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Kurenai 43


+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 11, 2012 02:06 | Go to Kurenai

-> RTS Page for Kurenai 43

For JAC only

Chapter 43


Text: Hoshigami Zena, a woman who tramples on both good and evil.

Lucy: Hoshigami-san.

Lucy: We know where Kirihiko-kun has run off to.
Hoshigami: Where?

Lucy: Kyoto.

Hoshigami: Kyo-...


Hoshigami: Did she do this on purpose?
SFX: Glare

Lucy: Well?
Lucy: Should we send someone after her?
Hoshigami: We can't.
Hoshigami: If we interfered in Kyoto it would start a war.

Hoshigami: A war with them.

Lucy: Ah ha ha.
Lucy: That isn't the kind of thing I expect to hear from the <Solitary Fortress>.

Hoshigami: It's too much of a risk for capturing a single stray employee.
SFX: Glare
Hoshigami: We can just watch and see what happens this time.


Hoshigami: Too bad.
Hoshigami: I really don't want to lose her as a pawn.

Hoshigami: Heh heh.
Hoshigami: The darkness in Kyoto is deep.


Text: If I'm on a trip with you, anywhere would be perfect!
Book: Kyoto
Title: Chapter 43 Resemblance
Below credits: Volume 7 is on sale now!!
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke


David: Nyaahh
Kirihiko: Who are these people?

Kirihiko: Especially him...
Kirihiko: He has a dangerous look to him.

SFX: Whoosh


SFX: Slice

SFX: Jump back


SFX: Stiff

Koto: Hehh...

Kirihiko: Shut the hell up.
Kirihiko: Do you want to be my next target?


SFX: Pop out
SFX: Jingle

Kirihiko: Ah!?

Kirihiko: Davi-...!!

Koto: Slicing through a real sword with a bamboo leaf...
Koto: is pretty amazing.


Koto: I just have...
Koto: two things I want to ask you.

Koto: First, why did you kill someone of the Four Western Gate families?
[TN: I mistook this for a name and mistranslated it as the Nishishimon family last chapter.]

Koto: And second,
Koto: who are you?

Kirihiko: Who am I?
SFX: Pissed

Kirihiko: Let your body do the talking.
SFX: Jump


Usui: Stop,
SFX: Step forward
Usui: Koto.


Usui: She has nothing to do with this.
Usui: I...
Usui: know.

Kirihiko: Wh-


Kirihiko: Why are you here!?

Murasaki: Ohh!

Murasaki: So this is Kyoto!!
Sign: Kyoto


Murasaki: What's that pointed thing?
Shinkurou: That's Kyoto Tower.
Tamaki: This place looks amazing, doesn't it, Yamie-san?
Yamie: Heh heh. I look forward to going there tonight.

Shinkurou: Oh, right. Gin-...

Ginko: What?

Shinkurou: Ginko's really pissed...

Box: An hour prior
SFX: Rooooar
Shinkurou: Wh-why are you all coming, too!!?


Tamaki: We just so happened to hear from Ginko-chan's dad at Fuumitei...
Tamaki: that she was headed to Kyoto.
Shinkurou: G-Ginsei-san told you!?

Tamaki: Yes, and it hit me that you were bound to go with her!
Tamaki: Now, in that situation, who knows when you two would have your first time, right?
Tamaki: So we decided we should go along for some adult supervision.
Shinkurou: What do you mean, our first time?

Tamaki: That's exactly the problem!!
Tamaki: We were afraid because of how clueless you are!!
Tamaki: So anyway...
Tamaki: Oh, I need another beer!
Yamie: I will take a wine that is thicker than blood.
Box: *Do not be too noisy while riding the train.


Shinkurou: B-but then...
Shinkurou: why is Murasaki here?

SFX: Hop
SFX: Land

Murasaki: If you're going, then I'm going!
Murasaki: Is that a problem?

Box: And so...
Box: everyone ended up going.

SFX: Clatter


Shinkurou: Hey, Ginko...
Shinkurou: Could you please cheer up?

Shinkurou: Everyone only came because they were worried about you.
Shinkurou: ...I think.

Murasaki: What's that?
Murasaki: Let's go, Shinkurou!
SFX: Dash
Shinkurou: H-hey!
Shinkurou: Don't just run off!

Ginko: Make sure to stick with Murasaki-chan!!

SFX: Realization


Ginko: I-I mean, keep an eye on her because it doesn't seem...
Ginko: her guards are with her.

Shinkurou: S-sure...
Shinkurou: Oh, yeah. Lin-san is still in the hospital.

Shinkurou: But it's still weird, don't you think?
Shinkurou: She's so far away from home and yet neither Kiba-san nor any guards are with her.

Ginko: They do not want to provoke the West.
Ginko: That must be it.

Shinkurou: Eh?
Ginko: At any rate, don't let Murasaki-chan out of your sight while in Kyoto.
Ginko: I have something I must do.

