeman and a navy officer.


Kyousuke: How about you just apologize to everyone?
SFX: Shock
Fujiko: I-I did nothing wrong!!

Kyousuke: But surely you think you went a little too far...
Kyousuke: Ow ow ow ow ow!!
SFX: Grind grind
Fujiko: I did nothing wrooong!!

Shiga: It's fine.
Shiga: Don't worry about it, Fujiko-kun.
Shiga: Everyone understands.
Fujiko: Shiga-san!


Shiga: None of use wanted to become a soldier in the first place.
Shiga: It's just that...
Shiga: we wanted our powers to be accepted by others.

Utsumi: Yes.
Utsumi: I've had enough of the other soldiers complaining about my hair.
Utsumi: I want the unit to be done away with so our headquarters can be moved here.
Text: I'm fine with it either way.
Fujiko: Shiga-san, Utsumi-kun...
Fujiko: I...

SFX: Clench!!
Fujiko: really didn't do anything wrong!!
Fujiko: That's right!! I have absolutely nothing to apologize for!!!
Tsubomi & Kyousuke: Why are you so reluctant to apologize?

Tsubomi: Anyway, let's leave this to Saotome-kun for now.
Tsubomi: We're getting the information in detail, right?
Shiga: Yes, in secret.


Tsubomi: You are majorly in violation of military regulations...
Tsubomi: but I'm sure the higher ups will change their minds...
Tsubomi: once they know you can observe and spy on military facilities so easily.
Box: Army General Staff Headquarters

Pigeon: Kroo...
Pigeon: Kroo...


Pigeon: Kroo...

Men: Really, what do you and Tsubomi-kun...
Men: think the army is!?
Men: We are not a circus!
Men: The tricks and acrobatics of your unit of monsters are of no use to us!!

Men: If you claim that they are of use to our country...
SFX: Yelling
Men: then have them undergo the same training as other soldiers!

Saotome: I would take you up on your offer...
Saotome: but that would be a waste of their abilities.
Saotome: A race horse should not be used for a donkey's job.


Men: Are you saying that the paranormally powered are race horses and that we are donkeys!?
Saotome: You all are underestimating their abilities.
Saotome: It is true that a highly trained group of soldiers is more useful than a single paranormally powered soldier.
Saotome: However...

Saotome: revolutions are always born from those who are different.
Saotome: The Jerman Empire has already seen through this...
Saotome: and have stopped centering their strategies on tanks and aircraft and turned their focus to psychic powers.

Saotome: If we do not do something about this...
Saotome: we will not be able to stand up to the threat of the major powers.
Men: That is not something that you need concern yourself with!!
Pigeon: Kroo...


Men: You are not soldiers!!
SFX: Kiiihhhn!!
Akio: ...It does not seem to be going well.

Akio: The higher ups truly intend to crush us.
Natsumi: Well, of course they do.

Natsumi: Even I find soldiers like us...
Natsumi: to be laughable.
Natsumi: It can't be helped...


Natsumi: This is something like fate.
Natsumi: The protest about the thing with the navy officer is a lie.
Natsumi: They don't want to announce that an officer was punched out by a lady like that.

Natsumi: They don't like having monsters in their ranks.
Natsumi: That's all there is to it.
SFX: Rummage

Natsumi: If we get fired, I'm gonna go get some revenge.
Text: Nee hee hee hee hee
Akio: Isn't that...
Akio: taking things a bit too far...?
Natsumi: Don't worry, don't worry. I lowered the amount of powder, so it won't kill them!

Natsumi: This is the capsicum bomb passed down as part of my secret ninja techniques!
Natsumi: It's the last resort of a trapped rat!
SFX: Shock
Hajime: A-a trapped rat can be dangerous!!
SFX: Crack


Akuta: M-monsters have their...
Akuta: o-o-own monstrous willpower.
Akuta: If you're gonna use it, l-leave it to me!
SFX: Hyupah

Men: Proof?
SFX: Kiiihhhn
Akio: Wait a second!

Saotome: Yes.
Saotome: Even if there is a problem with them being soldiers...
Saotome: I would like for you to accept their possible military strength.

Saotome: Could they take on one of our country's latest weapons?
Saotome: If they lose, I will man up and dissolve the unit.


Saotome: And how about their opponent be the navy?
Men: The navy?
Men: Are you trying to say they will sink the Battleship Yamato?

Saotome: From the information I have obtained...
Saotome: the navy has placed an order with Yotsubishi Heavy Industries for a ground breaking next generation fighter.
Saotome: It will not be officially completed until next spring...
Saotome: but a single prototype is being put together now.

Saotome: The rise in performance in the fighter is of course useful...
Saotome: plus if we win, the army gets the credit and if we lose, you are rid of us.
Saotome: It's a win-win for you.

Saotome: Baron Tsubomi has spoken with...
Saotome: the head of the army's aviation headquarters and he is interested.

Men: Aviation?
Men: You mean the lieutenant general who is also the Undersecretary of the Army?


Saotome: I'm sure you have heard the rumors.

Akio: "12-Shi Carrier Fighter."
Akio: "A6M1 plan."
Natsumi: A6M1...?

Saotome: When it is officially brought into use the year after next...
Saotome: it will be known as the Type 0 Carrier Fighter.


Saotome: The battle...
Saotome: will be a 1-on-1 dogfight.
Saotome: We will both be using machine guns filled with mock bullets.

Utsumi: A 1-on-1 dogfight!
Natsumi: So it's a duel.
Kikuchi: Ohhh!
Kikuchi: Now I'm all fired up!!
Shiga: Who will be doing it?


Fujiko: Now that I know the details...
Fujiko: I will do it!
Fujiko: I will take responsibility for what I did!

Saotome: The only members who can battle a fighter alone...
Saotome: are Akuta, Hyoubu, Tsubomi,
Saotome: and lastly Shiga.

Saotome: Shiga has the best scores in our mock battles...
Saotome: and Akuta most likely has the highest speed.

Saotome: However, you two will not be used in this.
Saotome: First, we are up against a valuable prototype.
Saotome: Shiga's scores are due to his electrical attacks and they could easily destroy the fighter.


Saotome: Second, the navy wants to have this battle over the sea.
Saotome: Akuta's instantaneous travelling will wear him out too quickly with nowhere to land.

Fujiko: So I'm you're only choice!!
Saotome: No.
Saotome: This mission...

Saotome: will be carried out...
Saotome: by Hyoubu!
Text: An unexpected selection...what is the reasoning behind it!?
Box: To be continued in Issue 34

Fujiko: Eh...!?

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