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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 16

Final Parting Words

+ posted by js06 as translation on Jan 28, 2012 19:40 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 16


Top: Last Season Volume 1 goes on sale Monday 10/17!
Text: The fate of the world depends on the outcome of the battle within this tower...

SWAT: Shit!
SWAT: It's like they're holed up in a castle with the heads of the summit as hostages!
SWAT: Japan's reputation might as well have been smashed to pieces.


SWAT: We can't move in.
SWAT: Like this, that's the perfect fortress.
SWAT: Those damn terrorists...

Man: Umm, about half of the government's highest ranking members including Prime Minister Kujou have been taken hostage within Tokyo Neo Tower.
Man: Currently, there is quite a commotion...umm...even at the prime minister's official residence.
Title: File 16 Final Parting Words
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji

Man: Umm...
Man: As for the demands of the terrorists naming themselves Bloody Monday...
Man: that is currently undergoing deliberation, so...
Text crawl: terrorist attack inside Tokyo Neo Tower

SFX: Change
Text: Breaking news
Woman: The situation within Tokyo Neo Tower is difficult to grasp...
Woman: and Japan's responsibility for the security means...

SFX: Change
Man: Trading systems from across the world are down...
Man: and it seems it will take at least 2 hours to bring them back up...


Michael: Block A-10 has been locked down.
J: Mm.
SFX: Write

SFX: Twirl
J: This is causing quite an uproar, Michael-kun.

Michael: It certainly us.
Michael: J, now Block G-13.
Michael: The sealing of the fireproof barriers is currently at 18%.
Michael: That leaves only another 22% to reach our goal.

J: Understood.
J: We're making good time.
SFX: Write

J: Contact Jacob...
J: and have them resume the mission.
Michael: Will do.


J: Falcon,
J: we're monitoring your progress on the areas we gave you to lock down.
J: I'm glad to see it's going well.

J: We're about to head to the next stage too.
J: You're making pretty good pace, but are you sure they won't notice?
Fujimaru: Of course.

Fujimaru: I'm only doing the areas the terrorists have already inspected.
Fujimaru: After all, this will all be for naught if they notice.


Fujimaru: I'm more worried about your end of things.
Fujimaru: If your calculations are wrong, the tower itself will...
SFX: Type type

J: We've made no mistakes in our preparations.
J: As planned, everything was completed before the summit began.

J: Well...
J: sneaking into the tower's observation floor in the middle of the night...
J: apparently took some doing.

J: But the calculations won't be an issue.
SFX: Lean
J: He may not look it, but Michael-kun...


Fujimaru: studied the construction of high rise buildings in college.
Fujimaru: Yes, you've told me that how many times now?

J: ...Right.
J: Well, he's thoroughly checked and rechecked the calculations to ensure there are no mistakes.
J: There's no problem there.

Michael: J,
Michael: that was all based on the documents we got beforehand, so technically...
Michael: it was all theoretical.
SFX: Scratch
Michael: We won't be able to deal with...
Michael: any irregularities.

SFX: Grab

Fujimaru: I won't let any irregularities occur.
Fujimaru: You can count on it!


J: How reassuring.

J: Okay, everyone.
J: It's time to begin.

J: Cain and Abel, you two leave the Prestige Floor.
Cain: Understood.
J: Jacob, you remain on the Prestige Floor to prevent any unforeseen circumstances.

J: And look after...
J: Takagi Haruka.


J: After everything you said...
J: I feel like helping you out some.

Fujimaru: Thanks.

Fujimaru: But...
Fujimaru: it's unnecessary.
Fujimaru: I can prevent any unforeseen circumstances from cropping up on my own.
Fujimaru: I will make sure Haruka and all the other hostages there are saved!

J: Fine then.
J: Jacob, give priority to the mission.

J: Keep an eye on every move the Storyteller makes.

Jacob: Understood.


J: And just so you know, it's your selfishness that has made this mission so difficult.
J: If you hadn't refused to cooperate unless the plan would ensure not a single hostage died...
J: this would be easier.

Fujimaru: What else was I supposed to do?
Fujimaru: If I hadn't insisted on that...
Fujimaru: you would treat all non-key people as if they were worms.

J: If you recall,
J: I already said I am not as greedy as you.

Fujimaru(thought): Hibiki, myself,
Fujimaru: ...Hmph.
Fujimaru(thought): Third-i,
Fujimaru(thought): and J's group!
Fujimaru(thought): This mission is so difficult that it could not be accomplished if any one of those pieces was missing.
Fujimaru(thought): I will make sure it succeeds!!

