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Bloody Monday Last Season 12

Their Resolve

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 4, 2011 22:18 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 12


Haruka: Don't shoot!
Text: The last season is very popular! This 23 page chapter has opening color pages!!

Haruka: I won't resist! Please!
Haruka(thought): I can't just let everyone else protect me!
Haruka(thought): I can protect them, too!!
Text: Haruka has stepped out...leaving Otoya behind!!


Right text: The greatest and final battle...
Left text: is being fought alongside the greatest comrades!!
Above title: Volume 1 will be released in October! Seasons 1 and 2 are on sale too!
Title: File 12 Their Resolve
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Woman: Be warned!
Woman: If anything moves in the area, I will immediately shoot it!!
SFX: Chk

Otoya: Kh...
Text: Start from the color pages!

Man: And what'll you do then?
Man: It would be Kujou Otoya.
Woman: That's fine by me.
Woman: The corpse of the grandson of the host country's prime minister...
Woman: would make an excellent example.


Woman: Prime Minister Kujou's grandson...
Woman: Kujou Otoya. Where is he!?

Haruka: I-I'm alone...!
Haruka: He told me to hide here...
Haruka(thought): Don't come out, Otoya-san.
Haruka(thought): You'll be killed!!
Haruka: and left!!

SFX: Grab

Man: Really?
SFX: Chk

SFX: Nod nod

SFX: Grit...


Man: What should we do?
Woman: We had a partial success.
Woman: Let's take her with us and search the nearby area.

Woman: We can use her...
Woman: as bait to draw out Kujou Otoya.

Man: If that rich boy has the guts, that is.
SFX: Tight

Man: Let's go.

SFX: Slide slide


SFX: Close

Otoya: Haruka...-chan!

Otoya: Think...

Otoya: Think! There has to be a way...

Otoya: I WILL save her...


Otoya: I will not let any more sorrow come to you...

SFX: Pull tight
Otoya: I won't let them hurt you!!

Fujimaru: Kh...!
Fujimaru: Haruka!!
J: Now this was unexpected.
J: I never thought the princess would end up protecting the knight.


Fujimaru: Haruka...!
Fujimaru: Why...?
J: People change.

J: Even if to you she will always be a the little sister you must protect...
J: she has her own will.

J: Now how will...
J: Kujou Otoya respond?

Fujimaru: That's obvious.
Fujimaru: He will try to save Haruka even if it costs him his life.
Fujimaru: He will keep his promise to look after her.

J: Do you trust him or control him?
Text: Heh
J: It's hard to tell.


J: Well...
J: At any rate, we just need to...
J: add this into the path for our plan...
J: and continue as normal afterwards.

Fujimaru: Continue as normal?
Fujimaru: Haruka and Otoya have been dragged into this now, so...

Fujimaru: No...
Fujimaru: ...I understand.

Fujimaru: Are you...
Fujimaru: okay with this?

J: I guess.
J: It's your problem, I don't really care.
J: I don't think it's the best idea though.
J: Not now.

J: But do you really have a choice?


Fujimaru: No, I don't.
Fujimaru: I'm prepared.
SFX: Focused
Fujimaru: We will modify the plan!

Michael: J.

J: Yeah?
Michael: There's some motion on the elevator side.

SFX: Beep beep

Kusunoki: Listen up, everyone.
Kusunoki: As I told you, there is an elevator beyond that door.
Kusunoki: Do not hurry and do not panic.
Kusunoki: Please escape to the surface as calmly as possible!
People: O-okay.


Kusunoki: Be careful!
Kusunoki: I pray you make it safely.

Kusunoki: This is Kusunoki.
SFX: Grab
Kusunoki: I will be sending an encrypted transmission using random number table 4.

Kusunoki: I have finished guiding the five guests in the elevator to the escape route.
Kusunoki: I am going to head to the Prestige Floor of the party hall to meet up with Investigator Minami and...

J: Michael-kun.

Michael: Falcon has given us 3 hours.
SFX: Toss

Michael: The 200 hostages on the Prestige Floor need to make it to the elevator before then.
SFX: Catch


J: A three hour time limit, hm?
SFX: Click
J: No...
J: Let's say two hours.
SFX: Beep beep

J: Let's get started.

SFX: Kashunk


Woman: Let's search over there.
Man: Understood.

Otoya: From the way she moves her body, the woman is definitely the more skilled of the two.

Otoya: I'll take her out first...
Otoya: and then use this arrow to take out the man!!

Otoya: If I don't pull this off in one go...
Otoya: Haruka-chan is in danger.
SFX: Clench
Otoya: I need to aim for their vitals!!


SFX: Fire

SFX: Whoosh

Otoya: Good.
Otoya: Go!!


SFX: Turn
SFX: Flash

Otoya: Kh...
SFX: Clench

Man: Don't move!
Man: If you do, I will kill this girl!!


Man: Put down your weapon, put your hands on your head, and come out!
Man: Hiding will get you nowhere, Kujou Otoya!

SFX: Clatter

SFX: Step out

Otoya: Do not...
Otoya: lay a hand on her!

Haruka: Otoya...-san.


Man: Don't try anything, rich boy. Heh heh heh...

Haruka: I'm sorry... This is all my fault...

Otoya: No, it isn't.
Otoya: You were the one that protected me.

SFX: Press

SFX: Slide down
SFX: Twitch
Man: Heh heh heh... Oh, are you two in that kind of relationship?
Man: Hmm? So someone as cute as you is fucking the prime minister's grandson.

Otoya: Don't touch her!!

Man: Ohh?
Man: I don't think you understand your position h-
SFX: Chk


SFX: Bang


SFX: Spray
Man: Wh-what...?
Man: Why...?

SFX: Thud
Haruka: Kyah...!

Hibiki: Really...
Hibiki: now.
Hibiki: You two really aren't making this easy.


Text: Hoo

Otoya: Mizusawa...Hibiki!??
Haruka: Eh...? H-Hibiki-san...?

Haruka: My brother's girlfriend!?
Haruka: Eh!?


Hibiki: They're fine,
Hibiki: Fujimaru!

Fujimaru: Okay.
SFX: Sigh of relief
Fujimaru: Good job, Hibiki.

SFX: Stare

Haruka: O-
Haruka: Onii-chan...?


Otoya: I see...
Otoya: Mizusawa Hibiki was hiding within the enemy team...
Otoya: and she was going to have them miss us.

Otoya: So that's it, Fujimaru.
Otoya: That's why you told us to trust you!
Text: A confident strategy!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 42

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