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Bloody Monday Last Season 9

A Fate Bound by Chains

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 19, 2011 23:47 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

-> RTS Page for Bloody Monday Last Season 9

For JAC only

Chapter 09


J: On one side was the Shooter of the Magic Bullet trying to send a rain of nukes on the world...
J: and on the other was a certain nation that gave no heed to the ban on creating cloned humans.
J: And there was one man secretly controlling both terrorist organizations so they would act according to the plot he wished for.
J: He was the Storyteller.

Text: A year before the Neo Tower incident...
J: If that man is not stopped, Bloody Monday will not end.
J: Everything is progressing according to the wishes of the Storyteller.
Text: All 11 volumes of Season 1 and all 8 volumes of Season 2 are on sale now!


J: The Storyteller is this country's Prime Minister,
J: Kujou Masamune.

Fujimaru: Wha-...?

J: I...
J: want the power needed to crush him.

J: Let me say it once more.
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 9 A Fate Bound by Chains
J: Help me, Falcon.

J: That man does not care how many failures it takes before he achieves his goal.
J: He will never give up.

J: If the Storyteller is not eliminated, Bloody Monday will not end.


Box: Let's turn back in time a bit.
Box: I first realized this truth a year ago.
Someone: Ok. Everything looks in order.
Someone: What are you going to do now?
J: It would be too boring to just head back to Japan so soon.
J: I guess I'll go sightseeing with my companions.
Someone: It must be tough doing even what is essentially mercenary work.
Box: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

J: Well.
J: I need to work to survive.


J: That's...!
J: Why...
J: are those two together!?


SFX: Click
Michael: You were right.
Michael: That was definitely one of this country's high ranking officials he was with.

Michael: It seems Kujou Masamune...

Michael: has some kind of...
Michael: connection with this country.

J: Bloody Monday...
SFX: Creeping up...
J: and the Storyteller!!


SFX: Bang bang bang

SFX: Stand up


J: Cain.
J: Read their lips.

Cain: Where is Pandora's Box?
Cain: One of the clones has it. She contacted me to say she is with Falcon.

Cain: Okay, you all gather up these bodies and leave.

Cain: I will handle the rest.

J: So he's finally making his move...

Man: This is our chance!


Man: If we...
Man: deal with him here, Pandora's Box will be in our country's hands!

J: Should I...
J: really eliminate him here?

SFX: Shock
SFX: Heartbeat


SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat

SFX: Gnash

SFX: Bang bang


J: That would...
J: be meaningless.

J: We are now...
J: withdrawing from our role in the plan to acquire Pandora's Box...
J: for that country.

SFX: Clatter

J: This is...
J: a turning point.


Fujimaru: What...?
Fujimaru: You can't expect me to believe that.
Fujimaru: Old man Kujou can't be the one behind all the terrorist attacks!!

J: I'd say...
J: it's quite a believable story.

J: Is it...
J: because I'm a "murderer"?

J: Don't get so obsessed over that.
J: After all, you could just explain it away...
J: by saying that was a war,
J: right?


Fujimaru: Enough with the sophistry!
Fujimaru: What you did was nothing more than murder!!

J: Yes.
J: In the end, we BECAME nothing more than murderers.
J: But that's because...
J: we lost.

J: Well...
J: I have no intention to deny that I'm a murderer.
J: It's the truth.
J: But...

J: Can you...
J: say the same thing to Mizusawa Hibiki?
J: Can you call her a mere murderer?


Fujimaru: Hibiki...
Fujimaru: didn't become like that because she wanted to!!

Fujimaru: What do you know!? She did that in order to survive!!
J: It's the same.

J: It was the same for me...
J: and also for K who had her ambitions crushed by you and was killed by you.
J: For Anzai Mako.

J: If you are going to complain and say that the environments people were born into permit them to act in certain ways...
J: then you are the one...
J: who is saying nothing but sophistry.


J: People cannot choose where they are born and it is not equal.
J: That is a truth that cannot be changed as long as people are people.
J: There is no point in having regrets over that.
J: And running from it will change nothing.

J: Yes.
J: Just killing him...
J: would be meaningless.

J(thought): I will bring it all to light and eliminate all of it.
J: And yet there is a man who is using that false idea of equality...
J: to bring the world into his own grasp.
J(thought): This time, I will get rid of it all!!


J: And that is...
J: Kujou Masamune.

Fujimaru: If what you are saying is true...
Fujimaru: then I will help you.

Fujimaru: But...
Fujimaru: you have no proof.

Fujimaru: I...
Fujimaru: have no proof that I can...
Fujimaru: trust you.


J: True.
J: I have not given you any proof or basis on which to trust me.

J: I'm not the type to pay in advance...
J: but I'll give you...
J: a sign of my sincerity.

J: Take it.


Hibiki: Fujimaru!


Fujimaru: Hibi...ki?
Fujimaru: Is that...really you?

Hibiki: can't you tell,
Hibiki: Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru: Hibiki...!
Fujimaru: Hibiki...!!
Hibiki: Fujimaru...!

J: Congratulations...
J: on the reunion.
Text: The deadly battle within the Neo Tower will return in Volume 39

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Oct 20, 2011
Thanks js~! <3
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