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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 11

The Chased Ones

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 19, 2011 02:56 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 11


Kujou: Do we know who the uncertain element is that destroyed the elevator?
Eagle: Unfortunately...
Eagle: the primary possibility is that it was another terrorist group with a different goal from our own.

Kujou: There is...
Kujou: one more thing that is bothering me.

Kujou: My grandson Otoya.
Kujou: He said he was going to look around the Neo Tower with Takagi Haruka and then disappeared.
Kujou: I have received no report of them having been found.

Eagle: Takagi Haruka?
Kujou: She is the daughter of Third-i's Takagi Ryuunosuke...
Kujou: and the sister of the hacker Falcon.

Kujou: Find them.
Text: Kujou Masamune bares his fangs!
Title: File 11 The Chased Ones
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Otoya: Okay.
Otoya: Supposedly, the terrorists won't find us here.
Haruka: Really?

Otoya: You saw what happened in that emergency staircase, right, Haruka-chan?
Otoya: Fujimaru is likely watching over us.

Otoya: And this is the place he told us was safe.
Otoya: It has to be safe.
SFX: Pat

Haruka: You really trust him...
Haruka: don't you...
Haruka: Otoya-san?


Otoya: He normally says nothing but stupid jokes...
Otoya: but he would...
Otoya: never lie to me.

Haruka: ...I'm jealous.
Haruka: He...
Haruka: always lies to me.

Otoya: I...
Otoya: went through a lot with him as kids.


Otoya: In all that time...
Otoya: he would always come up with the ideas and I would be his backup.
Otoya: We had our strange division of roles.

Haruka: I'm so embarrassed.
Haruka: He must have caused you so much trouble...

Otoya: No, it wasn't all cleaning up after him.
Otoya: ...Although there certainly was plenty of that.

Otoya: We would both come up with our own approaches for each problem and revise them based on the other's.
Otoya: By sharing our thoughts and memories, we broadened our field of vision.
Otoya: It was easier to realize when one of use had forgotten or overlooked something.


Haruka: Heh heh.

Haruka: I really am jealous.
Haruka: I try to keep in mind that he really does think about me...
Haruka: but I have no idea where he is or what he is doing.

Haruka: It makes me...
Haruka: feel a little lonely.

Otoya: You have no reason to be jealous of me as far as that is concerned.
Otoya: I said he never lied to me, but there are plenty of things he doesn't tell me.

Otoya: I haven't heard from him for the past year either.
Otoya: We're the same in that regard.

Haruka: A lot has happened, and I try to trust him...
Haruka: but I always get worried and start thinking...
Haruka: about what would happen if I lost him like I did my dad.

Haruka: The way he doesn't tell me anything...
SFX: Clench
Haruka: just makes me even more worried.


Otoya: There may be a lot of misunderstandings...
Otoya: but you do love each other in some way.
Otoya: I suppose...
Otoya: that's what it is to be family.

Haruka: ...Yes.
Haruka: I know he says it's because he doesn't want me to worry...
Haruka: and it's not like I tell him everything either.

Haruka: I suppose...
Haruka: that's what it is to be siblings.


Haruka: Otoya-san?

Otoya: ...Oh.
Otoya: ...Nothing.

Otoya: What is going on right now,
Otoya: Fujimaru?
SFX: Open


Otoya: Are those the terrorists!?
Otoya: Why are they here?

Haruka: Otoya-san...


Otoya: I thought this was a safe place,
Otoya: Fujimaru!

Otoya: What do I do?
Otoya: Fujimaru said we definitely wouldn't be found if we hid here.
Otoya: But...
Otoya: there's no guarantee we won't now that the terrorists are here.

Woman: Eagle said Prime Minister Kujou's grandson and an 18 year old girl are hiding somewhere.

Otoya: They know about us.
Otoya: I suppose that should be obvious, but...

Woman: The Storyteller has ordered us to find them.
Woman: We need to perform a thorough search.
Woman: I'll check farther back, so you check up front.
Man: Understood.


