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Bloody Monday Last Season 14

Discovered Hope

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 13, 2012 20:42 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 14


Kirishima: This is Kirishima at Third-i HQ.
Kirishima: We will provide intelligence support...

Makimura: Makimura here, okay.

Mamiya: Mamiya from CraUns here.
Kurata: Kurata here too, okay.

Minami: Minami here, okay.
Kirishima: as much as possible for Operation Exodus!

SFX: Creak
Kusunoki: Kusunoki here, okay!

Kanou: This is Kanou.
Kanou: Okay.
Kanou: Operation Exodus...


Kanou: Go ahead!
Text: These top class men and women of valor begin their counterattack!!
Title: File 14 Discovered Hope
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Fujimaru: I just intercepted a coded Third-i transmission!
Fujimaru: Kanou-san and the others have met up with an elite JSDF unit and are beginning an operation to rescue the hostages with support from HQ!
Fujimaru: They're calling it Exodus!!

J: Understood.
SFX: Place
J: So just as we expected, Third-i noticed the escape route...
J: and has begun to move.

J: Your sister and friend were unexpected but have been secured...
J: so I suppose the setup of the pieces is going well.


Fujimaru: But...

Fujimaru: we're up against the host of this summit,
Fujimaru: the prime minister of this country.
Fujimaru: And we don't know...
Fujimaru: how many terrorists he invited to Tokyo Neo Tower.

J: Also...
J: we still have not seen the entirety of this plan...
J: that will bring about Bloody Monday.

J: And there is one other thing...

J: that bothers me.


Fujimaru: We have only 2 and half hours before the trading systems I brought down with a virus...
Fujimaru: are restarted.
Fujimaru: We have to get all of the hostages out of here before then!

Fujimaru: We have to be prepared to walk through the darkness, knowing it is filled with booby traps.
J: My, how promising.

SFX: Clench

J: Don't forget to...
J: reveal the true identity of Kujou Masamune...
J: to the world.

Fujimaru: ...Right.


Fujimaru: Otoya...
Fujimaru: There's something...
Fujimaru: I still haven't told you...

Otoya: Will we really not be found out...
Otoya: if I wear this mask?

Hibiki: Don't worry.
Hibiki: According to some information Fujimaru hacked in and got earlier, the terrorists gathered here have never seen each other's faces.
Otoya: What? How does that work?


Hibiki: I dunno.
Hibiki: Fujimaru said they might be a terrorist group brought together over a network.
Hibiki: However, there are still well trained and are clearly not amateurs.

Otoya: I see.
Otoya: So that's why the other terrorist did not suspect her just because she was wearing that mask.

Otoya: But my grandfather...
Otoya: brought that group to such an important event?

Otoya: And my grandfather...
Otoya: Kujou Masamune is at the center of this organization?

Haruka: Otoya-san...

Hibiki: Fujimaru..
Hibiki: and J seem to think so.


Otoya: J!?

Otoya: So he IS here!

Otoya: Why is...
Otoya: he?
Otoya: Is he...
Otoya: working with Fujimaru?
Hibiki: Yes.

Hibiki: He is your half-brother...
Hibiki: isn't he?

Haruka: Eh?

Otoya: Even after learning that...
Otoya: I have never thought of him that way.
Otoya: Not even...
Otoya: once.


Otoya: But what is going on?
Otoya: If he's working with Fujimaru, is he working to stop the terro-
Hibiki: Shh.

Hibiki: I hear footsteps approaching.
Hibiki: Could you put on your mask?

Hibiki: Hey, Haruka-chan?
SFX: Turn around
Hibiki: It may be tough, but do your best to pretend to be a hostage.
Otoya: What is with that coaxing voice?

Hibiki: She's my darling's little sister.
Hibiki: I need to look after her.

Haruka: ...Oh...
Otoya: You've changed a lot in a year...

SFX: Step step step step


SFX: Step

Otoya: Eh?
Otoya: They're not terrorists!?

