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Bloody Monday Last Season 7

Their Respective Reasons

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 29, 2011 02:51 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 7


Kujou: Eagle.
Kujou: Is the operation advancing properly?
Eagle: Yes.
Eagle: But...

Eagle: There are a few uncertain factors.

Kujou: Give me a report.

Eagle: What do you think, Storyteller?

Kujou: There is nothing to discuss.
Kujou: Eliminate the uncertain factors.
Kujou: Do it now.

Eagle: Sir!


Kujou: Quickly give the proclamation.
Kujou: The curtain has risen.

Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Kujou: Tell the world...
Kujou: Tell all the people...
Text: People create fear!!
Title: File 7 Their Respective Reasons
Kujou: of our...
Kujou: of Bloody Monday's goal!!

Text: The 11 volumes of Season 1 and the 8 volumes of Season 2 are on sale now!


Fujimaru: The broadcast control room on Tokyo Neo Tower's Earth Floor...
Fujimaru: can transmit data to the broadcast satellites orbiting the earth.

Fujimaru: By using that world class broadcasting system...
SFX: Press

Fujimaru: I can jack TVs...
Fujimaru: all across the world.


J: So the Storyteller's proclamation...
J: will now be broadcast live everywhere in the world at the same time.

SFX: Beep beep

Top right: Haruka
Top left: Otoya
Bottom: Arrived at destination
SFX: Hoo...

J: It looks like the princess and her knight have safely evacuated.

Fujimaru: Yes...


J: That man knows nothing.
J: It really seems that you have told him nothing...
J: yet didn't you call him your backup?

Fujimaru: He...
Fujimaru: does not have to work alongside me...
Fujimaru: to act as my backup.

Fujimaru: What I want him to do...
Fujimaru: is take care of Haruka.


Fujimaru: And...
Fujimaru: I do not think Otoya would be willing to carry out a terrorist attack...
Fujimaru: regardless of whether you tried to convince him it was the right thing to do.
Fujimaru: I can't do it...
Fujimaru: and his grandfather can't either.

J: True.

J: So basically...
J: you felt too much of a shock would overload him...

J: so...
J: you had him act as your sister's knight without revealing anything to him.

Fujimaru: I doubt he would...
Fujimaru: understand.
Fujimaru: But no matter what I do...
Fujimaru: he will protect Haruka.


Fujimaru: If they got involved with me, they would get wrapped up in all kinds of trouble for the rest of their lives.
Fujimaru: So...this is fine.

Fujimaru: I...
Fujimaru: have Hibiki.

J: How...
J: very kind of you.

Michael: What?


J: I'm...
J: not going to let you run away yet.

Michael: I have...
Michael: long since given up on that.

J: I see.

SFX: Turn on
SFX: Ksshhh
SFX: Ksshhh

J: It's starting.


J: The old man's...
J: once in a lifetime play has begun.

Announcement: This message is being broadcast throughout the world.
Announcement: We are Bloody Monday.

Announcement: Right now...

Announcement: we hold the leaders of your countries in your hands.

Announcement: We want only one thing.
Announcement: We wish for the complete eradication of the injustices running rampant within this world.
Announcement: We will do whatever it takes to accomplish this.


Announcement: We are not your enemy.
Announcement: Your true enemy is the small group of powerful people that control the world.

Announcement: Surely you have felt how they have unjustly put the majority of the world's fortune...
Announcement: in their own hands.

Announcement: We have decided to take strong measures in order to eradicate the world's injustices.


Announcement: We demand only one thing.
Announcement: The Japanese government is take all of its foreign currency whether it be in cash, bonds, or securities...
Announcement: and sell it all.

Announcement: This will be in exchange for the lives of the leaders of 12 of the world's major countries and their families.
Curtis: Wha-...?

Announcement: You have 17 hours.
Announcement: The deadline is noon Monday.


Announcement: If you do not accept our demand...
Announcement: the first victims will be from the families.

Man: Jesus...
Man: This is bad.

Man: This is John Mackenzie of Roquefort & Beetle Securities.
Man: Take all our US dollars and euros...no, take the yuan, Australian dollars, pounds, and everything else, too.
Man: Just exchange it all for Japanese yen, gold, and platinum!

SFX: Disappear
SFX: Kssshhhhh


Tsukamoto: Um...
Tsukamoto: If the government goes through with this demand and gets rid of all their foreign currency...what will happen?

Kirishima: The world's primary reserve currency, the American dollar, will become worthless.
Kirishima: Japan has over 1.1 trillion dollars.
Kirishima: And most of it is in bonds.

Kirishima: The government selling all of that coupled with other countries selling their own dollars defensively, the dollar will go from being worth 80 yen to only 10 yen...no, it will probably end up being less than a single yen.

Tsukamoto: Wha-!?


Kirishima: The value of goods and money in precious metals will rise explosively causing hyperinflation. America's economy will be utterly destroyed and almost all corporations will go bankrupt or otherwise cease functioning.
Kirishima: The unprecedented global panic will cause the people to riot bringing the world to a near-civil war state. After the storm passes, the world in which America stood at the top will have changed to some completely different state.

J: How is this...
SFX: Clatter
J: eradicating the injustices of the world?


J: His destructive self-righteousness...
J: makes me want to vomit.
SFX: Bite

J: Hey, Falcon.
J: This is...
J: who your father died to keep alive.

J: A crafty swindler...
J: who will bring the world down to rock bottom.

Fujimaru: I won't...
Fujimaru: let you do this,
SFX: Gnash...
Fujimaru: Storyteller!


Fujimaru: It doesn't matter...
Fujimaru: what your plan is!!
Fujimaru: It may not make you happy...
Fujimaru: but...

Fujimaru: I will...
Fujimaru: make sure to stop him!!
Fujimaru: And I will not regret it...
Fujimaru: even if I must bring the dishonor of terrorism on myself to do so!!


J: ...Dishonor, hm?

J: History is written by the winners.
J: If everything goes as he plans...
J: his terrorism will be known as a revolution.

J: Justice will get you nowhere without strength.
J: You are doing this...
J: because you understand that.

J: Enough talk.
J: Our interests are aligned here.
J: I leave this to you,
J: Falcon.


Fujimaru: Sure.
Fujimaru: I WILL stop this Bloody Monday plot.
Fujimaru: I...
Fujimaru: am Falcon!!
Text: The heart he inherited from his father will not allow evil to have its way!!
Bottom: To be continued in Combined Issue 36/37

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2011
=O Seems like you timed my vacation well. Haha. Thanks js~!

*coughs*rememberKN*coughs* ^_^
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