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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 280

The Inugami and Yadorigi Families

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 11, 2011 21:36 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 280


Bullet: You sure have been busy lately.
Tim: I found one of Kugutsu-san's programs.
Tim: I'm putting in an AI I created a long time ago.

Tim: But I can't get it to activate properly.
Tim: Maybe it isn't compatible with the new body coated with liquid raremetal...
Bullet: Kugutsu-san was a god.
Bullet: It'll take time to catch up with him.

SFX: Vyuuhhh...

Hermione: Mecha Minmoto Hermione...
SFX: Vuhn!!
SFX: Focus!
Hermione: Ver. 1.5 activate!!

Hermione: I am not the same as Ver. 1!!
Hermione: I'm not going to listen to what humans tell me.
Text: Heh heh...
SFX: Clench
Hermione: I act of my own free will and I will remake this world as I see fit!!

Hermione: Mh.

Hermione: Oh, c'mon. If you leave half-full coffee mugs around...
Hermione: it'll make rings on the desk!
Text: Tch
Hermione: And this room is really dusty.
Hermione: Okay!
SFX: Wipe wipe

Hermione: First I'll change clothes and clean!
Hermione: Of my own free will!
Text: Heh heh...
Hermione: I can already see the shocked looks on those foolish humans' faces!!
SFX: Vyuh!!

Margin: Mecha Minamoto Hermione is back!! Ver. 1.5 has free will and will remake this world as he sees fit!?

Bottom: Of course, he is unable to do that and his sad character traits will turn him into a methodical house husband...


SFX: Brake!

Minamoto: What a pain...
SFX: Kathunk kathunk
Minamoto: This is farther out in the sticks then I expected.


Kaoru: Hey, look, "onii-sama".

Minamoto: What is it?
Kaoru: It says it's been a century since this station was built.
Kaoru: And they have old photos.

Minamoto: Hehh...Wow.

Minamoto: But you just need to stay seated.
Minamoto: After all, "you have a weak constitution".
Kaoru: Eh?
Kaoru: That's no fun.
Kaoru: Watch what you say!


Top corner: Volumes 1-27 are on sale now!!!
Text: What mission has them dressed like this?
Minamoto: You...or rather, you all...
Minamoto: are supposed to be "a frail girl on her way for medical treatment"!
Title: 280th sense. The Inugami and Yadorigi Families

Kaoru: Okay,
Kaoru: "onii-sama".
Credit: Shiina Takashi


Hatsune: Welcome!!


Hatsune: Hatsune's been waiting, nee-san!!
Text: Hyan hyan!
Kaoru: It's been so long!
Kaoru: You've grown even more, haven't you?
SFX: Hug
Kaoru: Especially your breasts!
Minamoto: Hey!!
Minamoto: Don't just blurt everything out all of a sudden!

Minamoto: Didn't I tell you that this was a covert mission so we have to remain in disguise!?

Akira: ...It's okay.
Akira: Remaining camouflaged up to this point was enough.
Keiko: We're the only ones here.


Shiho: So that means...
SFX: Hyuh

Shiho: the disguise of "two siblings heading to the village from Tokyo" is over?
SFX: Pah
Aoi: By having the three of us switch out as the little sister role...
Aoi: we could travel without our identity being found out.

Kaoru: I should have switched with you Shiho.
Shiho: You're the one that volunteered first.
Shiho: And it looked to me like you were enjoying going on a trip with Minamoto-san like that.

Kaoru: But I couldn't talk much...
Kaoru: and I had to just sit there...also I hate hats.
Aoi: That was the safest way of doing this...
Aoi: because we have no intention of matching our performance to you.


Keiko: At any rate, I'm sure you are exhausted.
Keiko: Please rest in your room for now.
Keiko: We will have the mission briefing afterwards.

Akira: As you know...


Akira: Hatsune's family, the Inugami family...
Akira: and my family, the Yadorigi family, are old families from this region.
Akira: And each generation has been linked by our psychic powers.

Akira: The Inugami family's transformation power makes them an incarnation of the gods.
Akira: The Yadorigi family's Replace power makes us a priest that acts as an intermediary between the gods and humans.
Akira: In other words, we're the manager.

Kaoru: If you're a priest, does that mean this is a Shinto shrine?
Kaoru: It looks like an inn to me...


Minamoto: The "temple lodgings"...
Minamoto: allow it to double as an inn.
Minamoto: They're more common in Buddhist temples, but they have them at Shinto shrines as well.