SFX: Bang bang bang

SFX: Wobble...


SFX: Collapse

SFX: Drop

Kaidou: Pant
SFX: Slide down
Kaidou: Pant
Kaidou: Pant

Kaidou: Pant
Kaidou: Pant

Owl: Storyteller,
Owl: we have the location of the rats.

Kaidou: This is...Kai...dou...
SFX: Pant pant
Kaidou: Please...respon-
Kaidou(small): Cough


Kirishima: This is Third-i HQ!
Kirishima: What's wrong Kaidou? What happened!?
Kirishima: What is your condition!
Kirishima: Please report!

Kaidou: We ran into some terrorists.
Kaidou: I took them all out...
Kaidou: but Yoshikawa...and Kuroki...were killed...

Kaidou: And I'm not...
Kaidou: going to...
SFX: Ooze

Kirishima: Kaidou!!


Kaidou: Please stop...Sakaki-san's team...right this instant.
SFX: Pant pant pant
Kaidou: It wasn't a coincidence that we...ran into them...
Kaidou: The enemy knows our position!
Kaidou: It's possible they got our information somehow!!
SFX: Heartbeat

Kirishima: Wh-
Kirishima: What!?

Kirishima: Another...
Kirishima: spy in Third-i!?


Kirishima: No, wait!!
Kirishima: If Falcon is with the enemy, he could be intercepting our information in ways we can't even imagine!!

Kirishima: Third-i has fought together through two huge terrorists plots.
Kirishima: We worked together based on unwavering trust.
Kirishima: There can't be a traitor in Third-i now!!

Kirishima: Understood, Kaidou.
Kirishima: We will contact Sakaki's team and have them rendezvous with Kanou-san and the others through a different route!
Kirishima: You treat your wounds and just stay where you are. Don't force yourself!

SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Kirishima: ...Kaidou?
Kirishima: Kaidou!

Kaidou: Kirishima-san...
Kaidou: I have...
Kaidou: one last...thing to say...


Kaidou: This is...no ordinary terrorist attack.
SFX: Pant pant pant pant
Kaidou: The enemy performed too well...given how strict the multi-national...security was.
Kaidou: We had...no choice but to...leave our comrades behind...and flee...as they were being shot one after another...
Kaidou: Some...large power is at work here...
Kaidou: Some...large...

SFX: Pant pant


SFX: Wham

Kanou: Goddamn them!!
Mamiya: What is it, Kanou?

Kanou: Kaidou...
Kanou: another Third-i member was taken out.
Kanou: And it seems the enemy knows our location.

Mamiya: ...What!?

Kurata: You mean...
Kurata: there could be ANOTHER spy in Third-i!?

Kanou: So you've heard,
Kanou: Mamiya.


Mamiya: I wouldn't know about any from other areas, but I do know about the ones that came from the JSDF.
Mamiya: I heard about Houshou Sayuri and Shiota Makoto.

SFX: Realization
Mamiya: Kanou,
Mamiya: What if...

Kanou: Hm?

Mamiya: No...
Kanou: What?
Kanou: Out with it.

Mamiya: Houshou I understood, but Shiota was a relatively inconspicuous guy.
Mamiya: I had wondered why he was chosen to go to Third-i...

Mamiya: Now, I don't know how human resources issues are handled for an organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice like Third-i...
Mamiya: but what if...
Mamiya: Kanou, what if...

SFX: Wind


Mamiya: There was a traitor...
Mamiya: higher up in the Ministry of Justice?

SFX: Grab

Kanou: Don't be ridiculous!!
Mamiya: Think about it, Kanou!!
Mamiya: It explains this situation, too!
Mamiya: How did so many terrorists infiltrate this tower despite the strict security!?

Makimura: Calm down!
Makimura: Please just calm down!
SFX: Struggle
Kurata: Mamiya-san, you too! Getting into a fight here does no one any good!
Kurata: We need to continue with the mission!


Kanou: I really don't want to think about...
Kanou: that possibility.

Mamiya: I don't either.
Mamiya: But it's a fact that our information is being leaked.
Mamiya: We need to keep out minds open to any possibility.

Kanou: Agreed.
Kanou: Let's get back to Operation Exodus!
Kanou(thought): There's no way there's a spy!
Kanou: Let's meet up with Sakaki's team on the new route...
Kanou(thought): But...

Kanou(thought): Where did this...
Kanou(thought): "large power"...
Kanou: and rescue those hostages!!
Makimura: Yes, sir!
Kanou(thought): come from!??
Text: The battle is in a state of utter chaos!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 47

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Jan 29, 2012
Thanks js~!! <3
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