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Bloody Monday Last Season 10

Falcon's Determination

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 31, 2011 02:59 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 10


J: This is...
J: a turning point.
J: Once you rescue Mizusawa Hibiki, leave this city.

J: That girl would either be disposed of or re-educated.

J: We will use her as our card against Falcon.


Fujimaru: Hibiki...!
Fujimaru: Thank goodness you're all right.

Fujimaru: Hibiki...

Hibiki: ...Fujimaru!

J: Now then...
J: I've given you a sign of my sincerity.


J: Will you give me your answer now,
J: Falcon?


Box: Present Time - During the terrorist attack on Tokyo Neo Tower
Text: All 11 volumes of Season 1 and all 8 volumes of season 2 are on sale now!

Fujimaru: The scope of the enemy's plan is greater than I had imagined...
Text: He has one goal: to stop the terrorists!!
Title: File 10 Falcon's Determination
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Fujimaru: After all, the host of this party is the ringleader.
Fujimaru: Also, we have no good idea of how many terrorists there are or what kind of weapons they have.

Fujimaru: How are things on your end?
Fujimaru: How are your comrades on the Prestige Floor?
J: No problems as of yet.

Michael: It's been 10 minutes...
Michael: and Alpha Team has yet to realize that Bravo Team was switched out.

J: How is the real Bravo Team?

Fujimaru: ...Hibiki.
Fujimaru: Have you restrained the Bravo Team members you took out?
Hibiki: Yes, don't worry.


Hibiki: Just to be sure...
Hibiki: I killed them.

Fujimaru: ...Well done.

SFX: Focus

Fujimaru: We will take out all of them...


Fujimaru: and save...
Fujimaru: all 220 hostages!!

J: You sure are greedy.
Fujimaru: Say what you want...

Fujimaru: but since I have determined to do this, I will not let there be any sacrifices.
Fujimaru: The families of the 12 heads of state are among the hostages, too.
Fujimaru: Some of them are small children.

Fujimaru: I can't let them be sacrificed for the Storyteller's plot!
SFX: Clench

Fujimaru: As the son of the man who fought for this country...
Fujimaru: it is my duty...
Fujimaru: to keep them alive!


SFX: Whisper
Fujimaru: Yes...
Fujimaru: This is no time to hesitate.

J: Falcon?
Fujimaru: Nothing...

Fujimaru: J.
Fujimaru: What is your true goal?
Fujimaru: I doubt getting rid of old man Kujou and saving the world...

Fujimaru: is what you're really after.

J: Well...
J: I have no intention of telling you.


J: But...
J: let's just say...
J: I'm not as greedy as you.

J: At any rate...
J: things have already begun...
J: so I won't let you stop this.

Fujimaru: Yes.
Fujimaru: I'm well aware.


Fujimaru: There is only one way!!

J: We do have an escape route...
J: but...
J: will Third-i notice it like you think they will?

Fujimaru: I've given them the hint they need!
Fujimaru: They WILL notice it!!
Fujimaru: I know they will!!


Kusunoki: Oof...
SFX: Climb up

Kusunoki: Just as Minami-san said...
Kusunoki: I have a signal here.

Kusunoki: It's been 50 minutes since she left.
SFX: Click
Kusunoki: I wonder if she's okay...

Kusunoki: Stockings? Are they Minami-san's?

Kusunoki: ...Did she climb up the wires?

Kusunoki: ...Inside the elevator is actually safer here.

Kusunoki: I should go meet up with Minami-san.

SFX: Realization


Kusunoki: This is Kusunoki!
Kusunoki: HQ, please respond!
Kusunoki: In case of interception, I will be sending an encrypted signal using random number table 006!

Fujimaru: All right! He realized it!!
Fujimaru: He just sent the email to Third-i!

Bottom text: New Email
[TN: The actual text of the email is just random hiragana.]

J: But Third-i is encrypting their transmissions, right?
J: How can you know for sure that's what it is?

Fujimaru: I have my ways.

Fujimaru: I've already used the security cameras in Third-i HQ...
SFX: Type type


Fujimaru: to get images of the random number tables I expected them to use!

Fujimaru: I put those tables into an auto-decryption program in my computer...
Fujimaru: so I can see right through...
Fujimaru: any encrypted transmission!
[TN: The text in the background shows the previous random text in different stages of decryption, slowly becoming the text in the panel below.]

SFX: Appear
From: Kusunoki
To: Third-i Headquarters
Email Text: I have discovered a passageway in the elevator shaft I am inside. I am going to go check on the route.
Fujimaru: I was right!
Fujimaru: There's no mistaking it! This is gonna work!!


Fujimaru: It would be impossible to let 220 people escape undetected in an elevator only a few people can fit in.
Fujimaru: But with the elevator stopped, the elevator shaft becomes a secret escape route from the observation area.
Fujimaru: And they can reach a work elevator that runs on a different power line after heading down only 40 meters.

Fujimaru: We tried to indirectly get Minami-san to realize this when she ran into Hibiki...

Fujimaru: but the terrorists got in the way.


J: So Third-i has lived up to your expectations.

J: Well...
J: Now the problem is how to guide those 220 people there.
Fujimaru: That's up to you.

J: You certainly make an escape from...
J: the world's tallest tower sound easy.

Michael: J!
J: What is it, Michael-kun?

Michael: The American dollar...
Michael: just dropped drastically!


J: So they've reacted just as the Storyteller wanted them to.

Fujimaru: What's going on!? The time limit's still a good ways off, isn't it?
Fujimaru: The Japanese government couldn't have sold all their dollars yet!
J: This was the obvious reaction.

J: Who would want to keep any American dollars when they MIGHT become worthless scraps of paper?

J: This is a matter of life or death for funds, wealthy people, or nations...
J: that hold a lot of them.
J: If it was you, wouldn't you sell yours off before you lost too much?


J: Whether the Japanese government gives in or not...
J: the Storyteller's economic terrorism will succeed.
J: That was why his proclamation was given to the entire world.

J: He knows quite well that people will move based on uncertainties about what MIGHT happen.
J: That's...
J: an unparalleled genius politician for you.

Michael: If Japan swallows the terrorists' demands...
Michael: the world might blame the terrorists and then they would have to take responsibility once this is all over.
J: Yes.
J: If the world flees from the dollar ON ITS OWN, they won't be as responsible.

Fujimaru: Damn them!


J: I still haven't figured out why exactly he wants to devalue the dollar...

J: but if we don't do something...
J: America will be destroyed from the beginning just as he has planned.

SFX: Grab

Fujimaru: I won't let...
Fujimaru: him do that!!


Eagle: Storyteller.
Eagle: This is Eagle.
Eagle: I have a report from Crow who is in charge of intelligence matters.
Eagle: The American dollar has begun to plummet as planned.

Kujou: I see.

Kujou: Then...
Kujou: do we know who the uncertain element is that destroyed the elevator?
Eagle: Unfortunately...
Eagle: the primary possibility is that it was another terrorist group with a different goal from our own.

Kujou: There is...
Kujou: one more thing that is bothering me.
Eagle: What would that be?


Kujou: Otoya...
Kujou: and Takagi Haruka.
Kujou: I have received no report of my grandson and the sister of that missing hacker, Falcon, having been found.

Text: The evil king's grasp closes in on those two!!
Kujou: Find them.
Text: To be continued in Issue 40

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2011
Thanks js~!! XD
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