Box: Come to think of it...
Box: Why did Ginko come here to Kyoto anyway?


Box: Did she get some information about Ginji-san?
Box: But what was with that overreaction regarding Murasaki?

Tamaki: C'mon, Shinkurou-kun. You need to be a little more proactive.
Tamaki: Ginko-chan's just waitin' for you to pounce on 'er.
SFX: Grab
Yamie: Trips have a liberating effect on people's hearts.
Yamie: But, boy, do not expect fate to knock on your door twice.

Shinkurou: What are you talking about!!?
Shinkurou: And you two reek of alcohol!!
Murasaki: Let's go to that big shrine, Ginko!


Box: Yasaka Shrine

Tamaki: Oeeehhhh

Shinkurou: Hehh. There are a lot of people here for a weekday.
Ginko: This is Kyoto, so that isn't too surprising.


Murasaki: Ohhhh!

Murasaki: What are those people!?
Tamaki: Oh, they're known as maikos.

Murasaki: Maikos?
Murasaki: What does a maiko do?

Tamaki: They're butterflies.
Tamaki: They're the butterflies that dance in the Kyoto night.
Murasaki: Can they fly?

Yamie: If you are interested, how about you try this?
Sign: Try out being a Maiko and get your picture taken. 500 m this way ->
Yamie: It looks like you can become a Maiko yourself.


Tamaki: Let's go, Murasaki-chan!
SFX: Dash
Murasaki: Yeah!
Shinkurou: Eh!?
Shinkurou: Right now!?

SFX: Fade away

SFX: Grab

Shinkurou: Ginko.

Shinkurou: If you're planning on going somewhere out of the ordinary, I'm coming with you.

Ginko: Hah?
Ginko: Why do I need you to-


Shinkurou: I'm going with you.

Yamie: Heh heh...
Yamie: I am glad everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

SFX: Jingle


Yamie: Oh?
David: Nyahh

Yamie: So this is where you were?
SFX: Hop

Yamie: Did you have enough of your friend?
David: Nyaahh


Shinkurou: What shop did those two go in?

SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Shinkurou: I don't think they went too far off...

SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat

Ginko: H-
Shinkurou: Eh?
Shinkurou: They're here!?


Ginko: How long are you planning to hold my hand!?
SFX: Pull away

Ginko: And can't you just call Murasaki-chan's cell phone!?
Ginko: You idiot!!

Shinkurou: Oh.

Shinkurou: S-sorry.
Shinkurou: I just panicked a bit with everyone separated like this.
SFX: Step



Shinkurou: Murasaki!

SFX: Smile

SFX: Heartbeat

Shinkurou: O-Oh, did you get all dressed up like a maiko?
Shinkurou: Wow.
Shinkurou: It's like you have a completely different aura now.


Shinkurou: But...
Shinkurou: this kind of outfit really does suit you.
Shinkurou: It's a contrast to your usual boy's clothes.

Usui: Thank you for your kind words.

Shinkurou: D-
Shinkurou: Did they teach you how to speak like that, too?
Shinkurou(small): At the shop?
Usui: Yes.
Usui: I have been taught the proper way to behave as far back as I can remember.

Ginko: Um, Shinkurou...
Shinkurou: Wait, where's Tamaki-san?
Usui: Eh?


Shinkurou: Honestly, did she leave Murasaki behind and go off somewhere?
Shinkurou: Well, we need to regroup.
Usui: U-um...
SFX: Grab

Usui: I-I cannot go with you...
Usui: I have an important task I need to-

Shinkurou: Murasaki, what are you talking abo-

SFX: Throb

SFX: Step


SFX: Step


Koto: You have guts.
SFX: Jump
Koto: trying to kidnap our young master.
[Note: Just to make sure 'young master' isn't seen as a mistake and changed in editing: Yes, this character is male.]

SFX: Land

Shinkurou: Eh?


Usui: Koto!!

SFX: Stop

Usui: ...Stop.

Koto: Eh?
SFX: Shock
Koto: But he was...


Usui: He was not.
Usui: He merely mistook me for someone else.
Ginko: I can't believe you.

Shinkurou: Ginko...?
Ginko: You STILL haven't realized it?
Ginko: That...
Ginko: is not Murasaki-chan.

Shinkurou: What...?

Shinkurou: No way.

SFX: Jingle
Yamie: Now this is a surprise.


Usui: Ah!

Yamie: Hm?
Usui: That is the cat I was searching.
Usui: Sorry, but that cat is...

Murasaki: Shinkurou!!

Tamaki: Sorry. We ran across a grilled bamboo shoot store before we got there.

Shinkurou: Hm?


Shinkurou: T-

Shinkurou: Two...
Shinkurou: Murasakis!!?
Text: Does this striking resemblance bring a premonition of trouble along with it!?
Bottom: To be continued in the October Issue

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Posted on Feb 11, 2012
Thanks js~! <3
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