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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 273

As Time Goes By (2)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 17, 2011 02:20 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 273


Hyoubu: Akio-san, Hajime-san.
Hyoubu: How did you two become partners?
Akio: We have an old custom.

Akio: When a child is born to the Inugami family...
Akio: they are brought to meet the youngest successor of the Yadorigi family.
Akio: And when their eyes meet...

Text: Yaaaahhh!!
SFX: Roar
Akio: If the one tries to eat the other...
Akio: they are raised together as partners.
Hajime: They knew what they were doing in the old days.
Hajime: You don't put something bad in your mouth.
SFX: Nod nod

Hyoubu: I'm actually going to bring that quack with me this time...
Hyoubu: so prepare a place to receive him.
Magi: On the Catastrophe!? Shouldn't we do the surgery elsewhere...?
Hyoubu: Just do it!

Magi: I need to order equipment for brain surgery...
SFX: Type type type

SFX: Splash
Magi: and move the ship to a stable area.

Magi: Where are the major and Sakaki?
Yo: They borrowed a hospital in Roviet, so they went there.

Margin: Stick with it, Magi!! Hardworking men will eventually be rewarded...The chapter heads to Roviet for the surgery!!

Bottom: The current members of the Yadorigi & Inugami families are in the Hound!! ZKC Volumes 1-26 are on sale now!!


Text: The ultimate medical team has been formed!!
Text: Volume 27 will be released on 9/16!!!!!
Title: 273rd sense. As Time Goes By (2)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


Fujiko: Feather did?
Minamoto: Yes.
Minamoto: She said she wanted to talk.

Minamoto: It's only conjecture, but from the way she was acting...
Minamoto: it is likely a personal matter...
Minamoto: and I think it will contain important information regarding the future.


Fujiko: ...Understood.
Fujiko: Stay on your guard and listen to what she has to say.
Minamoto: You won't be coming, director?

Fujiko: I can't get away right now.
Fujiko: And won't she be more willing to talk if you are alone?
Fujiko: Just don't let down your guard.

Fujiko: No matter how human she may look...
Fujiko: she is not human.
Fujiko: The power that is moving her is not necessarily always rational.

Fujiko: Record everything said.
Fujiko: And...
Fujiko: If the situation gets out of hand...

Minamoto: ...I know.
Minamoto: Feather's body...


Minamoto: is something we gave her.
SFX: Kch.

Fujiko: I'm counting on you,
Fujiko: Minamoto-kun.
SFX: Beep

Fujiko: Now then...
Fujiko: how are things here,
Fujiko: Sakaki-kun?


Sakaki: My preparations are complete.
Sakaki: How about you,
Sakaki: Hyoubu?

Hyoubu: Wait just a bit,
Hyoubu: you qua-...
Hyoubu: I mean, doctor.

Nai: Will I...
Nai: die today?


Hyoubu: Didn't I tell you?
Hyoubu: You won't die.
Hyoubu: This qua-...
Hyoubu: doctor and I will remove the explosive from your head.

Sakaki: Can't you say things without adding "qua-" in every time!!?
Fujiko: Calm down, calm down.

Fujiko: Admitting he can't handle it himself and bowing down to us...
Fujiko: had to have been deathly painful to him.
Fujiko: Just let this slide.
Sakaki: I don't give a damn about his rotten pride!!

Sakaki: And he may have bowed down to you...
Sakaki: but for me...

Girl: ...It's so beautiful.
Sakaki: Isn't it though?


Sakaki: But it's nothing compared to you.
Girl: You certainly are a smooth talker.
Girl: Do you always use that line?

Sakaki: I just like to use the most efficient method to get what I want the most.

SFX: Look up

Girl: What?
Girl: Is something wrong?
Sakaki: Well...
Sakaki: I've had a stalker following me recently.

Sakaki: Give it a rest, you damn pervert!!
Sakaki: If you need something, just tell me!!


Hyoubu: Who the hell are you calling a pervert!?
Sakaki: Who else but you!?
Sakaki: What is wrong with you!?
SFX: Hyuh
Girl: Kyahh!?

Hyoubu: F-fine.
Hyoubu: If you insist, I'll tell you what I want.
Hyoubu: You should be thankful, you qua-...I mean, um...
Sakaki: What are you saying?

