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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Needless 35

Simeon Arc XIX

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 29, 2011 01:02 | Go to Needless

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Chapter 35


Title: #35 Simeon Arc XIX
Box: A snapshot during a break while filming Needless Chapter 35


Gido: You've figured out...
SFX: Wind
Gido: what Saten's power is!?

Teruyama: Is that true, Yamada!?

Cruz: Yes...!
Cruz: I've...figured it all out!!
SFX: Rumble rumble


Disk: Then...
Disk: the fact that it looks like he's using more than 4 powers is...?

Cruz: Yes.
Cruz: It's all a deception!
SFX: Rumble rumble
Cruz: He really does have only a single power!

Cruz: And a simple one at that!

Disk: But...
Disk: that doesn't make sense!

Disk: Blade wasn't able to learn the Fourth Wave.
Disk: If it's just a single simple power, why couldn't he learn it!?

Cruz: No...
Cruz: Father really did...
Cruz: learn the Fourth Wave.


Disk: Eh!?

Cruz: The reason that father could not fire it...
Cruz: was simply that...
Cruz: he screwed up the process!

Gido: ...The process!?
Cruz: Yes.

Cruz: If you don't use the proper process for the Fourth Wave...
Cruz: you can't fire it!

Gido: Wh-what do you mean!?
Cruz: ...Old man.

Cruz: Do you remember...
Cruz: what Saten first did when he appeared here?

Gido: Let's see...
Gido: Didn't he...
Gido: freeze Kurumi and the room?


Cruz: Right.
Cruz: And he fired the Fourth Wave after that.
Cruz: Before he fired the second shot, he absorbed father's Vulcan Shock Ignition.

Cruz: And before the third shot...
Cruz: he froze Eve-san and absorbed Little Boy!
-Froze Kurumi and the floor.
-Fourth Wave -1st shot
-Absorbed VSI
-Fourth Wave -2nd shot
-Stream Distortion
-Broke Kandata String
-Froze Eve
-Absorbed Little Boy
-Double Fourth Wave -3rd shot

SFX: Slide
Teruyama: ...Hey!!

Teruyama: What are you getting at!?
Teruyama: That just shows...
Teruyama: he freely used fire, ice, and wind powers, right!?

Cruz: ...No!


SFX: Rumble rumble
Cruz: That order...
Cruz: was the key to...
Cruz: solving the mystery of that powerful Fourth Wave!!

Cruz: Disk-san.
Cruz: Freezing, absorbing Vulcan Shock Ignition, and absorbing Little Boy.
Cruz: What do those three things have in common?

SFX: Realization

Disk: So that's it!!
Disk: How could I have not noticed that?

Solva: What?

Teruyama: What is it!?
Teruyama: Just explain it already!!


Disk: Heat absorption...
Disk: right?

Cruz: Right.
Cruz: The Fourth Wave...

Cruz: is the power to...
SFX: Rumble rumble
Cruz: absorb heat and turn it into energy for an attack!!!


Teruyama: What!?

Gido: An energy conversion power!!
Gido: It really does...
Gido: all make sense that way!!

Gido: He first froze Kurumi and the room in order to absorb the heat!
Top Box: Absorb
Bottom Box: Release
Gido: And he converted and amplified the stolen heat energy into energy for an attack!!

Gido: So that's why he always froze something or absorbed an attack...
Gido: before that large scale attack!!


Solva: W-wait a second!
Solva: Then what was that wind?

Disk: Most likely, he used heat to create a small scale typhoon.

Disk: A typhoon is created by heat energy emitted when the water vapor coming from the hot ocean surface forms clouds.
Disk: and the winds blow faster the more of a temperature difference there is!
Label: Super Diagram!! The Structure of a Typhoon (More or less)
Disk: Saten likely created convection in the air with a temperature difference!!

Seth: So that's why it looked like he had multiple powers...

Blade: I see...


SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: So basically you eat heat...
Blade: and spit it back out!

Blade: And the process of loading up on energy...
Blade: can be offensive like freezing someone or defensive like absorbing Little Boy.
Blade: That makes things quite confusing.

Saten: ...Exactly.
Saten: Well done.


SFX: Rumble rumble
Saten: But let me tell you one thing.
Saten: Just because you understand the principle behind it...
Saten: does not mean you can use this power!

Blade: Heh heh heh...
Blade: It's too late to start giving some boring speech now!!
SFX: Rumble rumble

SFX: Step forward

Blade: Now that we know what your power is...


Blade: this battle is ours!!!
SFX: Sizzle

SFX: Dramatic


SFX: Repeated impacts

Blade: Yeah!!

SFX: Wham


Blade: Hah hahh!!
Blade: We'll crush you 2 to 1!!

Saten: Unfortunately...
Saten: you have your numbers wrong.

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Slam


Teruyama: Ugh!

Eve: Uchida!

Blade: ...You sure were taken out quickly.
SFX: Pick pick
Teruyama: Shut the hell up!! I didn't get knocked over here 'cause I wanted to!!

Saten: As you can see...
Saten: things will be settled over there before long!

Blade: What?

SFX: Roar


Seth: Haahhhhhh!!

SFX: Whoosh
Seth: Jail Gravitation

SFX: Raise...


SFX: Catch

Seth: What!?

Arca: What a nice sword.

SFX: Throb

Seth: What...!?
SFX: Steam


SFX: Melt


SFX: Clang

SFX: Rumble rumble
Seth: Impossible...
Seth: My sword...
Seth: melted!?

Gido: Wh-what is that power!?

SFX: Rumble rumble
Arca: Agnishwattas!


Arca: Next is...
Arca: your body!
SFX: Whoosh

Seth: Uuh!

Teruyama: Ohhh!!

Teruyama: Don't take us lightly!!
SFX: Dash

Teruyama: Solva!!
SFX: Run run run run
Solva: Got it!!


Solva: Magnetic World Anti - [Teruyama Momiji]!!
SFX: Boom

Teruyama: Take this special attack!!!
SFX: Soar


Teruyama: Magnetic + Little Boy!!
SFX: Wham

Cruz: He got her!!!

Teruyama: Heh, how about this,
Teruyama: you masked bitch!!?

SFX: Crack


SFX: Crack

Cruz: The Shitenou's mask...!!


SFX: Shatter

Teruyama: It came off!!


SFX: Rumble rumble

SFX: Rumble rumble

Cruz: Eh?



Cruz: N-

Cruz: Nee-san...?

Text: Needless 5 (End)

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