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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Zettai Karen Children 287

The Esper Boy has Returned Home (4)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 9, 2012 02:38 | Go to Zettai Karen Children

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Chapter 287


Text: The worst possible situation enters all of their minds...!!

Magi: A-a backup...
Magi: of the major!?
Magi: Then where is the real one...!?
SFX: Wahhhh


Text: What secret lies hidden in that young form!?
Right: Volume 28 & the limited edition with a colorful strap of Hyoubu Kyousuke are on sale now!! Volume 29 & the limited edition with a colorful strap of Akashi Kaoru go on sale 1/18!!
Title: 287th sense. The Esper Boy has Returned Home (4)
Credit: Shiina Takashi


Fujiko: If Feather cannot give an explanation because she is lending him her body...
Fujiko: we will have to investigate ourselves.
Fujiko: Can you look into it, Shiho-chan?
SFX: Kihhhn!!
Shiho: I'll try!

Shiho: I'll use my powers to their fullest...
Shiho: to see what happened to Major Hyoubu!

Sakaki: I guess we have no choice.
Sakaki: Let's try this again.


Minamoto: Be careful!
Minamoto: His amnesia may be due to his uncontrollable subconscious will.
Minamoto: Hyoubu is a very high functioning and high Level multiple power esper, so we have no idea what his subconscious will could do.

Minamoto: Try not to force anything and draw back if there are any problems.
Sakaki: I know, I know.
Sakaki: I'll be with her, so don't worry.

Shiho: Dive!!
SFX: Gihhn!!
Shiho: Deeper!


SFX: Vyuuhhn!!
Shiho: Doctor!
Shiho: Can you see that?
Sakaki: Wait.
Sakaki: My Level isn't that high.


Hyoubu: Sorry, but I have little data on you.
Hyoubu: BLEEP are BLEEP and BLEEP insane.


Gilliam: Really, that is all you need to know.
Gilliam: BLEEP is a BLEEP
Gilliam: We are BLEEP like BLEEP
Gilliam: We are willing to BLEEP

Gilliam: BLEEP BLEEP for just 5 minutes?
Shiho: What is that?
Shiho: Self censorship? Is this conversation in violation of the regulations?
Sakaki: I doubt it.
Sakaki: That would have to be a really indecent conversation.

Sakaki: I think it's a protector.
Sakaki: But it's crudely made for Hyoubu.
Sakaki: What was he trying to do?
Shiho: Let's break through.

SFX: Byubah


SFX: Vvvv

Sakaki: Hyoubu...!?
SFX: Step forward

Sakaki: Eh?
SFX: Tug


Sakaki: You want only me to come?

Shiho: Why only you!?
Shiho: Were you two in that kind of relationship?
Sakaki: Don't be so disgusting!!

Sakaki: Most likely, he needs to tell us something...
Sakaki: but it's something he doesn't want you three seeing.
Sakaki: At any rate, he designated me...
Sakaki: so I'll be going.

Shiho: Wait!


Shiho: B-
Shiho: Be careful.

Sakaki: Honestly, first Minamoto and now you...
Sakaki: Who do you think I am?

Sakaki: Even if I'm not Level 7, I'm not going to lose to some middle schooler like you.
Sakaki: Don't worry.
SFX: Mad
Shiho: I-I wasn't worried!!
Shiho: I was just telling you to be on your guard!!

Sakaki: Minamoto, the Children, and Hyoubu...
Sakaki: They're all trying to protect someone.
Sakaki: Honestly...

Sakaki: Well...
Sakaki: I guess I'm not really one to talk.
Sakaki: We're all troublesome in our own way.


SFX: Creep creep

Sakaki: All of you are always doing things "for the future" or "for espers"...
Sakaki: but for me...


Sakaki: I just can't help but help out when I see you all right in front of me.
Sakaki: It's as simple as that.

Sakaki: I guess you could say...
Sakaki: that I have a soft spot for idiots like you.


Gilliam: ...Well?


Gilliam: What do you think of my plan?
Gilliam: I think that future would be most delightful for you.

Hyoubu: Are you seriously trying to...
Hyoubu: do this?


Gilliam: Yes.
Gilliam: I am serious.
Gilliam: I believe this is the only path that will bring happiness to both espers and normals.

Hyoubu: I'm glad I had a chance to hear about this.
Hyoubu: You were exactly right.
Hyoubu: I find this quite delightful indeed.
Gilliam: Then...

Hyoubu: You aren't just insane.
Hyoubu: You're an absolute bastard.


Hyoubu: You're such a bastard that I would feel satisfied as long as I managed to kill you!
Hyoubu: That makes me so happy!!
SFX: Boom!!

Hyoubu: I have found a target for all of my hate.
Hyoubu: I feel like...
Hyoubu: I just met a lover I have always been searching for.


Gilliam: I see...
Gilliam: So you do not understand.
Gilliam: But...
Gilliam: that too is delightful!!

SFX: Spread arms
SFX: Vvh

Gilliam: Take him on.
Gilliam: My...


Gilliam: cute children!

Children: Confirmation of Master's order.
Children: Confirmation.

Children: Confirmation of target.
Children: Confirmation.
SFX: Large crowd...
Children: Beginning destruction of target.
Children: Beginning.
Children: Beginning.
Text: Are these children powerful enough to overpower Hyoubu!?
Box: To be continued in Issue 7

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