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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 286

The Esper Boy has Returned Home (3)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 26, 2011 18:45 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 286


Hyoubu H: What the hell!?
Hyoubu H: Is this yet another new Hermione!?
Sakaki H: Let's kick his ass!!

Minamoto H:
Minamoto H: He isn't.
SFX: Dangle

Minamoto H: I was spotted...
Minamoto H: by the real one.
Text: Eh heh
Hyoubu H & Sakaki H: It's over!! It's all over!!

Kaoru: I've run out of material for my doll show.
Kashiwagi: Well, you do put one on every day.
Kashiwagi: How about all three of you do one together?

Aoi: Doctor!! It's an emergency!!
Aoi: This bear started moaning in pain in the middle of dinner!
SFX: Kyuhn!
Shiho: There is a monster inside him!!

Bear: Gyaaahhh!!
SFX: Burst
Monster: Kshaaahhh!!

Kaoru: By teleporting the monster inside...
Kaoru: we can pretend it's a space parasite!
Kashiwagi: That was some amazing teamwork...
Kashiwagi: but should I let this continue or stop it!?

Margin: Volume 28 & the limited edition that comes with a Hyoubu Kyousuke colorful strap are on sale now!!!

Bottom: The limited edition of Volume 29 that goes on sale 1/18 will have a colorful strap of Akashi Kaoru!!


Minamoto & Kaoru: Hyo-...
SFX: Open!!


Right text: Volume 28 & the limited edition that comes with a Hyoubu Kyousuke colorful strap are on sale now!!!
Left text: They are reunited with Hyoubu...but why does he look like that!?
Credit: Shiina Takashi
Title: 286th sense. The Esper Boy has Returned Home (3)


Minamoto: Wha-...?

Minamoto: What happened to you, Hyoubu?
Minamoto: Wasn't Kao-...Feather with you!?
Sakaki: Shh.

Sakaki: He only just calmed down.
Sakaki: It wasn't easy getting him here.
Minamoto: Eh...?

Sakaki: When we got the report, the director and I headed to the scene.
SFX: Boom!
Someone: Waaahhh!!


Fujiko: We are from the Base of Backing ESP Laboratory!! Are you okay!?
Police: No, we aren't!!
Police: We were only trying to help a lost child, and look what happened!!
Police: Do something. This is your field of expertise, right?

Hyoubu: Queen...!!
Hyoubu: Queen...!?


Sakaki: D-director!? Is that...?
Fujiko: You think so too?
Fujiko: But...

Fujiko: Hyoubu...
Fujiko: Ky-Kyousuke?

Fujiko: Do you recognize me?
Fujiko: It's Fujiko!
Fujiko: Tsubomi Fujiko!

Hyoubu: Fuji...ko...

SFX: Throb!!
Hyoubu: Uuh...!!


Hyoubu: No...!
Hyoubu: I don't know you...!!
SFX: Gihn!!
Hyoubu: Queen...!!

Fujiko: Why you...

Fujiko: ...but I'm actually tripping you!!
SFX: Trip
Hyoubu: Nyah!?

Fujiko: Use the ESP jamming pulse!!


SFX: Zap
Hyoubu: Uuh...!?

Kaoru: So...what happened?
Kashiwagi: Well...

SFX: Twitch

Hyoubu: Queen...!?


Hyoubu: Queen!! Queen!!
SFX: Grab
Kaoru: Wah...

Minamoto: Dammit, Hyoubu!!
Minamoto: She's my-...
SFX: Mad

Kaoru: Eh?

Minamoto: No, um...
Minamoto: I mean...
Minamoto: She's OUR esper!


Magi: Majoooooorrrrrr!!
SFX: Crush
Minamoto: Bh.
Momiji: What happened!?
SFX: Pah
Yo: What the hell, old man!?

Chief: Don't come in here without permission!!
Momiji: This is hardly the time to worry about that!
Fujiko: It's fine. I called them.


Magi: What happened!?
Magi: Major!?
Magi: Do you recognize me!?

SFX: Tremble

Hyoubu: Queen...!

Magi: L-let's go!
Magi: We can concentrate the powers of all our comrades to heal you!
SFX: Tug
Magi: Come on!
Hyoubu: No!!
Hyoubu: Noooo, Queeeen!!

Magi: Just come!!
Hyoubu: Noooo!!
Sakaki: Ah, you idiot!


SFX: Slam!!

SFX: Creak
Kaoru: There, there! There, there!
Hyoubu: Waahhhh!!

Magi: Explain this!
Magi: ...please.
Fujiko: We don't understand it either.
Fujiko: But we do know that his body is...


Shiho: It's that material!
Shiho: He isn't real.
SFX: Kyuhn!!
Shiho: He's...Feather!

Minamoto: Eh...!?
Momiji: So this is a fake!?
Shiho: Wait.
Shiho: I'm going to make a deep dive.

Sakaki: It's dangerous to go alone.
Sakaki: I'll go, too!
Minamoto: Please do!

Minamoto: Sannomiya Shiho...
Minamoto: release!!


SFX: Vyuhhhn!!!
Shiho: Feather!?


Shiho: What happened!?
Shiho: Why are you in Major Hyoubu's form...?

Shiho: What? I couldn't understand.
Sakaki: Maybe she can't send out information in the form of language...

Sakaki: Could it be...
Sakaki: that she took in Hyoubu!?

Sakaki: Most likely...
Sakaki: she abandoned a portion of her memories and functionality to take in the new data.


Sakaki: What we're seeing here...
Sakaki: is a backup of Hyoubu...
Sakaki: created within Feather.

Momiji: A backup...!?
Magi: Then...

Magi: Where's the major!?
Magi: Where is the real major!?
Sakaki: Don't ask me!

Fujiko: Shiho-chan...
Fujiko: Can you read it?
Shiho: I'm trying!


SFX: Kyuuuhhn!!

Fujiko: But...
Fujiko: I have a good guess.

Minamoto: Feather is a body of data...
Minamoto: that the Children bet everything to send to the past.
Minamoto: If she sacrificed that to make a backup of Hyoubu...


Minamoto: then he is already dead.
Minamoto: Or...
Minamoto: in a situation where it was necessary that he died.
Text: Hyoubu Kyousuke is dead!? The story accelerates next issue!!!
Box: To be continued in Combined Issue 5/6

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