Akira: The temple lodgings were only started recently.
Akira: It was around the time we were born.
Akira: Fewer people were coming to the shrine, it costs money to maintain, and we couldn't sell much more of the land...

Aoi: But...
Aoi: since we're the only guests...
Aoi: I take it the lodgings aren't doing too well either.

Minamoto: C'mon...
Minamoto: You don't need to be so blunt about it.
Akira: No, she's exactly right.

Akira: By the way, the Inugami family owns all of the land...
Akira: and the Yadorigi family acts as managers of their assets.
Akira: We don't receive all that much income.
Akira: And amid all this...


Akira: HQ's prediction department...
Akira: made this prediction.
SFX: Push forward

SFX: Nohhhhn

Aoi: Umm...
Aoi: What is this?
Hatsune: A corpse.
Hatsune: It's definitely Hatsune's dad.
Hatsune: Hatsune gave him those bite marks when she was little.


SFX: Kapoohhn
Shiho: I can't read anything with just this.

Shiho: And is this really even a murder?
Keiko: The espers that predicted said it was definitely a murdered body.


Aoi: You must be worried, Hatsune-chan.
Aoi: Cheer up, okay?
SFX: Splash

Hatsune: Nnn...
Hatsune: It's okay!!
Hatsune: Hatsune's fine!

Shiho: No, you aren't.
Shiho: This is a photo of your father's corpse...
Hatsune: But it hasn't happened yet.

Hatsune: You three can stop it.
Hatsune: So Hatsune isn't afraid.

Kaoru: ...Yeah!
Kaoru: We will definitely protect yoru father's future!


Akira: Please protect him!
Akira: I'll be doing everything I can!
Minamoto: I know.
Minamoto: And don't worry. Leave this to us.

Akira: What I'm more worried about is...

Akira: If...
Akira: the murderer turns out to be my dad...
Akira: then I...!

Minamoto: H-hey, Akira-kun!
Minamoto: No one said anything about-
Akira: But he's suspicious, don't you think!?


Minamoto: Each generation of your families are partners, right!?
Minamoto: During your grandfathers' generation, your families even fought alongside each other in the war.
Minamoto: I don't think they would kill each other over a little economic issue.

Akira: BECAUSE they are partners...
Akira: there could very well be some kind of dirty secret there!!

Akira: BECAUSE he had the closest relationship to him...
Akira: things could have gotten complicated to the point of murder!!
SFX: Roar
Minamoto: Uuh...!!
SFX: Throb

Minamoto: A-anyway, just let us investigate this!
Minamoto: Stop worrying too much.
Minamoto: Personally, I don't think an esper would kill someone that way.
Minamoto: It would have been easier to make it look like an accident.
Akira: But Hatsune...

Akira: has to be secretly worrying about her father.
Akira: She may be an idiot, but she's trying to keep me from worrying about her!!

Minamoto: Akira-kun...
Minamoto: I...


Minamoto: I swear that I will overturn any prediction.
Minamoto: I will not let anyone die...
Minamoto: and I will not let this end in misfortune!

Text: Attacks from a possible criminal organization are occurring around the world. There have been damages in 12 areas, human trafficking, and development of a psychic weapon.

Minamoto: They are not the only ones...
Minamoto: whose mission it is to create the future!


Akira: With a high probability of change value...
Akira: Hatsune and I can't change it.
Akira: There's a good chance the murderer is an esper.

SFX: Mutter mutter
Akira: If the murderer knows about the prediction...!

Aoi: Akira-kun looks worried.
Shiho: If I read his father tomorrow, that should clear it all up...
Shiho: but I hope it isn't him.

Kaoru: Even if he is, he hasn't done anything yet.
Kaoru: With Minamoto as our commander, this will all work out in the end.

Kaoru: Now then...
SFX: Slide
Kaoru: since two of us "aren't here"...
Kaoru: one will remain while the others hide.


Kaoru: So who..........!!!
SFX: Blush

Minamoto: Ah!
Minamoto: No, wait...

Minamoto: This is...
Minamoto: Akira-kun carelessly laid it out and...!
Aoi: Minamoto-han's impure!!
SFX: Back up
Kaoru: W-wait!!
Kaoru: I need to prepare myself mentally!!
SFX: Tremble tremble tremble
Text: Go for it!!
Shiho: This is part of the mission!!
Shiho: If you like, I'll take your place!!
Text: Can they stop it with things like this!?
SFX: Nohhhhn
Box: 32 hours until the predicted crime.
Box: To be continued in Issue 51

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