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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 272

As Time Goes By (1)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 5, 2011 17:16 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 272


Sakaki: What is it!?
Tanizaki: Naomi was...!!
Tanizaki: Naomi was injured on a mission!!

Naomi: Quit exaggerating!!
Naomi: It's just a little scratch!!

Tanizaki: But if it leaves a scar...!!
Sakaki: Don't worry.
SFX: Kyuhn
Sakaki: My bodily control turns the patient's own power toward the healing process...
Sakaki: so a high level esper like Naomi-chan will be no problem.

Sakaki: With your level of power...
Sakaki: I could quickly heal even a couple of broken bones.
Naomi: Wow!
SFX: Zvvv...

SFX: Heartbeat
Naomi and Yukino: That means...

Sakaki: Just so you know...
Sakaki: you can't expect that kind of healing power from me on a Normal.
Sakaki: And even with a high level esper...
Sakaki: I can't do anything about a severed head or a stake through the heart.

Naomi: Chehh...
Naomi: Too bad...
Yukino: Hoo.
Yukino: Thank goodness.

Tanizaki: Is she disappointed that she can't apply pain that would normally kill someone!?
Tanizaki: N-Naomi!?
SFX: Rumble rumble
Sachio: Is she relieved that she can actually kill me if she decides to!?
Sachio: Y-Yukino!?

Margin: Their reactions are different, but are their troubles and angers the same?

Bottom: ZKC Volumes 1-26!! They're selling well due to the overwhelming enjoyment they bring!!


Text: The Children finally appear again!! Sorry about the wait!!
Text: The long awaited Volume 27 will be released on September 16th!! Some secret information will be announced, too!!
Title: 272nd sense. As Time Goes By (1)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Rooar

SFX: Hyuh


SFX: Pah
Momiji: I won't let you escape,
Momiji: Black Phantom boy!

SFX: Vah!
Dragonfly: Spell of Death!!

Momiji: Oh!

SFX: Hyuh


Dragonfly: Black Phantom,
Dragonfly: this is Dragonfly!
Dragonfly: I am under a coordinated attack by a number of espers!!

Dragonfly: I am at the disadvantage here!
Dragonfly: Do I have permission to kill mysel-
Dragonfly: Hello!!
Dragonfly: Black Phantom!?

Yo: We can't have you doing that.
Dragonfly: Who the hell are you!?

Yo: Yes...
Yo: An excellent question.

SFX: Sss


SFX: Kiiiihhhn!!
Dragonfly: Gwah!!

SFX: Grab

SFX: Throw
SFX: Crash


Dragonfly: Ghah!

Magi: The capture was a success.
Magi: Well done, Yo, Momiji.


Momiji: Good job, Magi-chan.
SFX: Hyupah
Yo: He wasn't all that tough an enemy.
Yo: Couldn't we have left this to the kids?
Magi: We have to be careful.
Magi: If any of us are taken out, it isn't worth it.

Yo: So is this the 25th...
Yo: Black Phantom puppet?
Momiji: The 26th.
Momiji: Yuuri cannot re-brainwash them and I think we have them fairly well cornered.


Magi: But we cannot let our guard down.
Magi: This is when things get truly dangerous.
Magi: Did you forget what the major said?

Hyoubu: The war continues until the enemy has been utterly annihilated!
Hyoubu: When fighting 100 enemies, you are not done even when you have defeated 99 of them!
Yo: This isn't a school field trip...

Momiji: I wonder if they really are saving the strongest pawns.
Yo: I could see it happening.
Yo: They could have their four strongest...
Yo: and when we defeat one he refuses to admit defeat and says he was the weakest of the four.


Hyoubu: Joking aside, that could actually happen.
Hyoubu: Don't let your guard down.
Yo: Yeah, yeah.

Yo: If you were here, you should have helped!!
Hyoubu: Why?
Hyoubu: That's such a pain.
Momiji: He's just staring blankly at us!
Hyoubu: Do you have no intention to work!?

Hyoubu: The time will come when I must use every last drop of my power.
Hyoubu: I have to leave things to you when your skills are enough.
Hyoubu: It is all for the sake of raising the next generation.


Hyoubu: Things are going to get busy soon!

Bullet: Time and Bullet...
Bullet: the two members of the Shadow Children...


Bullet: have completed their battle preparations!!
SFX: Salute

Minamoto: Okay!
Minamoto: Do it just like you were trained!
Minamoto: You two are strong!
Bullet: We are strong!!
Bullet: We are strong!!
Bullet: C'mon, Tim, you do it too!!
Tim: Please, no.

Tim: We don't need this much spirit to go to school as students.
Tim: There have been no problems at school since last fall.
Bullet: You fool!
Bullet: Open your ears! Open your eyes! Don't let your guard down!


Bullet: Also, school life is an unknown battlefield to us!!
Bullet: We might get bullied!
Tim: And that's more likely if you act like this!!
Kaoru: Calm down, you two.

Kaoru: You don't need to be so worried.
Aoi: That's right.
Aoi: We're with you.
Shiho: And if something does happen, I'll get revenge for you.
Shiho: I'm good at destroying people mentally.

Kaoru: Our hearts were racing the first time too, but it all worked out well enough.
Kaoru: And I'm sure Mio and the others were-


Kaoru: What is it, Mio?
Kaoru: You said you were checking on our class and...

Mio: Th-the classes...!!
Mio: The second year class division...!
Mio: I'm in a different class than you!!

Kaoru: Eh?
Kaoru: What!? I thought everyone was together!
Shiho: Did the chief do something!?
Minamoto: Eh? I don't know anything for sure...

Minamoto: but maybe there was some kind of mistake.
Minamoto: And this is better for making more friends, right?
Aoi: Eh!?
Shiho: What!?

Shiho: We have to check the class division!!
Shiho: Let's go!!
Aoi: What do we do if the three of us are split up!?


Kaoru: See you, Minamoto!!

Minamoto: I'll leave everyone to you, Kaoru!
Minamoto: I'm counting on you.

Kaoru: S-sure thing!


Minamoto: Okay, let's go.
Minamoto: Feather?

SFX: Vyuh
SFX: Float

Feather: Everyone...
Feather: is growing up more and more.
Feather: It really does seem like it's been no time at all.
Text: Hee hee

Minamoto: Hey.
Minamoto: Don't change your form out in the open like that!


Feather: I am...
Feather: truly glad I came here.
Feather: Now I kind of want to watch over those girls forever.

Feather: But...
Feather: I can't do that.

Minamoto: ...What are you talking about?
Feather: It seems the analysis on me is not going too well...
Feather: but you have a guess, don't you?

Minamoto: Well...
Feather: You don't have to hide it, Minamoto.
Feather: I've remembered it, too.


Feather: It's about time we talked about...
Feather: those girls'...
Feather: no...
Feather: our future.
Text: What is this future Feather is speaking of?
Box: To be continued in Issue 41

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