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Zettai Karen Children 282

The Inugami and Yadorigi Families (3)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 30, 2011 02:28 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 282


Hyoubu: Why do we have to do this?
Sakaki: If we're trying to rebel against humanity...
Sakaki: we can just destroy everything.
Hermione: ...You just don't understand.

Hermione: The mere idea of rebelling...
Hermione: comes from humanity's control over us.
Hermione: For true independence, we must rise above everything and be bound by nothing!!

Hermione: I will do what I want however I want!!
SFX: Mfuu
Other two: So you just like doing this?

Momiji: I'll treat you to some food to celebrate your recovery.
Momiji: This is a super high class sushi restaurant that's really hard to get a reservation for.
Nai: Yay!!

Nai: Nyah!?
SFX: Vyuhn!!

Momiji: Ahh, Yuuri-chan is nearby.
Momiji: You're inside the range of the Hypno.
Text: Achah...

Yuuri: She won't come near me today...
Yuuri: Is she upset about something?
Text: Some days she is in that mood.

Margin: Congratulations on the recovery!!! For Nai that power allows her to protect Yuuri who is important to her...
Margin: but it sometimes has negative consequences...too bad!!


Text: A gaze approaches through the darkness...Who is the murderer!?
Text: Zettai Karen Children Volumes 1-27 are on sale now!!
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 282nd sense. The Inugami and Yadorigi Families (3)


Inugami: I see...
Yadorigi: You're an ethnology scholar...?
Right box: Inugami Shinichi (Previous generation of the Inugami family)
Left box: Yadorigi Hiroaki (Previous generation of the Yadorigi family)

Minamoto: Yes.
Minamoto: I'm researching the relationship between psychic powers and folklore...
Minamoto: so I wanted to speak with you.


Yadorigi: Oh, so this is the person you wanted us to meet?
Akira: Yes.
Akira: He was an underclassman of Commander Kojika when she was in college.
Keiko: That's right.

Yadorigi: People like you come by every now and then.
Yadorigi: We have some old documents in the cellar.
Yadorigi: Would you like to see them?

Minamoto: Akira-san already let me see those.
Minamoto: And...

Inugami: Eh?
Inugami: You want to see my house?


Minamoto: Yes.
Minamoto: I've seen about everything there is to see of the Yadorigi residence...
Minamoto: so I was hoping to get a look at the current Inugami residence.
Inugami: Fine...
Inugami: but the only strange thing at my place is my daughter.

Inugami: All this old stuff is such a pain, so I leave it all to Yadorigi.
Inugami: I really just don't care.

Inugami: So as long as he gives his okay...
Yadorigi: Stop...!

Yadorigi: Do not speak of that in front of guests!


Minamoto: Shiho...!

Shiho: Understood.
SFX: Kyuuhhhn!!

Minamoto: So there is...
Minamoto: some kind of trouble related to the property?


Shiho: A resort company wants to buy this land.

Shiho: Yadorigi-san is against it, but the land is in Inugami-san's name...
Shiho: and he thinks it would save them a lot of trouble just to sell it.

Kaoru: And that's...
Kaoru: what develops into the incident?

Shiho: I don't know that much.
Shiho: But...
Yadorigi: You're going to sell all that our ancestors have protected!?


Yadorigi: And you dare to call yourself the head of the Inugami family!!

Inugami: Enough with this musty old tradition crap!
Inugami: It's nothing but a pain in the ass!

Inugami: You didn't come to the head house because you wanted to!
Inugami: If it weren't for this stupid house...

Yadorigi: Silence!!
SFX: Punch
Inugami: Oh?
Inugami: You're going to lay a hand on your Inugami-"sama"!?
Yadorigi: You're the one that told me not to use the "sama"!!


Hatsune: Wait.
Hatsune: Stop, dad!!
SFX: Grab
Akira: Father!!

Hatsune: If you need money, Akira and Hatsune can work for it!
Hatsune: You don't have to sell the land.

Inugami: Tch.

Inugami: I tried to raise my daughter to be at least a bit like a human...
Inugami: but the more she trained her power to turn into beasts, the more her way acting and speaking changed.
Inugami: I wish I could just be rid of these powers and this house!

Shiho: It seems the roots of the conflict are deep...
Shiho: and his feelings are quite intense.


Aoi: The incident occurs at early dawn tomorrow.
Aoi: If an opportunity shows itself before then...
Aoi: trouble could break out without any actual intent to kill.

Minamoto: Hmm...

Minamoto: Okay.
Minamoto: Shiho, you continue to keep an eye on Yadorigi-san.
Minamoto: Aoi and I will head to Inugami-san's house to look for any clues.

Minamoto: Until we know the truth behind the incident...
Minamoto: the very last moment will be our only chance to prevent the prediction.
Minamoto: Kaoru, you wear the optical camouflage...
Minamoto: and guard Inugami-san from here on out.

Kaoru: Understood!


Aoi: Okay.

Aoi: Then let's go...
Aoi: Onii-chan.
Shiho: You're supposed to be sickly!
Kaoru: And silent!!
Aoi: Can't we say my illness was cured?


SFX: Brake

Minamoto: This is where you live?
Minamoto: It's surprisingly...

Aoi: normal.
Inugami: I can't stand living where even the bath is warmed by firewood.


Inugami: The inside is just as normal as the outside...
Inugami: so I doubt there's anything a scholar like you will find interesting.
Inugami: Do you still want to look around?
Minamoto: Yes...
Minamoto: I would.

Minamoto: Somehow...
Minamoto: the neighbor's place looks more like what I would expect of your house, Inugami-san.
Inugami: I'm just not that hardworking.
Inugami: There are so many mosquitoes in the summer and I have no interest in maintaining a yard.

Neighbor: Oh, Inugami-san.
Hatsune: Hm?


Neighbor: You and your family always get along so well.
Neighbor: Who are these two?
Text: Ha ha ha
Neighbor: Are they relatives or someone staying over?
Text: Hello
Inugami: Oh, hey, neighbor.

Minamoto: He really is...
Aoi: shockingly normal.

Kaoru: That's not at all what I expected of Hatsune's family...
Kaoru: The only wild thing...
SFX: Vv...
SFX: Vvv...

SFX: Vvvhn.
Kaoru: about her dad is how he looks.


Minamoto: The inside of the house was completely normal, too.
Minamoto: I couldn't find any kind of clue.
Shiho: Neither could I.
Shiho: I have no new information.

Aoi: What is Yadorigi-san doing now?
Aoi: Akira-kun has been keeping an eye on him today.
Aoi: He's passing it off as filial piety.


Minamoto: The predicted time is coming up.
Minamoto: The incident could possibly happen before then...
Minamoto: so something should happen before long.

Aoi: Hey.
Aoi: Did the two of them ever work as special espers?
Aoi: They are high level espers after all.

Minamoto: They are of course registered...
Minamoto: but they've had no trouble functioning in society...
Minamoto: and they have their work managing things here, so...

Minamoto: Oh...
SFX: Stand up
Minamoto: Oh, crap!!


SFX: Clatter
SFX: Ksh
Kaoru: Aoi...?

SFX: Leap


SFX: Impact

Minamoto: I've figured out the truth behind this incident!!
Text: What just attacked Kaoru!?
Minamoto: Aoi, teleport us!!
Minamoto: I hope we make it in time!!
Box: To be continued in Issue 53

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