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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Last Season 13

The Gathered Heroes

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 21, 2011 21:13 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 13


Hibiki: Really...
Hibiki: now.

Hibiki: You two really aren't making this easy.

Haruka: H-Hibiki-san?
Otoya: So that's it,
Otoya: Fujimaru.
Otoya: That's why you told us to trust you!


Hibiki: They're fine, but what do we do now, Fujimaru?
Hibiki: I'm the only one left of this team.
Text: File 13 The Gathered Heroes
Text: The next plan is...

Otoya: "This team"?

Fujimaru: We have no choice.
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Fujimaru: Hand a radio to Otoya and Haruka...
Fujimaru: and give Otoya the clothes and the mask.


Hibiki: Understood.
Hibiki: Put these in your ears.
SFX: Rummage

Hibiki: They use bone conduction to pick up your voice.

Otoya: What is going on,
Otoya: Mizusawa Hibiki?
Otoya: You went missing a year ago when you were switched out with a fake.
Otoya: Why are you here now and why are you with Fujimaru?

Hibiki: Fujimaru will explain it all to you.
SFX: Motion
Hibiki: Right now, you need to hurry and disguise yourself.

Otoya: Can you hear me, Fujimaru?
Fujimaru: Yes.
Fujimaru: I'm glad you're okay, Otoya.

Otoya: More importantly...
Otoya: can you just tell us what is going on already?


Fujimaru: The details would take too long to explain...
Fujimaru: so I will first tell you the truth everything else stems from.
Fujimaru: My strategy from here on will change depending on if you believe me or not.

Otoya: Quit putting on airs.
Fujimaru: I'm not.
Fujimaru: I'm just conflicted.

Otoya: Conflicted?
Otoya: About what?

Fujimaru: ...Just listen carefully, Otoya.
Fujimaru: This incident...the terrorist attack a year ago...and maybe even the Bloody Monday from before that...
Fujimaru: were controlled from the shadows by a man here.


Fujimaru: That man is Prime Minister Kujou Masamune,
Fujimaru: your grandfather.
Haruka: Eh!?

Otoya: What...
Otoya: are you saying,
Otoya: Fujimaru?


Haruka: What is going on, onii-chan?
Haruka: First you disappear for a year and now this...?
Fujimaru: Quiet, Haruka.

Fujimaru: Otoya.
Fujimaru: Do you believe me?

Fujimaru: I'm asking if you believe me, Otoya.

Haruka: O-
Haruka: Onii-chan...!

Fujimaru: If you don't, take Haruka with you and escape from this tower.

Fujimaru: If it's just the two of you, you should be able to manage.
Hibiki: But Fujimaru...
Hibiki: I need someone to take the place of the terrorist I killed...


Fujimaru: We can manage somehow.
Fujimaru: I can buy us time to advance the operation with a disturbance.
Fujimaru: It's dangerous, but we have no choice.
Hibiki: But then...
Otoya: I understand.

Haruka: Eh!?

Otoya: I believe you.

Fujimaru: Otoya...

Otoya: I don't want to and it pains me to do so...
SFX: Clench
Otoya: but...


Otoya: both back in that storage area and in the terrorist plot we were involved in as kids...
Otoya: you always had solid proof behind the things you said.

Otoya: It must be true.
Otoya: You would not lie to me.
Otoya: I can't see any reason why you would lie to me in a situation like this.

Otoya: So...
Otoya: I...
Otoya: will trust you.


Fujimaru: That time...
Fujimaru: may have been the beginning.
Otoya: If...
Otoya: that was the beginning of Bloody Monday...
Otoya: then it may be our duty to end it.

Fujimaru: Will you help me,
Fujimaru: Otoya?

Otoya: I will.


Haruka: I-I'll help, too!
Haruka: I don't want to be a burden anymore!!
Otoya: No one thinks of you as a burden.
Otoya: I was truly surprised at the courage you showed back there.

Fujimaru: Yeah, that was completely reckless.
SFX: Scratch
Haruka: B-but...!

J: Even if to you she will always be the little sister you must protect...
J: she has her own will.

Fujimaru: So you...
Fujimaru: want to protect us, too.


Fujimaru: Otoya, I'm counting on you...
Fujimaru: to take care of Haruka and to help resolve all this.

Otoya: Yes.
Otoya: I know.
SFX: Squeeze

SFX: Longing...

