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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 15

An Encounter with the Truth

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 21, 2012 21:53 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 15


SFX: Creak

SFX: Step step

Text: Last Season Volume 1 goes on sale 10/17!
SFX: Whisper
Man: Prime Minister Kujou!
Text: He hides his identity as he acts behind the scenes...
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 15 An Encounter with the Truth


Fujimaru: This incident...the terrorist attack a year ago...
Fujimaru: and maybe even the Bloody Monday from before that were controlled from the shadows by a man here.

Fujimaru: That man is Prime Minister Kujou Masamune,
Fujimaru: your grandfather.

Otoya: Grandfather...
Otoya: Are...
Otoya: you really...?


Kujou: Haruka-chan...
Man: I had hoped she had managed to escape...
Kujou: No...

Kujou: We mustn't hope for too much.
Kujou: I'm just glad you're safe.
Haruka: Y-
Haruka: Yes.

Kujou: ...Where is Otoya?
Kujou: What happened to him?

Haruka: I'm sorry.
Haruka: He left me behind in a storeroom and said he was going to fight.
Haruka: I haven't seen him since.

Kujou: Otoya...
Kujou: said he was going to fight?


SFX: Step forward
Man: Hey.
Man: Who is that girl?

Otoya: Not good!
Otoya: If I speak in front of grandfather...
SFX: Heartbeat
Otoya: he'll recognize my voice!!

Hibiki: She's the prime minister's grandson's date.
Hibiki: The Storyteller ordered us to find her.
Man: Oh.
Man: She's the one from the report.

SFX: Push
Haruka: Kyah!


Hibiki: For now, let's leave her with Kujou.
Hibiki: Let's go.
SFX: Step
Hibiki: Our mission is to clean up all the remaining Third-i and CraUns members.

Otoya: You're going to...
Otoya: leave Haruka-chan here!?

Haruka: I'm fine, Otoya-san.
Haruka: Go!

Hibiki: C'mon.
Hibiki: Let's go!
SFX: Step


SFX: Pat

Kujou: Haruka-chan.
Kujou: Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

SFX: Smile
Kujou: Don't worry about Otoya either.
Kujou: I'm sure...
Kujou: he's fine too.

Haruka: Y-
Haruka: Yes...
Haruka: His grandfather is...
Haruka: the same as ever.
Haruka: He's so splendid and kind.

Haruka: Is he really...
Haruka: the one behind all the terrorists?


Haruka: Onii-chan!!

SFX: Squeeze

Kirishima: Sawakita!
Kirishima: Do you know the exact number of surviving Third-i and CraUns members?
SFX: Blink blink
Sawakita: They're being displayed on the main monitor!


Sawakita: At the current stage, Kanou and Makimura of Third-i...
Sawakita: are working with Mamiya and Kurata from CraUns!!


Sawakita: Minami and Kusunoki are separately hidden on the Prestige Floor!

Sawakita: And...
Tsukamoto: Sakaki-san's team is fine!!
Tsukamoto: I just received word from them!

Tsukamoto: Same with Kaidou-san!
Tsukamoto: He is currently taking action alongside Investigators Yoshikawa and Akiyama!


SFX: Beep
SFX: Type type
Sawakita: Incoming transmission.

SFX: Ksshh
Sakaki: This is Sakaki.
Kirishima: This is Kirishima! Thank god you're okay!

Sakaki: I wish I could be so optimistic, but two of my team were taken out.
Sakaki: The other 3 members with me are lightly injured.
Sakaki: I would like to report our location, but...

Sawakita: Sakaki-san! It's possible our transmissions are being intercepted.
Sawakita: Please use the random number table to encrypt your transmission!
Kirishima: We will send you Kanou-san and the other's location encrypted using table 2!
Sakaki: Understood!

Tsukamoto: There are more of them left than we originally thought!
Tsukamoto: With this many...
Yajima: Don't let your guard down.
Yajima: This isn't over yet.


Kirishima: This is Third-i HQ. We are about to transmit everyone's locations using random number table 2.
Kirishima: Each team is to rendezvous with Kanou and Mamiya's team to work toward escape plan Exodus!

Makimura: Look at this!
Makimura: We have Sakaki-san and Kaidou-san's coordinates, too!
Kanou: Ha ha.
Kanou: I had a feeling someone like Sakaki wouldn't get taken out so easily.

Mamiya: How many are in their teams?
Makimura: Sakaki's team has four and Kaidou's has three.
Makimura: We can definitely pull off Exodus now!


Mamiya: Don't let your guard down, Makimura.
Mamiya: We don't even know if we'll be able to rendezvous safely.
Mamiya: We need to make a strategy assuming we only have 4!!

Makimura: U-
SFX: Pat
Makimura: Understood!

SFX: Step
Otoya: Hey!
Otoya: How could you leave Haruka-chan back with my grandfather?
Hibiki: We had no choice.
Hibiki: Her capture was reported, so we had to bring her there.
SFX: Step

Hibiki: And more importantly, Fujimaru has eyes there.
Hibiki: She's safer there than walking around with us.
SFX: Step

Hibiki: And you're Kujou Masamune's grandson, right?
Hibiki: Someone you live with can recognize the slightest idiosyncratic movements.
SFX: Step
Hibiki: Because of that, you couldn't stay with her!


Otoya: Because then the whole plan would be ruined.
Otoya: Yes, I get it.

SFX: Step

Hibiki: You clearly have feelings for that girl.
Hibiki: So how about you trust her a little?

Hibiki: She's much more reliable than I thought.
Hibiki: She seems smart and strong to me.
Hibiki: She's prepared.

Otoya: Yes...
Otoya: She is.

Hibiki: And most importantly, she's Fujimaru's little sister!
Hibiki: She has to be a good girl!
Otoya: So...
Otoya: What am I supposed to do now?


Hibiki: Kill.

Otoya: Eh?

Hibiki: What's wrong?
Hibiki: We're fighting terrorists here.
Hibiki: It's only natural.

Hibiki: Killing people is easy.
SFX: Chk
Hibiki: Pull the trigger immediately.


Hibiki: If you hesitate...
Hibiki: you will lose your life.

Hibiki: Other than that, all you need is the strength to pull the trigger.
Hibiki: Nothing else is needed.

Otoya: Can I...
Otoya: ask you a question?
Hibiki: What?

Otoya: Once you...
Otoya: kill someone...
Otoya: does something change...
Otoya: inside you?

Hibiki: You'll know once you kill someone for yourself.


SFX: Heartbeat

SFX: Bang

Kaidou: Yoshikawa!!!

SFX: Collapse

Kaidou: Kh...
SFX: Bang bang


SFX: Bang

SFX: Collapse
SFX: Pant

Kaidou: Yoshikawa...

Kaidou: Akiyama...!!

Kaidou: Kh...
SFX: Throb throb

Kaidou: The rendezvous point for Exodus is up there.
Kaidou: We were just unlucky to have enemies show up here.


Owl: Storyteller, can you hear me?
Owl: This is Owl.
Kaidou: Storyteller!?

Owl: We have the location of the rats.
Kaidou: We will take care of them soon.


Kaidou: It wasn't a coincidence!?
SFX: Heartbeat
Kaidou: They know what we're doing!?

Kaidou: But how!?
Kaidou: How could they possibly know!?
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Kaidou: At this rate, everyone will be...

SFX: Drip


SFX: Turn around

SFX: Bang bang bang
Text: It is already too late...
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 46

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#1. by Arhazivory (Scanlator)
Posted on Jan 22, 2012
Thanks js~!
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