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Zettai Karen Children 285

The Esper Boy has Returned Home (2)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 18, 2011 22:51 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 285


Hyoubu: Even if we're small, we can work together to overthrow you!
Sakaki: I don't want to do housework!!
Hermione: Kh...!!

Hermione: In that case, I will create even stronger comrades...
SFX: Mad
Hermione: to make you give in!!

Hermione: Mecha Tsubomi Hermione!!
Hermione: Mecha Kiritsubo Hermione!!

Hermione: L-
Hermione: Let go of me!!
Fujiko: Kyaahh!!
Chief: You are this country's treasure!!
SFX: Hug
Hyoubu: How stupid is the Minamoto he's based on?

Sakaki: You have a cold.
Minamoto: Yeah.
SFX: Cough cough
Minamoto: I don't want to give it to the Children...
Minamoto: so I'm going to my parents' place for 2 or 3 days.

Minamoto: I guess I should at least make dinners for while I'm gone.
Minamoto: Two meals for each day should do it.
SFX: Bubble bubble

Minamoto: I also need to sterilize the rooms.
SFX: Slap slap

Sakaki: How is he?
SFX: Vacuum
Kaoru: He's...
Text: That's the kind of guy he is.
Aoi: gotten a lot better.

Margin: Hyoubu & Fujiko's past begins in Zettai Karen Children Volume 28! It goes on sale 12/16!
Bottom: ZKC's first 3D figure comes with the limited edition!! The first one is of Hyoubu!!


Gilliam: I've done my research on you, Hyoubu-kun.
Gilliam: I think we can come to an understanding.

Text: Gilliam, a man who works in secret.
Gilliam: After all, we are both monsters created by mankind and who love mankind.
Text: He appears with bottomless malice in hand!!!
Title: 285th sense. The Esper Boy has Returned Home (2)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


Hyoubu: Sorry, but I have little data on you.
Hyoubu: All I know is that you are the son of Black Phantom and are insane.

Gilliam: Really, that is all you need to know.
Gilliam: ...Black Phantom is a business.
Gilliam: We are not a volunteer organization like your PANDRA.
Gilliam: We are willing to dirty our hands for the sake of profit.

Gilliam: But capitalism...
Gilliam: creates the greatest profit when it brings happiness to the masses.


Gilliam: That is why I made sure I had this chance to speak with you.
Gilliam: I got rid of the executives and the armed guards in order to express that feeling.
Gilliam: I want the structure of industry to change society itself.
Gilliam: Isn't that what you want as well?

Gilliam: As you said, the rotten world that created us will remain even if we are destroyed.
Gilliam: Our destruction may feel good on the surface...
Gilliam: but you are not the kind of simple person who would be satisfied with that.

Gilliam: According to our data...
Gilliam: you hate Normals.
Gilliam: But that is likely due to your love.
Gilliam: Time for you is frozen along with that form.

Gilliam: I will give you a sign of my good faith, so will you hear what I have to say for just 5 minutes?

Hyoubu: A sign of good faith...?


Gilliam: Yes.
SFX: Kyuhh
Gilliam: Here.

SFX: Hyuh

SFX: Slam
Theodore: Gah!!

BP: G-
SFX: Shock
BP: Gilliam!?


BP: Wh-what...
BP: are...
BP: Gh...

SFX: Burst

SFX: Splatter


BP: Y-you...

SFX: Impact

Gilliam: Please do not interfere, father.
Gilliam: I am just showing him that I will kill even those close to me for the sake of my ideal.

Gilliam: But then...
Gilliam: I'm sure you want to do it yourself.
Gilliam: Please, let's talk.

Gilliam: We can talk about a future where there is no distinction between Esper and Normal.

Hyoubu: You...
Hyoubu: are completely insane, aren't you?


Hyoubu: You're the first person I've met who's crazier than me.
Hyoubu: I'll hear what you have to say.

Gilliam: How...
Gilliam: delightful.


SFX: Hyuh

SFX: Pah

Aoi: C-02 has arrived on the scene!!


Kaoru: When is the predicted event supposed to occur!?
Shiho: In another 40 seconds!!

SFX: Bah bah bah
Kaoru: Hurry, Minamoto!!

Minamoto: Wait!
Minamoto: We're headed as quickly as-
Double Face: Quiet...!


Voice: With this...
Voice: I can finally be at peace...
SFX: Kiiihhhhn

Double Face: I've detected thought waves...
Double Face: coming from 2 o'clock!!
Double Face: Leave it to me!

SFX: Gyuuuhhhn!!

Double Face: Found him!


Double Face: He's 80 meters north of here!
Double Face: He's on the south side of a building's roof!!

Aoi: Go, Kaoru!
Aoi: There's a time lag in the activation of my teleportation!
SFX: Hyuh
Aoi: You can react with your Psychokinesis the instant you spot him!!

SFX: Fall
Kaoru: Why you...!!
Kaoru: Deeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh!!
SFX: Pah


SFX: Stop

Kaoru: Yes!!

Kaoru: Ow...!!
SFX: Slam

Aoi: Kaoru!?
SFX: Hyupah
Shiho: Are you okay!?


Man: Why...!?
Man: Why won't you let me die!?
SFX: Cry
Man: My survival will only cause problems for others...
Man: There's nothing left for me...!
SFX: Mad
Shiho: Cut the crap!!

Shiho: Dying may give you peace...
Shiho: but I won't let you tell me there's no one at all who cares about you!
Minamoto: H-hey, Shiho!?
Minamoto: You should leave this to a professional counselor...

Shiho: The people you met today or yesterday...
Shiho: would all suffer because of this!
Shiho: They would blame themselves for not noticing!

Shiho: Don't pretend you were born alone and live alone!
Shiho: Do you want to leave everyone around you with the message...
Shiho: that their presence meant nothing to you!?

Man: Uuh...
Man: Ugh...!!


Man: Waaaahhh!!
DF: ...The will to kill himself has disappeared from the surface.
DF: It looks like he's given up on it.
DF: That's Shiho-chan for you!

Aoi: That isn't the kind of persuasion you would expect from a middle school girl.
Aoi: I guess that's the benefit of reading all sorts of people's lives with your Psychometry.
Shiho: There is that...
Shiho: but I was mostly just saying what I thought Minamoto-san would say.

Shiho: Everyone close to someone who dies due to an accident or disease suffers...
Shiho: but when they have to wonder if something they did caused it, it's all the worse.
Shiho: Anyone who recalls that will see how important their life is.

Kaoru: That's true.

Kaoru: Kyousuke...
Kaoru: has his comrades...
Kaoru: but he always does all the dangerous stuff himself.
Kaoru: I wonder if he's okay...


Minamoto: Eh!?
Minamoto: Hyoubu is!? Are you sure!?
SFX: Bah bah bah bah

Kaoru: Wh-what is it?
Aoi: Is it something about Major Hyoubu?
SFX: Pah
Minamoto: W-well...
Minamoto: I'm really not sure.
Minamoto: HQ called...
Minamoto: saying the police have taken in someone who seems to be Hyoubu.

Shiho: Taken in?
Kaoru: The police have?


Minamoto: Yes, the director is headed to check on it now.
Minamoto: The part I don't understand...

Minamoto: is that they said he has lost his memories...
Minamoto: and is in his childhood form.
Text: What happened to Hyoubu...!?
Box: To be continued in Combined Issue 3/4 of the new year.

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