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Bloody Monday Last Season 4

The Three Who Appeared

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 10, 2011 23:32 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

-> RTS Page for Bloody Monday Last Season 4

For JAC only

Chapter 4


Fujimaru: Take Haruka and leave the party hall now.
Fujimaru: Within 10 minutes, head down three floors to the Earth Floor and enter the third food storage area.
Otoya: What is going on, Fujimaru?
Otoya: Just what is-...?

SFX: Ksshhh
Voice: The three members of Charlie Team need to begin to move.
Voice: ...meet up...Bravo Team...5 minutes...
SFX: Kshh

Voice: Delta Team will take control of the south area of the Prestige Floor in 10 minutes...
Fujimaru: Otoya.

Fujimaru: Please trust me,
Fujimaru: Otoya.
SFX: Heartbeat

Haruka: ...Onii-chan.


Otoya: Understood.
Otoya: I'll trust you,
Text: Trust and betrayal...A tense relationship!
Otoya: Fujimaru!
Title: File 4 The Three Who Appeared

Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

SFX: Doo...
SFX: Doo...

Haruka: ...Otoya-san...


Haruka: That call was...
Haruka: from my brother, right?

Otoya: It seems he found out you were here somehow.
Otoya: He was all mad asking why I didn't discuss it with him.
SFX: Smile
Otoya: And yet I can't even contact him had I tried to discuss it with him.

Haruka: ...Yes.
Haruka: He really is selfish, isn't he?

Otoya: ...Come with me for a second.


SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat

SFX: Heartbeat

SFX: Heartbeat
Kujou: ...What is it, Otoya?

Fujimaru: If you trust me, then start moving now...

Fujimaru: without telling anyone what I told you.
SFX: Heartbeat


Otoya: I was thinking of...
Otoya: taking a look around the observation area with Haruka-chan.
Kujou: I see.
Otoya: This is our first time here after all.
Kujou: Well, make sure not to be too long.
Kujou: You are part of the host country's family.

Otoya: Of course.
SFX: Bow
Otoya: ...Excuse me.


J: Falcon, it's about time.
J: Has the situation changed?

Fujimaru: No.
Fujimaru: Alpha Team is carrying out their mission at 350 m up.
SFX: Type type
J: Is Bravo team...
J: okay?
Fujimaru: Yes, no problems there.


J: Understood.
J: Then...it's about time we began our preparations here.

J: It seems the elevators being stopped was not reported to the VIPs on the Prestige Floor.
SFX: Place

Fujimaru: Yes.
Fujimaru: If it had, they would be panicking right now.

J: So CraUns has realized it.
J: And most likely...

J: Third-i?

Fujimaru: ...Yes.


J: ...Do you miss your old home?

Fujimaru: I have no such feelings for that place.
Fujimaru: I was just working with them as a civilian.

J: How cold of you.
J: You don't need to act so tough.

SFX: Close
J: Well, either way...
J: it's fun to think about what reaction they would have if they knew what you were doing now.
Fujimaru: That's a bad hobby.

J: No need to get mad.
J: Don't tell me you're losing your nerve.
Fujimaru: Shut up.
Fujimaru: How many times do I have to tell you to cut the pointless chatter?

Fujimaru: The security system is already under my control.
Fujimaru: I'll secure a safe route, so send them to the party hall.


Fujimaru: I'll send you the details.
J: You won't be able to continue this if you aren't calm enough to enjoy a chat, Falcon.

J: Right?
Michael: Well, it's true that you talk a lo-...
Michael: Mgh!

SFX: Shove

Michael: We've received the route data.
Michael: I'm synchronizing the information.


Team J: This is Team J.
Team J: We are beginning our mission.

J: C'mon...
J: Let's get going, Michael-kun.


Haruka: O-Otoya-san!
Haruka: What is going on?

Otoya: It's fine.
Otoya: Haruka-chan, you...don't need to worry about anything.

Haruka: O-okay...

Otoya: In another 5 minutes...
Otoya: I'm sorry, Haruka-chan...
Otoya: but we need to hurry up...


SFX: Step forward

Otoya: They're...
Otoya: It couldn't be!!


Fujimaru: J.
Fujimaru: We begin in another 2 minutes.

J: Understood.
J: Michael-kun.
Michael: Yes.
Michael: Another...1 minute and 40 seconds.

J: Put on your masks.


Michael: What about them?
Michael: They were hiding on the roof of the 470 meter high viewing platform since before the guarding for the summit began...
Michael: That's crazy.
Michael: Can they even move?
J: No need to worry.
J: They're stronger than that.

Man: Eh?
Man: Wh-what? Is that some kind of attraction?


Fujimaru: ...Now.
Fujimaru: It begins.
Fujimaru: Hibiki, what's the situation.

Hibiki: Mission 1...
Hibiki: is complete, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru: Okay.
Fujimaru: Good job...Hibiki.


J: Michael-kun.
J: How much longer?

Michael: 20 seconds.
Michael: ...18

Michael: 17
Michael: 16...15
Michael: 14

Michael: 13
Michael: 12...11
Michael: 10
Michael: 9...8...7


Michael: 6
Michael: 5
Michael: 4

Michael: 3
Michael: 2

SFX: Stare...

Michael: 1
SFX: Glow...

Michael: Zero!


Fujimaru: Begin!!

SFX: Dramatic
Text: And the door opens...
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 33

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Aug 11, 2011
Thanks js <3
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