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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Kurenai 41.5

Inspector Murasaki's Great Deductions

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 27, 2011 00:51 | Go to Kurenai

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For JAC only

Chapter 41.5


Yuuno: Shinkurou-san!!!

Text: There will be a special publication in SQ. 19. See P. 614 for details!!
Yuuno: ...No way.

Text: What has happened to Shinkurou...!?


Yuuno: Wh-
Yuuno: Why...?


Murasaki: Wait!!

Murasaki: The scene of the crime must be preserved.
SFX: Point

Murasaki: This case...

Murasaki: will be solved by me, Inspector Kuhouin Murasaki!!!


Title: Chapter 41.5: Inspector Murasaki's Great Deductions
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke

Corner: Volume 7 is on sale now!!
Text: There is no mystery I can't solve!

Kirihiko: The victim's name is Kurenai Shinkurou.


Kirihiko: He was a poor student who lived alone here in the Samidare Apartments.

Murasaki: He lived alone?
Murasaki: Then who are these three?

Kirihiko: Um...
Kirihiko: This is Murakami Ginko, a worker at a ramen restaurant.
Kirihiko: Apparently, she came to recover some tableware from a delivery.

Kirihiko: This is Houzuki Yuuno, the daughter of a tea family.
Kirihiko: She came to check on the victim who was an apprentice of her family...

Kirihiko: And this is Mutou Tamaki, the resident of the room next door.
Kirihiko: She says she heard a suspicious noise and came to see what happened.

Murasaki: Hmm...


Murasaki: Something smells off...

Kirihiko: Have you figured something out?
Murasaki: No...

Murasaki: This room...
SFX: Sniff sniff
Murasaki: smells familiar...

Kirihiko: Inspector!!
Kirihiko: Look at this!!


Murasaki: This is...
Murasaki: a dying message!!
Kirihiko: Dying...?

Murasaki: Yes!!
Murasaki: This is a message left by the deceased.

Murasaki: I see...
Murasaki: I know who the murderer is!!


Text: Ramen Restaurant Fuumitei - Murakami Ginko

SFX: Thud

Murasaki: Spill it, Ginko!!

Murasaki: I brought out the katsudon, so confess that you killed him!!


Kirihiko: That's ramen, not katsudon.

Murasaki: ...This isn't katsudon?
Kirihiko: It's ramen.

Ginko: Um...
Ginko: I'm not the murderer, Murasaki-chan.

Murasaki: Don't call me Murasaki-chan.
Murasaki: Call me Inspector Kuhouin!

Murasaki: The circle left by the victim...
Murasaki: was referring to your glasses!!

Murasaki: Well!? If you confess, I'll let you eat this ramen!!


Kirihiko: Glasses would be two circles, so that's not it.

Kirihiko: It's not her.

Murasaki: You eat the ramen, Kirihiko!!
Kirihiko: What!!?
Text: Don't waste food!!

Murasaki: If it wasn't glasses, then what was that circle...?


Murasaki: That's it!! I've got it!!
SFX: Slurp
Kirihiko: Hot!

Text: Houzuki Yuuno

Yuuno: Come now, inspector.
SFX: Push forward


Yuuno: Do you have any proof...
Yuuno: that I am the murderer?

Murasaki: You had a motive,
Murasaki: Houzuki Yuuno.

Yuuno: A motive?

Murasaki: You were head over heels in love!!
Murasaki: You were getting on in years, so you murdered the young lover that cast you aside!!
SFX: Wham


Murasaki: I won't let you get out of this.

Yuuno: M-Murasaki-cha...I mean...
Yuuno: Inspector.
Yuuno: Do you have to put it like-...

Murasaki: The victim left a circle.
Murasaki: That indicated the sun!!
Murasaki: When the sun begins to sink, it is the setting sun...
Murasaki: and that points to you as the murderer, Yuuno!!
[TN: The first kanji in the Japanese for the setting sun is the first kanji of Yuuno's name.]

Yuuno: A-
Yuuno: Are you sure about that?

Yuuno: The setting sun is not round once it starts sinking behind the horizon, right?

Murasaki: Oh.


SFX: Stand

Murasaki: We have another suspect!!
SFX: Step forward
Murasaki: Let's go, Kirihiko!!

Murasaki: Hurry up and drink that tea!!
Kirihiko: Ehh!?

Murasaki: Mhh...
Murasaki: And I was sure this was a crime of passion carried out by the elderly Yuuno...
Kirihiko: Hot!!
SFX: Rumble rumble


Text: Samidare Apartments - Mutou Tamaki

SFX: Cough cough

Yamie: Sorry...
Yamie: I'm such a bother for you.

Tamaki: You promised not to say that, dad.

Yamie: If only I did not have this feeble body...
Yamie: Cough cough cough cough
Tamaki: Dad, pull yourself together!!
Tamaki: Dad!!

Kirihiko: Inspector...
Murasaki: Yes...


Murasaki: The circle was a bracelet...
Murasaki: and it was indicating Tamaki.
[TN: Tamaki's name is also the name of a type of bracelet.]

Murasaki: But I don't think a girl with such love for her father could commit such a crime...
Tamaki: Daaaddd!!
SFX: Cough cough

SFX: Slam

Benika: We're coming in.


Tamaki: Oh...
Tamaki: You're the president of Juuzawa Loans!