Otoya: Are they hostages who managed to escape?
SFX: Chk


SFX: Bang bang

Haruka: Kyaahh!!
Otoya: What are you doing! They're-
Hibiki: They're terrorists.

Hibiki: I could tell from the sound of their footsteps.
Hibiki: Those were the footsteps of those trained for combat.
Otoya: But!
Hibiki: And that's not all.

Hibiki: Put your mask back on and take a closer look.


Hibiki: Look on their cheek.
Hibiki: You can see a blue, glowing symbol...

Otoya: Ω...?

SFX: Tap
Hibiki: Most likely, it's a special paint that is only visible when looking through a polarized lens. The same was done to these masks.

SFX: Rummage rummage
Hibiki: See?

Hibiki: My guess is they were hiding their masks in an attempt to lure out Third-i or CraUns.


Hibiki: It looks like the original masked ones have their faces marked too.
SFX: Remove
Hibiki: What should we do, Fujimaru?
Fujimaru: ...That isn't good.

Fujimaru: So it wasn't just a symbol on the masks you could see with the special lenses.
Fujimaru: We didn't see that far through beforehand...
Fujimaru: so we're in trouble if Team J's faces are seen.

J: This could get difficult if we stick around too long,
J: Michael-kun.
Michael: Okay.
Michael: Did you hear that, Jacob?
Jacob: Yes.

SFX: Heartbeat


Jacob: We will remain cautious.

J: Okay.
J: Please do.
J: If we play our cards right, this could actually work out in our faovr.
Jacob: Okay.

SFX: Rub rub
Fujimaru: Honestly...
Fujimaru: It's like we're walking on a tightrope.

J: A fight with your life on the line is always like that.
J: They're desperate too.
J: I knew they wouldn't let this be easy for me...

J: and that's why I said I needed your help.

Fujimaru: Hibiki.
Fujimaru: Are the numbers going to match up?
Hibiki: Yes.
Hibiki: That's taken care of.


Fujimaru: Good.
Fujimaru: We've reached the next level.

Haruka: Otoya-san...

Fujimaru: Okay, Hibiki...
SFX: Type type
Otoya: Wait, Fujimaru.

Otoya: Tell me plainly.
Otoya: What is your goal here?
Otoya: How are you planning to save all 200 hostages?

Otoya: And...
Otoya: one more thing.


Otoya: J.
Otoya: Is he here,
Otoya: Fujimaru?

Kanou: Minami, report your current location to HQ in an encrypted transmission.
Kanou: Kusunoki has secured the escape route.
Minami: Understood.
Box: Cosmo Floor Shopping Mall


Mamiya: The escape route?
Kanou: Yes, one of our younger members has secured it.
Kanou: We can get all 200 out in a short amount of time with it.

Mamiya: That's amazing! Where is it?
Mamiya: I'd like to...
Kanou: Shh.

Kanou: I hear footsteps of trained combatants.
Kanou: There's three...no, four.
SFX: Step step step

Makimura: It's the terrorists. I'll-...!

Mamiya: No, Makimura.
Mamiya: That gun would make too much of a noise.
Mamiya: Kurata.
SFX: Tighten
SFX: Chk
Kurata: Yes, sir.

Mamiya: I'll jump out on 3.
Mamiya: You cover me.
Mamiya: Don't let the enemy fire.
Kurata: Understood.
SFX: Step step step


Mamiya: ...1
Mamiya: 2...3!

SFX: Jump

SFX: Bang

SFX: Bang


SFX: Chk

SFX: Bang bang

Mamiya: Okay.
SFX: Stand tall
Mamiya: Clear!

Makimura: Those two are amazing.
Makimura: The enemy didn't get a single shot off...
SFX: Dumbfounded


Kanou: We might actually...
Kanou: pull this Exodus off!!!
Text: The elite units and the evil king...Who will come out on top!?
Bottom: We will be taking a break next issue. Look forward to Issue 45!

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jan 13, 2012
XD Thanxies~! And happy new year js06. <3
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