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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Last Season 8

The Revealed Past

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 8, 2011 02:06 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 08


Box: Somewhere in the city 1 year before the Tokyo Neo Tower incident
Text: All 11 volumes of Season 1 and all 8 volumes of Season 2 are on sale now!
Title: File 8 The Revealed Past
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Text: Why did Fujimaru and J join forces...?
J: Mizusawa Hibiki...
J: is alive.


J: Mizusawa Hibiki is alive.
J: I want to discuss that as well as some other things with you.

J: As for the location...
J: I know. Let's go with the place we first met.

J: If you want to see Mizusawa Hibiki...
J: then make sure...
J: you come alone.

Fujimaru: Hibiki...
Fujimaru: Are you really okay!?


J: This restaurant...
J: really takes me back.

J: It's been 2 years now, hasn't it?

J: Long time no see.
J: You have now saved Japan for a second time,
J: hero.


Fujimaru: Where is Hibiki,
Fujimaru: J!?

J: No greeting?
J: How about you calm down a bit?
SFX: Clatter

J: First, I need you to listen to what I have to say.

Fujimaru: Sorry, but I don't have time to listen to any unnecessary crap.
Fujimaru: Just spit it out!!


Fujimaru: If you've come back after disappearing for 2 years...
Fujimaru: it can't be for anything good!

SFX: Place
J: True.

J: I know what you mean...
J: much more than I would like.

J: Ha ha!

J: Sorry, sorry.
J: I was just thinking about how an agent from birth...
Text: Heh heh
J: changed so much from your feelings.

SFX: Gnash


Fujimaru: Is Hibiki...
Fujimaru: really all right?

J: I already told you she is.
J: She injured her shoulder, but it doesn't seem to be anything too bad.

SFX: Realization

Fujimaru: You said she was an agent from birth...
Fujimaru: Do you know what...
Fujimaru: she is!?

J: What she is?
J: You mean that she is one of eight clones...
J: created by a certain country?


Fujimaru: I'll ask you again.
Fujimaru: The fake Hibiki said the person who was going to use Pandora's Box...
Fujimaru: was someone I know quite well.
Fujimaru: Is that you?

J: What if I said I had some reluctant dealings with that country?

J: It's true...
J: that we lived there during that time.
J: But the person she speaks of is not me.

J: But then...
J: the person who sent Mizusawa Hibiki to you...
J: WAS me.


Fujimaru: Quit beating around the bush.
SFX: Grab

Fujimaru: If you have no intention of telling me anything, just leave!!

J: This is only taking so long because you keep yelling at me.
SFX: Sigh

J: If you want me to leave, I will.
J: I just don't want my saving Mizusawa Hibiki to have been in vain.

SFX: Slap
J: Then she would have to be disposed of.


Fujimaru: What do you mean!?

J: That there will be no need...
J: to keep her alive.

Fujimaru: You bastard!!
SFX: Clatter

J: You don't need to get so worked up.
SFX: Smile
J: If you just listen to what I have to say...
J: there won't be any problems.


SFX: Sit

J: I'm glad you've finally calmed down enough to listen.

J: First...
J: I know.
J: Let's talk about the Shooter of the Magic Bullet's terrorist attacks.

J: It seems there are a lot of things you don't know.

J: Including the failed ones, there was the hijacking, the gas attack,
J: the hijacking of the power plant,
J: and the murder of the American president while he was in Japan.
J: Behind the string of terrorist attacks that transformed Japan into a seemingly insecure area...
J: were two different forces.
J: One was the Shooter of the Magic Bullet led by Hino Alexei.
J: The other...
J: was a certain nation that has no international standing but is well known for...
J: state sponsored terrorism.


J: These two forces were after Pandora's Box,
J: the activation key for America's nuclear weapons...
J: which have the power to destroy the world many times over...
J: and are the symbol of America's power.

J: The Shooter of the Magic Bullet planned to recreate the world by destroying the governments' control...
J: with a worldwide rain of nuclear missiles.

J: The terrorist nation...
J: wanted to take American's position...
J: and take the world for themselves.


J: The American president always carries Pandora's Box with him when in an area of danger level B or higher.
J: All of the Shooter of the Magic Bullet's initial attacks were to bring that level up.
J: The terrorist nation knew of the Shooter of the Magic Bullet's plan and plotted to secretly steal the Box.
J: That is why Mizusawa Hibiki...
J: was sent to you.

Fujimaru: Why was...
Fujimaru: Hibiki sent to me for that!?

J: If it became known that Pandora's Box was in danger within Japan...
J: Third-i would move.

J: And...
J: if Third-i was doing something...
J: they would of course...
J: rely on you, Falcon.


J: Information about Pandora's Box would inevitably gather with you.
J: And in the end...
J: Pandora's Box would be opened by you, a wizard class hacker.
J: That was the purpose behind it.

J: Her mission was to observe and protect you until the Box was obtained.
J: That way, we would have no problem getting a wizard class hacker to activate the Box...
J: without having to deal with the information warfare ourselves.

J: But...
J: that...

Fujimaru: That wasn't how it ended up!!
Fujimaru: Too bad for you!


Fujimaru: Hibiki...
Fujimaru: She said she would become Japanese!!

J: Y-yeah.
J: I suppose so.
J: But that has nothing to do with this.

J: Whatever she wanted...
J: she still carried out her mission well.

J: By winning your trust, she became your weak point, so we could switch her out with another clone...
J: and take Pandora's Box from you.
J: It was simple.


Fujimaru: Fuck!
SFX: Slam

SFX: Chatter...
Fujimaru: So it all went just as you wanted!!

Fujimaru: Then what was the point...
Fujimaru: in telling me that Hibiki was a fake at the very end there!?


J: From the beginning...
J: I had no intention of letting things go...
J: as that country wanted.

Fujimaru: What do you mean!?
Fujimaru: You made that plan, right!?

J: Well, yes.
J: But I guess you could say there was a demon king...
J: creating his own story behind the scenes.

J: And...
J: I have a request.

J: I need the help of a wizard to defeat this demon king.


Fujimaru: A request!?

Fujimaru: Hah!
Fujimaru: So you're just using Hibiki to get me to do something!
Fujimaru: First it was Haruka and now it's Hibiki!
Fujimaru: Your methods just don't change!

J: So that's how you see me.
J: I'm leaving the decision to you and I'm willing to bow down and beg if you want.
J: You're free to believe me or not.

Fujimaru: Yeah, right!!
Fujimaru: This is just a threat!

Fujimaru: Did you...
Fujimaru: forget...
Fujimaru: what you did two years ago!?


Fujimaru: You're a terrorist!

Fujimaru: You're a murderer!
Fujimaru: How can I believe you!?
SFX: Shock

SFX: Smile

J: Let's...
J: go for a walk.
SFX: Clatter
Fujimaru: Hey!!

J: Falcon.
J: Before you give me your answer...
J: let me tell you about this demon king.


J: Bloody Monday is not over.

Text: The story of true evil...
J: It is a story that is being continually written.

J: What will you do,
J: Falcon the wizard?
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 38

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#1. by Arhazivory (Scanlator)
Posted on Oct 8, 2011
Thanks js. <3 You...kinda took me by surprise. So soon after KN!
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