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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 6

The Man who can Change the World

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 2, 2011 18:28 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 6


Kirishima: Sawakita.
Kirishima: Send this to all investigators!
Sawakita: ...You're connected.
Sawakita: Go ahead.

Kirishima: Attention, all investigators.

Kirishima: All transmissions from now on...
Kirishima: are to be given on the assumption that the terrorists are intercepting them! And that goes for internal and external Third-i transmissions as well as CraUns transmissions!
Kirishima: All top secret information is to be transmitted directly or through a coded transmission based on a Third-i table of random numbers that will be changed every 10 minutes.
Kirishima: That is all.


Minami: Kirishima-san! What is going on!?
Box: Tokyo Neo Tower Prestige Floor
Minami: I thought this was a hidden line...

Sawakita: It was easily broken.
Sawakita: The enemy seems to have a wizard class hacker.

Minami: Wizard...?

Minami: So someone like Fujimaru?


Kirishima: It is...
Kirishima: Falcon.

Minami: Eh!?
Minami: What do you mean?

Voices: Hey, I heard a voice.
Voices: Someone's still hiding?

Minami: Kh.
Minami: Fujimaru is part of this terrorist attack!?
Minami: Eh!? No...
Minami: That can't be...!!

SFX: Slam
Kirishima: Dammit!

Kirishima: Kh...


Yajima: I don't want to believe it...
Yajima: but we can't just blindly believe in him in this situation.
Yajima: You made the right decision, Section Chief Kirishima.

Kirishima: He's a reliable ally...
Kirishima: but there is no enemy more formidable.

Tsukamoto: The interception of our transmissions is not the only problem!
SFX: Type type

Tsukamoto: Tokyo Neo Tower is the ultimate intelligent tower. It can be completely controlled by its computer system.
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Text: An area where he can reign supreme!!
Title: File 6 The Man who can Change the World
Tsukamoto: It's like a fortress to Falcon!!
Tsukamoto: If he's hacked into its system, he can use anything as a weapon from the lights to the emergency shutters or the fire sprinklers!

Kirishima: He once defeated a terrorist like that, right?
Kirishima: Is there anything we can do?
Tsukamoto: I already told you I can't deal with him in a head on battle!
SFX: Beep
Tsukamoto: See...no good!!

Tsukamoto: I'm checking around the tower's system, but I can't find a single trace of him there!
Tsukamoto: But he definitely is in the system.

Tsukamoto: He really is an amazing hacker!!
Yajima: This is no time to be taking things slowly.
Yajima: How about we cut the electricity to the tower!?

Sawakita: We can't.
Sawakita: The Neo Tower is made to immediately back everything up with emergency generators.


Tsukamoto: All of the emergency staircases are sealed off.
Tsukamoto: That has to have been him!
SFX: Type type
Sawakita: Isn't there an elevator cut off from the system...
Sawakita: that can be operated manually for escape in case there is a fire?

Tsukamoto: It's power supply was destroyed, so it's unusable.

Tsukamoto: The tower is completely isolated...
Tsukamoto: It's sealed off at every side!!

SFX: Clang


Woman: The Prestige Floor...
Woman: has been taken.
Woman: Gather the bodies of the guards in one place.

Hikita: How could this happen?
Hikita: The SPs, the JSDF,
Hikita: and even CraUns were taken out so easily!!
Kujou: Calm down, Hikita.


Kujou: Third-i is here as well as CraUns!
Kujou: They have stopped horrific terrorist attacks twice in the past!

Hikita: Y-yes.
Hikita: Prime Minister Kujou.

Curtis: But how did they get in?
Curtis: The Japanese guards and the SPs of all of the heads of state were here since 3 days ago...
Roumier: Oh...God...!

Roumier: W-we need not worry.
Roumier: All of my French SPs have experience in the special forces.
Roumier: When they get a chance, they will save us and defeat the terrorists...

SFX: Bang
Roumier: Ee!
Woman: Kyaahhh!

Man: Now then.
Man: Could I have all the heads of state gather over here?
Man: We will lead you to a different room.
Man: You will have to part with your families for a bit.


Kujou: Wait.

Kujou: Surely we are enough as hostages.
Kujou: Please release our families!

Man: Don't talk back to me!!
SFX: Wham

SFX: Commotion
Woman: Ee!
SFX: Clatter


SFX: Glare

Kujou: What do you want?
Kujou: When I became the representative of this nation, I offered my life to it.
Kujou: I will be of no use as a hostage!

Kujou: I'm sure all the others feel the same!

Man: ...Hmph.
Man: You certainly are energetic, prime minister.
Man: Fine. We have some things we need to ask you.
Man: Come this way.

SFX: Press


Girl: Ah...
Girl: H-here...

SFX: Pat
Kujou: ...Don't worry.
Kujou: We will be saved.

Hikita: Pr-
Hikita: Prime Minister Kujou...

SFX: Step step step


Haruka: Otoya-san.
Haruka: Wait, Otoya-san!

Haruka: Please tell me.
Haruka: What is going on in this tower?

Otoya: You...
Otoya: don't need to worry about anyth-

Haruka: I...
Haruka: recognized those people...

Haruka: we passed before.


Haruka: I am the daughter of...
Haruka: Third-i's Takagi Ryuunosuke.
Haruka: I don't want to remain a burden for my brother and you forever.
Haruka: If I did...

Haruka: my dad would be mad.

Otoya: Haruka-chan.

Haruka: Is there...
Haruka: a terror attack?

Otoya: ...Yes.

Haruka: Is that why my brother...
Haruka: called you?


Haruka: That's it, isn't it?
Haruka: Why did you escape with me instead of your grandfather...with the prime minister?
Haruka: No...The three of us could have escaped...or you could have told everyone there.

Otoya: Please...
Otoya: trust me,
Otoya: Haruka-chan.

Otoya: If you do...
Otoya: you will be trusting Fujimaru...
Otoya: who told me to do this.

SFX: Step

Haruka: That's...right.
SFX: Squeeze


Haruka: I will.
Haruka: I'll trust my brother...
Haruka: and I'll trust you.
Haruka: Forever.

Otoya: ...Thanks.

Voices: What's with this stairway?
Voices: Why is the fire shutter closed?
Voices: I dunno.
Voices: Should we force it open?


SFX: Beep beep beep
Voices: An alarm!!

Voices: This way.
Voices: Let's go!
SFX: Step step
SFX: Hoo...
Haruka: I think they left...
Otoya: It was Fujimaru.

Haruka: Eh?

Otoya: With this door and the timing of that alarm ringing...
Otoya: it had to have been Fujimaru.


Haruka: So...
Haruka: he's out there somewhere...
Haruka: watching over us.

J: Falcon.
SFX: Rip
J: It looks like you're still helping your sister escape.

J: It's already begun and you can't stop it.
J: It would be a problem if you lost sight of the big picture.
Fujimaru: This much is fine. I haven't forgotten my goal.
Fujimaru: It would be more of a problem if my sister was there and my ability to make decisions was dulled.

Fujimaru: I know you understand that.
J: ...Do I?


Fujimaru: I'm doing everything that is necessary.
Fujimaru: Can you see the party hall?
J: It's going perfectly.
J: But...

J: Things have yet to...
J: truly begin.

Man: Get in.

SFX: Chk...

Man: You keep watch here.
SFX: Close
Man2: Understood.


Fujimaru: I know.

J: It's about time...
J: for the proclamation from the Story Teller.


J: And then the world...
SFX: Salute

J: will be shaken by Bloody Monday!!
Text: This man is behind it all!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 35

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