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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 283

The Inugami and Yadorigi Families (4)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 4, 2011 23:11 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 283


SFX: Clatter!!

SFX: Jump
Attacker: Uuh...
Attacker: Gaahhh!!

Text: Who has attacked Kaoru!?
Kaoru: A-are...
Kaoru: Are you...
Text: [Zettai Karen Children]


Kaoru: Hatsune's dad!?
Inugami: Grrrr!!
Text: It was the Inugami blood that was thirsting for blood!?
Text: ZKC Volumes 1-27 are on sale now!!!!
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 283rd sense. The Inugami and Yadorigi Families (4)


Minamoto: Kaoru!
Minamoto: Please respond!!
Minamoto: Kaoru!?

Minamoto: Dammit, it's no good!!
SFX: Hyuh pah pah pah
Shiho: What is going on!?
Shiho: What is the truth behind this incident...?


Minamoto: That pond!
Minamoto: There wasn't a single fish in the neighbor's pond!

Minamoto: Mosquitos could hatch there like crazy!

Shiho: Eh?
Minamoto: In other words, there's no way the neighbor didn't put any fish in!
Minamoto: Something must have happened to them!

Minamoto: For instance...
Minamoto: something could have attacked them!!


Inugami: Gaaahhhh!!
SFX: Vyuhn!!

Kaoru: Ee!
Kaoru: Wait...

SFX: Charge


Kaoru: Psychiiic...

SFX: Whoosh!

Kaoru: Nyah!?
SFX: Crash

SFX: Thud thud!

Inugami: Gah...!?


SFX: Giiihnnn
SFX: Appear!!
Neighbor: You...damn beast!!

SFX: Crack

SFX: Giihhhn
SFX: Crack crack
Inugami: Grrrr!?

SFX: Crack crack

Neighbor: Die...
SFX: Squeeze


Aoi: Tele...

Aoi: Dogfight Divide!!!
SFX: Hyupah
Inugami: Gyahhn!!
SFX: Splash
Neighbor: Bryah!!


Inugami: Roar roar!
SFX: Get up
Neighbor: What the hell!?

SFX: Bang bang

Neighbor: Naahhh!?
SFX: Zap zap zap

SFX: Appear

SFX: Collapse


Minamoto: Kaoru!!
Minamoto: Are you okay!?
Kaoru: Y-yeah.
Kaoru: Ow ow ow...
Shiho: Don't move!
Shiho: Let me see!!

Kaoru: I'm fine.
Kaoru: The optical camouflage was broken, but that's all!
Kaoru: What about the prediction!?
Minamoto: I'm checking now...

Minamoto: Success!!
SFX: Jingle
Minamoto: We overturned the prediction!!
Top: Current Prediction Change Value
Bottom: Verdict: Within Safe Bounds

Aoi: Thank goodness!
Aoi: But what happened!?
Aoi: Why was Inugami-han...?

SFX: Gyuhhn
Kaoru: And who's this other guy?


Kaoru: The neighbor...!?

Inugami: ...Sorry!
Inugami: I guess I caused you all a lot of trouble!


Yadorigi: Honestly!
Yadorigi: So all that about hating your powers...
Yadorigi: was just you holding back!?
Inugami: Shut up!!
Keiko: Um...
Keiko: I have no idea what's going on...

Minamoto: Inugami-san was...
Minamoto: living a life of denying tradition and his psychic powers...
Minamoto: but this caused quite a bit of stress.
Minamoto: This would occasionally cause a private rampage.

Minamoto: He would attack the fish in the neighbor's pond.
Minamoto: Most likely, the neighbor did not know this...
Minamoto: and merely thought it was some kind of wild animal.
Minamoto: If he had known, he would likely have called the police.


Minamoto: Basically, he exploded from pent up stress as well.
Minamoto: BABEL HQ has him a list of inactive espers...
Minamoto: who have latent abilities that have not activated.

Minamoto: I've seen him on the list once before...
Minamoto: yet I didn't realize it immediately! I can't believe it!
Aoi: Um...
Aoi: There are a lot of people on this list.
Shiho: You can remember from seeing the list once?

Inugami: Is he okay?
Minamoto: He was taken to one of our medical facilities, but his injuries were light.
Minamoto: After letting out his pent up stress, his powers have returned to being inactive.

Keiko: The predicted incident...
Keiko: was about Inugami-san being killed due to this, right?

Hatsune: But...
Hatsune: why were you holding back your powers, dad?

Inugami: Well...


Inugami: I think...
Inugami: Yadorigi would be better off not running this place.

Yadorigi: You...
Yadorigi: did it for me...?

Inugami: When I was called from the branch family because there was no one in the head family to take over...
Inugami: there was no esper in the Yadorigi family who could be my partner.
Inugami: He's the one they found after doing some searching.

Inugami: But he was chasing a different dream in Tokyo.
Inugami: He shouldn't have been dragged back here for the sake of tradition!
Yadorigi: I told you to quit with that!!

Inugami: Well, I won't!!
Inugami: Because...


Inugami: The manga you draw are really good!
Inugami: Although I don't really understand it!!

Yadorigi: Stooooopppp!!!
Yadorigi: I quit because it wasn't selling!!
Inugami: Why!? What a waste!!
Inugami: Don't give up on your dream!!

Yadorigi: You showed that to my wife and son, didn't you!?
Yadorigi: I'll kill you!!
Text: And that's the one I most want to forget!!
Inugami: Nyaahhh!?
Hatsune: Dad!!
Akira: Stop it, father!!


SFX: Horn

Keiko: In the end...
Keiko: those two were actually an excellent combo.
Minamoto: I guess you could say it was fate.

Minamoto: But anyway, I'm glad this mission is over.
Minamoto: And we managed to overturn yet another prediction.

Kaoru: But we just barely managed this time.
Aoi: Didn't you make way too many mistakes this time?
Minamoto: Uuh...


Minamoto: That's because...
Minamoto: um...
Minamoto: there were some unforeseen uncertain elements!

Kaoru: Like?
Minamoto: Well, for one...
Minamoto: I mistakenly thought of you as children who could stay in the same room as-...


Minamoto: I-
Minamoto: I have no obligation to explain it!
SFX: Zzz

Kaoru: Eh?
Kaoru: C'mon!!
Minamoto: Shut up!!
SFX: Kachunk kachunk

Mothers: Let's sell the normal Inugami house.
Mothers: Yes, if our children JOIN TOGETHER, that would best.
Yadorigi: Don't put it like that!!
Yadorigi: And like hell I'm gonna live with him!!
Inugami: What was that, you bastard!?

Margin: Every generation of those families gets along. And at any rate, case closed!!!

Box: To be continued in Issue 1 of the new year.

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