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Kurenai 42


+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 8, 2011 01:01 | Go to Kurenai

-> RTS Page for Kurenai 42

For JAC only

Chapter 42


SFX: Roooar

SFX: Thunk

SFX: Thunk
Text: Who is this hiding within a truck heading west!?


David: Nyahh

SFX: Rustle

SFX: Pop up


David: Nyahh
SFX: Rumble

Text: One Week Ago

SFX: Jingle


David: Nyahh

Kirihiko: D-
Kirihiko: David!?

Kirihiko: Why are you here!?
SFX: Crash


Kirihiko: Why you...!!

SFX: Thoom


SFX: Purr purr

Text: The feelings that build up over time connect comrades.
Bottom: Volume 7 is on sale now!!
Title: Chapter 42 Westward
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke


Tamaki: Murasaki-chan is looking kind of down.


Shinkurou: Yes.
Shinkurou: She's been like that for a while now...

Tamaki: She's waiting for Kirihiko-chan to return, isn't she?

Tamaki: I wonder where...
Tamami: Kirihiko-chan is...

Dog: Woof woof!

SFX: Pant pant


Murasaki: Ah!

Murasaki: M-
SFX: Wag wag
Murasaki: Murakurou!!?

Murasaki: Wh-what happened, Murakurou!?
Murasaki: Why did you shrink so much!?

Dogs: Woof woof
Dogs: Woof woof
Dogs: Woof


Murasaki: There's...There's...
Murasaki: a whole bunch of Murakurous...
Shinkurou: A whole bunch...?

Ginko: Hello, Murasaki-chan.
Murasaki: Ah.
Shinkurou: Ginko!


Shinkurou: I see...
Shinkurou: So those puppies are Ginkurou's...

Ginko: Don't you mean...
Ginko: Murakurou's?

Ginko: According to Murasaki-chan anyway.

Shinkurou: Sorry, Ginko. Thanks for...
Shinkurou: thinking about Murasaki.


Ginko: Make no mistake.
Ginko: I was just asked by the owner to look after them for another day.

Murasaki: Hmm...

Murasaki: These ones really do like Murakurou!
SFX: Warm

Shinkurou: Well, yeah.
Shinkurou: He's their father.

Murasaki: And Murakurou's father is you, right, Shinkurou?
Shinkurou: Eh?
Murasaki: And I'm his mother.

Murasaki: Hm...
Murasaki: I see.
Murasaki: I get it now.


Murasaki: So we're their grandparents!

Shinkurou: Ha ha... I guess so.

Murasaki: Okay!
Murasaki: We need to give names to our first grandchildren!
Dog: Woof!
Text: First grandchildren...?

Murasaki: First off...
Murasaki: you're Ginkurou!

Ginko & Shinkurou: Eh?


Shinkurou: Wait a second, Murasaki.
Murasaki: Hm?
Murasaki: Ginkourou...?

Murasaki: Ginko and Shinkurou make Ginkurou.

Murasaki: Now...
Murasaki: this one is Tamakurou.
Murasaki: and that one is Yamikurou.
SFX: Hang head

Tamaki: Don't get your hopes up.
Tamaki: Shinkurou-kun belongs to everyone.
Text: Heh heh heh heh heh
Shinkurou: What do you mean by that?

Murasaki: And this one...


Tamaki: Ah ha ha ha! So you're Tamakurou!
Tamakurou: Woof!
Yamie: Heh... Small animals are quite heartwarming.

Tamaki: Huh?
Tamaki: Where's David by the way?

Yamie: Well...


Yamie: With a friend I think.
SFX: Step forward

Yuuno: Hello, Murasaki-chan.

Murasaki: Yuuno!

SFX: Smile
Yuuno: Is there a Yuukurou?


SFX: Turn around
Murasaki: Nope!

Yuuno: I..
Yuuno: I see.

Yuuno: Well...Names are important.
Yuuno: That one can be used when Shinkurou-san and I have an actual child.