SFX: Heartbeat
Otoya: How could Fujimaru have known in the first place that we wouldn't be found here?
Otoya: He had to have had a reason.
SFX: Heartbeat

Otoya: He isn't the type to make a decision like that based on naive hope.
SFX: Grip

SFX: Step
SFX: Heartbeat
Otoya: What do I do? Do I trust Fujimaru to the end and keep hiding here? Will we really not be found if we do that?
SFX: Step
SFX: Heartbeat
Otoya: Or did I...
SFX: Step
Otoya: overlook something!?

Otoya: Can I...
Otoya: trust Fujimaru!?


Fujimaru: I will stop...
Fujimaru: the Storyteller's financial terrorism.
SFX: Press

Fujimaru: The world's currency trade is carried out on a single network.
Fujimaru: If I work my way into that system...

SFX: Beep beep
Top right box: Haruka
Top left box: Otoya


Michael: Falcon!
Michael: The terrorists have entered the storage area Kujou Otoya and your sister are hiding in!

Fujimaru: Wha-!?
Fujimaru: What horrible timing!

Fujimaru: That's right. Good.
Fujimaru: Don't move,
Fujimaru: Otoya!!

J: Do you really think he will stay there,
J: Falcon?


Fujimaru: Otoya will!!
SFX: Type type
Fujimaru: He's my backup.
Fujimaru: We have absolute trust in each other.
SFX: Type type

SFX: Toss
J: ...Hehh.
J: I can't comprehend something like that...

SFX: Clatter
J: but if you say so.

SFX: Type type
J: That absolute trust came from the long time you had been together as kids, right?
SFX: Type type
SFX: Type

J: A few years ago...
J: during the first Bloody Monday was one thing...
J: but now you've been missing for an entire year.
J: Will he be able to trust you now?


Fujimaru: He will.

Fujimaru: I found it!! This is a crucial part of the currency system.

Fujimaru: Okay.
Fujimaru: I'm in!!


SFX: Beep beep beep

Michael: J!! New York's money order trade is down!
Michael: And Tokyo's night trading.
Michael: Now London, and Hong Kong, and Singapore!
Michael: They're going down one after another!

J: Is it a virus?
Fujimaru: Yes.

Fujimaru: Because all the trading is centralized, I could send out a single virus...
Fujimaru: that brings down the servers, disguising it as a system crash!
Fujimaru: And then that virus infected the entire system at the speed of light!!

J: How much...
J: time does this buy us?


Fujimaru: Three hours at best.
SFX: Tick
SFX: Tick
Fujimaru: They should have it back up by then.

Fujimaru: But...
Fujimaru: I want to avoid hacking in to bring down the system again once it's back up.
J: Yes, that would be too suspicious.

J: The enemy would realize...
J: we had some kind of plan.

Fujimaru: Yes.
Fujimaru: And we need to keep that from happening.
Fujimaru: I need to be cautious in what I hack from now on.

Fujimaru: Who knows what he'll do to the hostages if he finds out!!

SFX: Step step


Otoya: Fujimaru makes mistakes.
Otoya: If this is one of those and we get captured here...

Otoya: No...

Otoya: No! That wouldn't happen.
Otoya: If this were situation where the slightest mistake would put us in danger...
Otoya: he wouldn't have told me to trust him!!

Otoya: Fujimaru!
Otoya: I will trust you!!

Haruka: Please...
Haruka: do not move from here.


Haruka: Don't shoot!
Haruka: I won't resist!
SFX: Step out


Haruka: Please!
Haruka(thought): I can't just let everyone else protect me!
Haruka(thought): I can protect them, too!!

Woman: Who are you!? What's your name!?
SFX: Shine

Haruka: Takagi Haruka!
Haruka(thought): Don't come out, Otoya-san!
Haruka(thought): If you do, we'll be get captured.
Haruka(thought): I can't let that happen!


Woman: Takagi!
Woman: Where's Prime Minister Kujou's grandson!? Wasn't he with you!?
Woman: Where is Kujou Otoya!!

Haruka: I'm alone!
Haruka: Otoya-san told me to hide here...
Text: An unexpected situation!!
Haruka: and then left...
Haruka(thought): Please.
Haruka(thought): Stay there, Otoya-san.

Haruka(thought): You'll be killed.
Bottom: The next chapter has color pages and is 23 pages long!!

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#1. by Arhazivory (Scanlator)
Posted on Nov 19, 2011
Kitaaaa! Thanks js~!
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