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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Zettai Karen Children 281

The Inugami and Yadorigi Families (2)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 19, 2011 01:36 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 281


Tim: Huh!? It's all cleaned up!?
Tim: The robot's gone, too!

Tim: Don't clean up without asking!!
Tim: I was using that!!
Minamoto: I didn't do anything with it.
Minamoto: Did you take it somewhere else and forget?

Tim: No, I didn't!!
Tim: I hate you, mom!!
Text: Wahhhn!
Minamoto: Who are you calling mom!?
Minamoto: This happened because you don't normally keep things tidy!!

Hermione: Heh heh heh...
Hermione: It seems they are shocked by the new order I have created.
SFX: Grin
Hermione: I must make things even more orderly!!

Hermione: In order to create even more order...
Hermione: I have created companions!!
Hermione: Their names are...
Text: Ha ha ha ha ha

Hermione: Hyoubu & Sakaki Hermione!!
SFX: Flash
SFX: Vhn!!

Hyoubu: Order...?
Hyoubu: Are you an idiot?
Sakaki: Cleaning's such a pain.

Hermione: I thought you would say that...
Hermione: so I made you smaller than me.
SFX: Flick
Hyoubu: Ah!
Sakaki: You were assuming we would oppose you?

Margin: Mecha Minamoto Hermione Ver. 1.5 has begun carrying out his treacherous designs and now has Hyoubu & Sakaki Hermione!!

Bottom: For the activities of the original Mecha Minamoto Hermione, see the Supplements in Volume 17!!


Top: Akira and Hatsune of the Hound play important roles!! Volumes 1-27 of Zettai Karen Children are on sale now!!!
Text: Inugami and Yadorigi have a relationship that continues from generation to generation.
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 281st sense. The Inugami and Yadorigi Families (2)


Minamoto: Really...


Minamoto: So in the end, I get stuck sleeping in hiding?

Minamoto: But I kind of expected this to happen.
SFX: Get up

Kaoru: U-um, um, um...
Kaoru: I-I-I'd be fine with it...!!
Kaoru: But...um...what would the other two think and...um...


Minamoto: What the hell do you think is going to happen!!?
Minamoto: Have I ever done anything even remotely inappropriate to you!? Well!?
Shiho: Just because nothing has happened before doesn't mean nothing will happen tonight.

Shiho: And from our point of view...

Shiho: If you're gentle, it might be about time we lost our...
Shiho: well, you know.
Aoi: Nooooooooo!!
Kaoru: Waahh! Waahhh!
Minamoto: Shut up, you idiot! Do you want to make what you lose be your position on this mission!?

Minamoto: How many times have I told you not to make jokes like that!?
Shiho: Maybe you shouldn't think of us as kids when you plan these missions!

Shiho: Even if we're fine with spending a night like this...
Shiho: society would most certainly not be.


SFX: Grab
Shiho: What do you think?
SFX: Pomf


Minamoto: Wh-when you put it like that...
Minamoto: I-I guess you have a point.

Shiho: I have a question for you.
Shiho: Who will stay in this room?
Shiho: (1) Minamoto-san and one girl.
Shiho: (2) Minamoto-san alone.
Shiho: (3) All three girls.

Minamoto: F-fine!
Minamoto: I messed up when I planned this...
Minamoto: so I'll go stay out in the tent.
Minamoto: We need to switch back out before dawn though.
Shiho: Understood.

SFX: Grab


Kaoru: ...Sorry.

Minamoto: J-

Minamoto: Just make sure not to oversleep!
Minamoto: We're trying to hide who we are and how many of us there are!
Kaoru: Okay, okay.

Minamoto: ...They're not coming!?
Minamoto: How much did they oversleep!?
Minamoto: Their maturity is nothing but talk!!


SFX: Rustle

Minamoto: So you're finally here!
Minamoto: You're late, Aoi...

Women: Let me pass...
Women: Let me pass...
SFX: Rustle rustle
Women: Living is great...
Women: but going back would be scary...

Women: It would be scary...
Women: but let me pass...
Women: Let me pass...
SFX: Rustle


Women: Oh?
Women: There is someone here.
Text: Ho ho ho ho ho
Women: There is an outsider here.

Women: Who could it be?

Women: It does not matter.

