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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 279

Garden of Cherry Blossoms (3)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 4, 2011 19:29 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 279


Feather: I'll be going too.
Feather: Let's defeat Black Phantom and change the future.
SFX: Appear

Hyoubu: You!!
Hyoubu: Why...?
Feather: I thought you had long since realized who I am.
Feather: What are you so surprised about?

Hyoubu: Don't tell me...
Hyoubu: this battle is going to just be a joke for the 4-koma!

Theodore: I have received word...
Theodore: that Hyoubu Kyousuke is headed to the mansion.
Black Phantom: Call Gilliam.

Black Phantom: I cannot allow this to become nothing but a gag for a 4-koma.
Gilliam: Do not worry, father.
Gilliam: I will not let that happen.

Gilliam: After losing Yuuri...
Gilliam: you have become rather timid, father.
Gilliam: But I am not one who can be dealt with as a joke for a 4-koma.
SFX: Heh heh

Gilliam: However...
Gilliam: the fact remains that I will see you soon, Kyousuke-kun.
Gilliam: How wonderful!

Margin: Yuuri's brother, Gilliam. He is an eerie man even among the gags of the Supplement!!

Bottom: Check on Gilliam's suspicious actions in ZKC Volume 27!!


Top: With all these new truths being revealed, go review the past Volumes! Full of lovely battles and the path of their growth, Volumes 1-27 are on sale now!!
Text: Just wait a bit longer, until those cherry blossoms have bloomed a few more times...
Title: 279th sense. Garden of Cherry Blossoms (3)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


Minamoto: Now you are mine!!

Minamoto: In other words, THAT version of me...
Minamoto: was most likely in love with the Queen.

Minamoto: But HE could not let himself...
Minamoto: become the lover of someone...
Minamoto: he saw as his student...no, little sister.


SFX: Clank

Minamoto: Why did it have to end like this!?
Minamoto: I fought to make sure this wouldn't happen!!

Minamoto: Then what was that you felt in your heart before!?

Minamoto: What do you mean she was "yours"!!?


Minamoto: Isn't it because you....
Minamoto: no, because I am like this...
SFX: Grab
Minamoto: that it turned out like that!

Minamoto: Back then, the Children were just little kids.
Minamoto: I understood it intellectually...
Minamoto: but I still saw the Queen and Kaoru as two different people.


Minamoto: That was why...
Minamoto: I wanted to change that future...
Minamoto: yet also fell in love with her.

Minamoto: That woman does not exist!
Minamoto: She is not the same as Kaoru and you will never meet her!!

Minamoto: And I will not end up like you!!


Minamoto: That future will never come!!
Minamoto: Never!!

Minamoto: She and I...
Minamoto: will never meet.
SFX: Wind


SFX: Throw
Patty: Take this.

Patty: Secret technique!
SFX: Focus
Patty: Disappearing magic ball!!

SFX: Whoosh

Mio: Heh.


Mio: Split Form Batting!!
SFX: Swing swing swing swing
SFX: Hit!!

Bullet: Tryaahhh!!
SFX: Slide slide
SFX: Catch

Tim: Bullet!
Tim: Home!!

Tim: An invisible runner is headed for home!!
SFX: Roar
Kagari: Ha ha ha ha ha ha


Bullet: Kh.
Bullet: I won't make it in time!!

Bullet: So I'll blow him up!!
SFX: Fire
SFX: Boom
Kagari: Waaahhhh!!? My psychic form!!

Kagari: No fair!!
Bullet: You're the ones that said we could use our powers for this!
Kagari: A gun is not a psychic power!!
Bullet: A bazooka has no chamber, so it's technically a rocket launcher, not a gun!!
Text: Gyaaah waaaah waaaah
Momotarou: They certainly are going all out over a game of two-base baseball.
Mio: Yeah...
Mio: but at least they're cheering up some.

Mio: We just have to...
Mio: trust you and wait, don't we, major?


Tim: Let's do something else next.
Tim: Do you three want to join in?

Kazura: Sorry, give us a bit longer.
Kazura: We'll be done before long.

Fujiko: You're pathetic.
Fujiko: You need to hold your liquor better.
Fujiko: I thought everything but vodka counted as a soft drink to the Roviets!
Muscle: Sometimes the heart does not agree with the body!!
Muscle: Just like my body and my maiden's heart!!
Text: Uph. Uhhn uhhhn.


Aoi: ...Drop by drop IV drip teleportation.
Aoi: Is 300 ccs per person over an hour good?
Sakaki: ...Yes, that's fine.

Sakaki: There is no neutralizing drug for alcohol.
Sakaki: Even if you drink water, it won't be rapidly absorbed...
Sakaki: so you can only dilute it with an IV drip and wait for the liver to break down the alcohol.
Sakaki: Also, you should put people on their sides so they don't suffocate on anything they vomit up.
SFX: Kyuhn!
Shiho: Understood.
Text: Uhhh... Ahh....

Momiji: Dammit.
Momiji: You guys dragged me into this...
Text: Auhhh...
Yo: I don't see how you can like that stuff.
Text: Ugh...
Magi: We don't drink it because we think it tastes good!!


Shiho: Okay, let's leave the rest to the actual doctor...
Shiho: and go back to the flower viewing.
Aoi: But Doctor Sakaki is still...

Shiho: Don't worry.
Shiho: I know a good way to clear his mind.
SFX: Tchk
SFX: Whiiiirrr

Shiho: Apparently, the nerves of the teeth...
Shiho: can feel pain much worse than any others.
Text: Ho ho ho ho
SFX: Whiiiirrrrr
Sakaki: Bodily control, all out!!
Sakaki: I'm fine!! You can go!!
Text: Waahhhh waaahhhh
Sakaki: She'd probably actually do it!!

Minamoto: As long as you can avoid it, a prediction...
Minamoto: is nothing more than a dream.
Minamoto: You can just wake up and forget it.


Kaoru: I don't wanna.
Kaoru: I don't want to forget!!

Kaoru: Minamoto, I love you 10 times...
Kaoru: more than when I was 10!!

Kaoru: This may be a dream...
Kaoru: but you're the man who has protected me ever since I was 10.

Kaoru: Do you hate me now?
Kaoru: Is the small Kaoru the only one you care about?

Minamoto: I'll give you my answer...
Minamoto: when I meet the real you.


SFX: Wind...
Kaoru: Wah!
Kaoru: Pph!

Kaoru: Wow.
Kaoru: So this is what they call a cherry blossom blizzard.
Kaoru: It's pretty...

Kaoru: but it's almost like a maze.
Kaoru: Where did Minamoto get to?

Minamoto: It's not too late!
SFX: Wind...


Minamoto: I just have to cut off all of my feelings for that future version of her.
Minamoto: If I do that...

Minamoto: this can all end without me ever meeting her!
SFX: Appear
Kaoru: Found you, Minamoto!!

Kaoru: I finally found you!


Kaoru: Thank goodness.
Kaoru: I brought water and some medicine.
SFX: Smile
Kaoru: Do you want them?

Minamoto: Kaoru...

Minamoto: I think...

SFX: Oeeeehhhhh
Minamoto: It might be too late.
SFX: Splatter splatter splatter
Text: Ee!!
Kaoru: M-
Kaoru: Minamotooooooo!?
Text: Until that day comes...
Box: To be continued in Issue 50

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