Hibiki: Ahh!!
SFX: Shock
Hibiki: I just want all this to be over so Fujimaru and I can hug and kiss and fuck!
Fujimaru: H-hey, Hibiki!
Fujimaru (small): Don't say that in front of them!


Fujimaru: A-anyway, hurry up and change and put on that mask!
Fujimaru: I'll explain the details as you go!

Box: Tokyo Neo Tower - Cosmo Floor - Shopping Mall
Kanou: At this rate, there's no way we'll rescue all 200 of them.
Kanou: Dammit... With just the two of us, we'll just get shot up.
Kanou: Makimura, where are the others? Where's Sakaki's team?
Makimura: I can't reach them.
Makimura: Minami-san's signal is gone, too...

Kanou: So we only know where Kusunoki is in the elevator...
Kanou: Damn. What happened to CraUns?
Kanou: Every single member of an elite JSDF unit getting killed sounds like some kind of joke.
SFX: Clatter


Makimura: K-Kanou-san...

Kanou: Get ready, Makimura.
SFX: Chk
Kanou: We've got hell behind and hell ahead. We won't be able get away regardless, so we might as well take them on here.

Kanou: Jump out on the count of three.
Kanou: I'll jump to the other side and take them out starting on the left.
Kanou: You start shooting from the right.
SFX: Chk
Makimura: Understood.
Makimura: Let's take out as many as we can.

Kanou: 1
Kanou: 2

SFX: Hoo...

Kanou: 3!!!
SFX: Jump out


Kanou: Wait, Makimura!!
Makimura: Eh!?

Kanou: M-Mamiya...


Mamiya: Kanou...
Mamiya: You almost gave me a heart attack...
SFX: Hoo...

Kanou: Same here.
Kanou: Good job surviving this long.
Mamiya: You too.
Makimura: Mamiya-san of CraUns...?

Kurata: Commander, who is this?
Mamiya: Oh, this is Kanou.
Kanou: Hm?

Kurata: I am the CraUns 1st Unit captain.
Kurata: My name is Kurata.
SFX: Salute

Kanou: So you're Kurata Yuusaku. I've heard about you.
Kanou: You're a special forces ace, right?
Kurata: No...
Kurata: I'm nothing compared to you, Kanou-san.

Kanou: Ah? What was that about?
Mamiya: You're still a legend among the special forces, Kanou.


Kanou: Where's the rest of CraUns?

Mamiya: Unfortunately, we were almost completely taken out.
Mamiya: It all happened in an instant.

Kanou: I see...
Makimura: Dammit...

Kanou: Don't get too down, Makimura. We may be only four, but we're not just your average people.
Kanou: This guy was my biggest rival back in my JSDF days.
Kanou: But...
Kanou: it was his tactical command ability alone that I just couldn't match.

Makimura: Wow, it isn't often that you praise someone, Kan-...
SFX: Wham
Makimura: Ow...!


Mamiya: Heh.
Mamiya: Makimura, you were recruited by Third-i...
Mamiya: so you must be fairly skilled yourself.

Makimura: I may not be as skilled as you three...
Makimura: but I doubt my JSDF record for battle-style moving target marksmanship has been broken.

Kurata: Now you've got me fired up.

Mamiya: I actually have a plan that requires four to six people to pull off.
Mamiya: Do you want in, Kanou?

Kanou: Of course.


Kanou: With us four and Minami and Kusunoki who we know are still alive...

Kanou: that gives us 6 people with which to rescue Prime Minister Kujou and the other VIPs.

Kanou: Now we need an operation name...
Mamiya: How about Exodus?

Kanou: Heh.
Kanou: Exodus, hm?
Kanou: I see...
Kanou: your naming sense hasn't changed.


Kanou: Makimura, contact Third-i HQ, Minami, and Kusunoki right away.
Makimura: Yes, sir.
Makimura: This is Makimura. I am currently with Kanou-sand and two members of CraUns.
Makimura: We are going to begin Operation Exodus to rescue the VIPs!

Kusunoki: Kusunoki here. Understood!

Minami: Minami here.
Minami: Understood!

Kusunoki: Minami-san!
SFX: Hoo...

Kirishima: This is Kirishima at Third-i HQ.
Kirishima: We will provide intelligence support...
Kirishima: as much as possible for Operation Exodus!


Kirishima: Okay.
Kirishima: Operation Exodus - Go ahead!
Text: The few elites begin their counterattack!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 43

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