Momiji: Sorry about...
Momiji: cockblocking you there.
SFX: Pah
Girl: Wai-!?
Sakaki: I'll kill you if you refer to it like that again!!

Momiji: We're...
Momiji: um...

SFX: Whisper whisper


Girl: You're...
Girl: You're both Shuuji's exes!?
Girl: You go both ways!?
Sakaki: Don't go around saying things like thaaaaaatttttttt!!!

Momiji: Sorry.
Momiji: Explaining it all would've been a pain, so we sped things up a bit.
Sakaki: Why are you acting like it wasn't necessarily a lie!?
Sakaki: You'd better explain all this to her later!!

Momiji: You don't need to get so mad.
Momiji: I observed you along with the major for a bit...
Momiji: and it looked like you were just seducing women to pass the time.

Sakaki: Wh-what're you...?
Momiji: You're just frustrated that you can't fully use your abilities as a doctor and as an esper.
Momiji: I feel a bit sorry for the women you use as an outlet.


Sakaki: D-don't act like you understand everything!!
Fujiko: You shouldn't hit the nail on the head like that.

Sakaki: Well.
Sakaki: It's true that this...
Sakaki: is a job that gets me fired up both as an esper and as a doctor.

Sakaki: An explosive and a receiver.
Sakaki: There are traps using various methods of detecting if they are removed.
Sakaki: You'd have to be a demon to put this in a child's brain.

Sakaki: And it seems they had some esper put it in...
Sakaki: and fourth dimensionally integrate it into her central nerves.


Sakaki: This is the first case I've seen that's stranger than yours.
Sakaki: I won't let this stand.

Momiji: We have no choice but to use psychic powers to remove the explosive...
Momiji: but we were unable to get around the traps.
Sakaki: However, your surgical skills and bodily control should be outside their expectations.

Nai: Before...
Nai: I never thought much about dying.
Nai: But lately it's been odd.

Nai: When I think about it, Lady Yuuri's face comes to mind...
Nai: and I feel a pain here for some reason.
Nai: That is why I am sure I need this surgery.


Hyoubu: Don't worry.
Hyoubu: She has Hanzou with her...
Hyoubu: and we will make sure you return to her.

Hyoubu: In the end...
Hyoubu: you will live happily ever after with her.
Hyoubu: It will be just like the end of a fairy tale.

Hyoubu: I will...
Hyoubu: make sure of it.
Hyoubu: I will not fail again.


Fujiko: Kyousuke...

Sakaki: Okay, let's get started!
Sakaki: From now on, I'm the boss here.
Sakaki: Everyone act according to my commands.

Hyoubu: Understood.
Hyoubu: I'm counting on you,


Hyoubu: you quack...
Hyoubu: I mean doctor.
Sakaki: Did you just say the whole word!?
Sakaki: You did, didn't you!?

Chisato: Is something the matter, Yuuri-chan?
Yuuri: Eh?
Yuuri: Um, no.


Yuuri: I was just thinking about my cat.
Yuuri: Sorry.
Yuuri: She was just really clingy this morning.

Kaoru: Don't worry.
Yuuri: Eh?

Kaoru: Huh? Oh, sorry.
Kaoru: I don't really get it...
Kaoru: but I just had this feeling.
Kaoru: This feeling that it will be all right.

Kagari: She...
Kazura: Yes.

Kazura: She sensed it.
Kazura: There have been signs before too...
Kazura: but it's getting clearer.


Mio: I-I'm not relieved that I was just mistaken about being in a different class or anything!
Mio: I'm not, okay!?
Text: Hmph
Aoi: You liar.
Text: Ah ha ha ha
Shiho: You should've seen your face when you found out you misread the kanji of your own name!

Kaoru: I'm glad we're in the same class again,
Kaoru: Mio!!
SFX: Hug
Mio: Wha-...!?
Mio: Wait!!

Kazura: Her "Queen-ness"...
Kazura: is growing more and more.


Minamoto: Feather...!!
Minamoto: You can't mean...
Minamoto: you want to talk here, can you!?

Feather: I do.
Feather: After all...
Feather: you already know my identity...
Feather: don't you, Minamoto?
SFX: Step forward...
Text: What is Feather's identity that Minamoto knows...!?
Box: To be continued in Issue 42

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