Murasaki: Wait a second, Yuuno!!
Murasaki: I am the one that will join her name with Shinkurou's!!
Yuuno: Oh?
Yuuno: I do not think so.


Ginko: See you.
Ginko: I'll come to pick them up this evening.
Shinkurou: Eh?
Shinkurou: O-okay...

Yuuno: Kurenai Yuuno.
Yuuno: The combination is so modest and beautiful that it must be fate.
Murasaki: Hmph! Kurenai Murasaki is way more amazing!
Murasaki: It's only two kanji, but it's perfect!

Shinkurou: Wait...
Shinkurou: Ginko is acting oddly...
Yuuno: Houzuki Shinkurou!
Yuuno: It flows nicely and has a nice, strong ring to it!
Murasaki: Kuhouin Shinkurou is way more amazing!! And it's six kanji!!


Ginsei: Welcome!!

Ginsei: Oh, it's Shin-chan!!
Box: Murakami Ginsei (Ginko's Father)
Ginsei: Are you helping her with those dogs!?

Shinkurou: Hello. Long time no see.

Ginsei: You should come help out here from time to time!
Ginsei: You can prepare for when you join the family!

SFX: Step


Ginko: Father!!
SFX: Slam

Ginko: Mother will be back soon, right!?
Ginko: I'm going!

SFX: Step step step

Ginsei: Really now...And when Shin-chan is here, too.
Ginsei: To make up for that, you can have anything you want on the house!

Shinkurou: Um...Sir.
Ginsei: Hm?


Shinkurou: About Ginko...
Shinkurou: Has she changed at all recently?

Shinkurou: It's just something that's been bothering me a bit...
Shinkurou: and I'm betting it's just nothing, but...

Ginsei: The other day...
Ginsei: she heard something about her grandfather.


Shinkurou: Her grandfather...?
Shinkurou: You mean Ginji-san?

Text: Murakami Ginji

Box: He is Ginko's grandfather...
Box: and an extremely skilled information broker who worked in secret...
Box: during the period of upheaval during and after the war.

Box: Ginsei-san was once trained in methods of combat...
SFX: Sizzle
Box: and he was supposed to follow in his father's footsteps as an information broker.
Box: But...


Text: He fell in love with Ginko's mother, the daughter of a ramen restaurant owner.
Text: He then washed his hands of the underground world.

Box: He's done nothing but ramen ever since.

Ginsei: That said...
Ginsei: No one knows where my old man is.

Ginsei: He just disappeared into thin air 6 years ago.
Shinkurou: Yeah...

Ginsei: Well, I know he's fine because I haven't heard anything...
Ginsei: and no one really minds.



Box: Tokyo Station

On Ticket: Tokyo -> Kyoto

Shinkurou: Ginko.


Shinkurou: I heard at school...
Shinkurou: that you had sent in a notification of extended absence.

Ginko: Th-
Ginko: This has nothing to do with y-

SFX: Grab


Shinkurou: Of course it does!!

Shinkurou: Does it have to do with Ginji-san?

Ginko: W-
Ginko: Well...

Shinkurou: I'll go, too.


Shinkurou: I'll go to Kyoto.

Ginko: ...Idiot.

SFX: Reach out

SFX: Step
Ginko: But our paths diverge as soon as we arrive.

Tamaki: Oh!
Tamaki: There he is!


Tamaki: Yamie-san, this way, this way!

Ginko: Eh?
Shinkurou: M-Murasaki!?
Shinkurou: Wait...

Shinkurou: Why is everyone here!!?

Box: Kyoto


SFX: Step

SFX: Step


Man: Oh...
Man: Now this is a surprise.

Man: I never thought it would be a girl like this...


Man: Now that you have killed someone of the Nishishimon family...


Man: you cannot leave this city alive.

Text: The Nishishimon family!? Kirihiko is in trouble!!
SFX: Wind
Bottom: To be continued in the September Issue

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Oct 8, 2011
Thanks js~!!
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