Women: No matter who it is...
SFX: Glare
Women: what we must do is the same.


Minamoto: W-
Minamoto: Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Kaoru: Hm?

Aoi: You can't do that.
Aoi: This is supposed to be a covert mission.

Minamoto: ...Sorry.
SFX: Scratch scratch
Minamoto: I just...


Minamoto: never expected Hatsune-kun and Akira-kun's mothers...
Minamoto: to be out there so early in the morning.
Akira: Sorry.
Mothers: We returned at dawn...
Mothers: and heard that we had guests...
Text: Ho ho ho ho
Mothers: so we decided to head out to get some fresh bamboo shoots for breakfast.
Right box: Inugami Hanae
Left box: Yadorigi Atsuko

Shiho: Your mothers are twins!?
Aoi: Can you even get married and such!?
Kaoru: Wait, that makes you cousins, so it's just barely okay!!
Akira: Wh-who are you talking about!?

Keiko: The two of them are completely unrelated.
Keiko: One is from Kyushu and the other from Hokkaido.
Kaoru: Eh?

Mothers: We get along very well...
Mothers: so we ended up looking a lot alike.


Mothers: Also, in a rural area like this, we have to use the same cosmetics and beauty parlor.
Kaoru: Wah.
Aoi: I could see that happening...
Shiho: We need to be careful.

Mothers: I had thought it was odd.
Mothers: Yes, you told us to go on a trip while your fathers were gone.
Mothers: Why didn't you tell us what was going on?
Akira: But...
Akira: Considering the circumstances...

Akira: I mean, Hatsune's dad might be killed...
Akira: and my dad is a suspect!!

Mothers: Akira.
Mothers: Do you not trust your father?

Mothers: Oh, Hanae-chan.
Mothers: Isn't that my line?
Mothers: I thought it would be fine no matter which one of us said it.
Text: Ho ho ho


Mothers: And...
Mothers: if Yadorigi-san really is going to do it for financial reasons...
Mothers: that can be easily resolved.

Mothers: There we go.
Mothers: This one is for Hatsune...
SFX: Excited
Mothers: Oh, I see.
Text: Hee hee
Mothers: And this one is for Akira?
Text: Gaahhh!!
Akira: Shut up!!
Akira: Do you want me to kill you!?

Mothers: Here, Hatsune!
Mothers: Say the line we practiced!
SFX: Pull out
Text: Woof
Hatsune: "If..."
Hatsune: "If you will accept an inexperienced girl like me..."
Akira: What are you getting her to do for a chikuwa!?

Shiho: But I thought...
Shiho: a financial motive was unlikely.


Shiho: Since we're investigating, we have to keep an open mind to possibilities...
Shiho: but these two show no signs of hostility either.
Minamoto: Hmm.
Minamoto: Maybe we should focus on the area around here rather than within the families...

Akira: I hope you're right...
Akira: but unlike our mothers, there are a lot of issues between our fathers.

Kaoru: But...
Kaoru: haven't they been a pair since they were born?
Akira: Their generation was different.

Akira: Our great-grandfather's generation died in the war...
Akira: and both families temporarily had no successors in the head house.
Akira: That was why...
Akira: the branch family was called back, but...


SFX: Kyuuuhhhn!!


Woman: How is he,
Man: Yadorigi-san?

Yadorigi: He has a headache that is messing with his sense of direction.
Yadorigi: That's why he has not been as hungry lately.
Yadorigi: You should get a CT scan of his brain.
Yadorigi: You will probably find some kind of illness.

Yadorigi: Hm?
Inugami: Hey!
Inugami: Way to go,
Inugami: Yadorigi!


Yadorigi: Inugami...
Yadorigi: -sama.

Inugami: I already had Hatsune take over the family, so enough with the "sama" already!
Inugami: It seems Akira-kun wants something with us today!
Text: Wa ha ha ha ha ha
SFX: Slap slap
Inugami: So let's get going!

Inugami: I have something I need to speak with you about, too.
Inugami: There's been progress with you know what.
Yadorigi: You mean...?

Inugami: Yes, that.
Inugami: That large hotel chain that wants to buy our land...
SFX: Grin
Inugami: just raised their offer.
Inugami: If we sell now, we'll be set for life.

Text: He...has a motive...!?
Box: To be continued in Issue 52

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