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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Zettai Karen Children 268

Generation Zero (6)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 14, 2011 02:17 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 268


Box: Evidence Photo A (1938)

Box: Evidence Photo B (1942)

Fujiko: We didn't have anything to eat back then...
Fujiko: so I ate okara and potatoes everyday even though I was a growing girl.
Box: Her Testimony

Aoi: But soy and potatoes are healthy!!!
SFX: Intense
Minamoto: But every day?

Top: Beef Miso Tofu
Middle: Okara Itameni
Bottom right: Tofu Skin Miso Soup
Bottom left: Rice and Potatoes

Minamoto: Eh?
SFX: Grab
Minamoto: You say everyone else can have the normal menu?
Minamoto: Why?

Margin: It is all to change the flat-chested decided future!! Maidens go through touching struggles unknown to anyone else every day!!!
Bottom: A story of Espers and Normals creating the future!! Volumes 1-26 are on sale now!!


Text: What does he think of as he sees that day that will never return...?
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 268th sense. Generation Zero (6)
Bottom: The Zettai Karen Children anime official site www.z-child.com has the first episode for free!!


SFX: Roooar...
SFX: Roooaarr...


SFX: Roar...
Pilot: Prototype Zero Fighter here, no changes!
Pilot: No problems with the flight! I will soon arrive at the designated area for the mock battle!

Man: Understood!
Man: Be truly careful during the mock battle.


Man: That prototype is valuable.
Man: If it falls into the ocean, we won't make it in time for the official inspection this year.

Pilot: ...You don't need to worry about that, design leader.
Pilot: This is a wonderful craft!

Man: Thank you. It is an honor.
Man: Good luck.

Pilot: Just leave it to m-
SFX: Hyuh

Fujiko: ...Really, why do guys...
SFX: Pah
Pilot: love new toys so much?


SFX: Appear
Pilot: Wha-...!?

Akuta: I-it is instantaneous travel.
Akuta: I-in a real battle, y-you would have been taken out.
Akuta: If I threw this i-into the cockpit, it would have been over.
SFX: Hyuh


Pilot: Damn you...This wasn't the deal!

Fujiko: We know.
Fujiko: This is your first battle against the paranormally powered, right?
Fujiko: We didn't want to just catch you by surprise, so we came to warn you.

Fujiko: We have a lot of things going on in the army...
Fujiko: and we wanted to win fair and square...
Fujiko: so you wouldn't find fault in our victory later.

Fujiko: Our comrade will take you on a few kilometers ahead...
Fujiko: so fight him like usual!
Fujiko: Bye, bye.

Pilot: Wait...!
Pilot: You're that girl from that time, aren't you!?


Fujiko: Eh?

Pilot: I knew it!
Pilot: It's been a while, young lady!

Fujiko: You're...
Fujiko: the naval officer I punched!?

Pilot: Hmph!
Pilot: I won't let today go the same way!!
Pilot: I'll get back at you all for that!

Fujiko: Umm...uh...
Fujiko: Back then I was...
Text: Eheh

Pilot: Really, why are monsters like you...
Pilot: allowed to go free!?


Pilot: You only took me out because you added strength to your fist with your psychokinetic power...
Pilot: and yet I was still shamed by being taken out by a girl in one hit!!
Pilot: You damn stray dogs...!!
Pilot: If you're going to go out in public, make sure you've been trained first!!

Fujiko: What was that, you-...
Fujiko: Wah!!

SFX: Wobble


Pilot: They can fly without wings or an engine?
Pilot: What a joke!!
Pilot: I'll put everything I have into this fighter...
Pilot: and shoot them down!!

Akuta: A-are you okay?
Fujiko: Thanks, Ryuu.
Fujiko: I'm fine.

Akuta: D-d-don't worry about it.
Akuta: H-he was just saying th-that because he's stubborn.
Fujiko: ...Yeah.
Fujiko: I know.

Fujiko: But our survival is at stake.
Fujiko: We can't lose here!


Fujiko: We're counting on you,
Fujiko: Kyousuke!!


Hyoubu: Here it comes!!

SFX: Roooar
Pilot: Enemy spotted!!


SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Whoosh

Pilot: What kind of movement is that!?

Pilot: Interesting!


SFX: Vwoom
SFX: Clunk
Pilot: This is a perfect chance...
Pilot: to test out this prototype's true ability!!


Saotome: ...Okay.
SFX: Waves...

Saotome: Kyousuke has contacted the enemy.

Shiga: It's finally begun.


Utsumi: How is it going, Yadorigi-kun?
Utsumi: How is Kyousuke?

Text: Oeeeehhhh. Stop the shaking. What is this?
Yadorigi: Hmm...

Yadorigi: Kyousuke's movements are stiff.
Yadorigi: He seems to be nervous.
SFX: Giiiihhhhn
Yadorigi: He isn't getting any speed.


Yadorigi: Yet his opponent...
SFX: Roooar

Hyoubu: I-it's fast!!
Hyoubu: This thing...
Hyoubu: is on a completely different level from the fighters I've fought before!!

Text: The battle with their pride on the line has begun!!

Box: To be continued in Combined Issue 36 & 37

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