SFX: Smile

Benika: Do you..
Benika: finally have the money to pay me BLACK?

Murasaki: Black?

All: She misspoke!
All: She just misspoke...
All: She definitely misspoke...

Tamaki: Heh.


Yayoi: The president is asking how you are going to repay your debt.

Tamaki: S-s-s-sorry!!
Tamaki: We will definitely pay you back once dad's disease is healed...!!

Murasaki: Stop!!
Murasaki: Don't act so violently against a girl with such love for her father!!


Benika: Hmph.
SFX: Step forward
Yayoi: The president is saying...
Yayoi: that she will be back later.

SFX: Close

Murasaki: Are you okay, Tamaki?
SFX: Zzz zzz
Tamaki: Th-th-thank you very much, inspector.
Tamaki: Life has been rough, so we had to borrow from her...
Tamaki: but we haven't been able to pay any back...

Murasaki: A loan?

SFX: Realization


Kirihiko: He was a poor student who lived alone here in the Samidare Apartments.

Murasaki: That round eye patch...

Kirihiko: Ah.
SFX: Dash

Kirihiko: W-wait, inspector.
Kirihiko: My legs have gone to sleep...
SFX: Wobble wobble
Kirihiko: Ahh!
SFX: Fall


Murasaki: Wait!!

Murasaki: Wait, Beni-!!

SFX: Grab

Murasaki: Mh...

Yayoi: The president is asking what you want.


Murasaki: Did you...
Murasaki: lend any money to Shinkurou?

SFX: Smile

Yayoi: The president is asking why you are asking.
Yayoi: She wants to know if you are suspecting her.

SFX: Clench

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Grab


SFX: Thud

Murasaki: Kiri...

SFX: Realization

SFX: Hoo

SFX: Walk away
Yayoi: She says she has lost interest...
Yayoi: and that she will forgive you in deference to him.

Kirihiko: Inspector...
Kirihiko: You mustn't act rashly.


Murasaki: I know who the murderer is.

Text: 30 Minutes Later

Sign: Room 5


Murasaki: The circle left by the victim...

Murasaki: did indeed indicate who the murderer was.

Ginko: You mean...


Murasaki: The main hint was the smell in this room.

Kirihiko: The smell?

Murasaki: Once I connected that with the circle...
Murasaki: it all made sense.

Murasaki: What the victim tried to draw on the verge of death...
Murasaki: was...

Murasaki: takoyaki.


Ginko & Yuuno: Eh..?
Text: That looks good.

Murasaki: The smell in this room was that of takoyaki.
Murasaki: And the circle...
Murasaki: was drawn with takoyaki sauce!

Others: ...It wasn't blood?
Others: But why was there takoyaki here?

SFX: Chomp
Murasaki: The murderer was eating them.
Murasaki: After all...
Murasaki: the murderer had the exact same smell.

SFX: Munch munch


Murasaki: Kirihiko.
Murasaki: The murderer...
Murasaki: was you.


Kirihiko: Wh-
Kirihiko: Why would I kill onii-san...
Murasaki: Onii-san.
SFX: Point

SFX: Realization

Murasaki: ...As I thought, you knew the victim.

SFX: Swipe

Ginko: Ah!!


Murasaki: That sauce around your mouth...
Murasaki: is proof!!

Murasaki: The person who bought the takoyaki...
Murasaki: was you.

Murasaki: You can't stand hot foods, so the victim was trying to cool them off for you.
Murasaki: But he blew too hard and suffocated!!


SFX: Collapse

Kirihiko: ...It's...true.

Kirihiko: I'm...sorry...

Kirihiko: The takoyaki...
Kirihiko: was so good.


Tamaki: Okay, cut!!

Tamaki: Oh, that was great,
SFX: Clack
Tamaki: Murasaki-chan!

SFX: Bright
Murasaki: R-
Murasaki: Really!?

Yuuno: That was a wonderful performance, Murasaki-chan.


Tamaki: The title is "Bishoujo Inspector Murasaki-chan and the Circular Message with a Dangerous Smell"!
Text: Kyahh
On cover: Script
Tamaki: The original script was of course...
Tamaki: written by Samidare Apartments' intellectual idol, Mutou Tamaki!!

Text: All right!!
Tamaki: Academy Awards here I come!

Yuuno: It's not often...
Yuuno: that you go along with this kind of thing, Murakami-san.
Ginko: I did it to make Murasaki-chan happy...

Yamie: That was an unexpected performance from you, Benika...
Yamie: When you misspoke.
Text: How long are you going to lie there?
Benika: Do want to die?

Lin: Why...?


Lin: Why was I not your partner,
SFX: Clatter
Line: Murasaki-sama!?

Murasaki: What are you saying, Lin?
Murasaki: The cameraman is an important role.
Lin: B-but...
Lin: If anyone is to serve by your side...!!
Lin: Is to be your partner...!!

Lin: Murasaki-sama, for you, I would...!!

Tamaki: I have an idea!!


Tamaki: Next we can do "Bishoujo Swordsman Lin-chan"!!
Tamaki: You can reform the world with your courageous sword...
Lin: I-I am not a little girl!!

Label: Corpse
Shinkurou: ...I wonder if I can come out yet.

Text: Next time, a new arc begins in a new land!!

Bottom: To be continued in the August Issue

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Aug 27, 2011
Thanks js~!!
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