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Kurenai 44


+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 11, 2012 22:31 | Go to Kurenai

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For JAC only

Chapter 44


Text: Volume 7 is on sale now!!

Murasaki: Who are you?

Usui: I am...
Text: Another child who looks just like Murasaki!?
Usui: Usui.


SFX: Smile
Usui: My name is Suzakujin Usui.

Ginko: <Suzakujin>...!?

Ginko: I'm shocked.
Ginko: I didn't expect to make contact with the Four Western Gate families so quickly.

Shinkurou: The Four Western Gate families?


Tamaki: Now this is amazing.
Tamaki: It's like she's standing in front of a mirror.
Yamie: If you mixed them up, it would be impossible to tell them apart.
Koto: Oh, c'mon now.
Koto: I can tell them apart.
Koto: After all, our young master is a bit cuter.

SFX: Stare

Murasaki: I am Murasaki.

Ginko: W-wait, Murasaki-chan!!
Ginko: Don't name yourse-

Murasaki: I am Kuhouin Murasaki!!


Usui: So you are Murasaki-sama.
Murasaki: That's right!

Murasaki: And that is my honey, Shinkurou!
Murasaki: And they are Tamaki, Yamie, and David.
Tamaki: Honey.

Murasaki: Hm?

Murasaki: David,
Murasaki: I didn't know you came with us.
David: Nyahh


Usui: U-um...
Usui: Excuse me, but...

Usui: That cat belongs to a guest of my house.
Usui: Perhaps she is a friend of yours.

Koto: Kuhouin...


Text: Your uncovered face brings down your heart's defenses as well...
Title: Chapter 44 Suzakujin
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke


SFX: Drip...

SFX: Brush

Kirihiko: He's gone.
Kirihiko: He's gone!!
Kirihiko: David!!


Usui: David...?
Usui: Is that the cat you had before?
Kirihiko: Yes!!

Kirihiko: David!!

Usui: Understood.

Usui: I will search for your cat.
Koto: Hah!?

Kirihiko: Until then, feel free to have your wounds treated at my house.
Koto: What!? Why do we need to do that for her!?


Usui: Let us go, Koto.
Koto: Ehh? Really!?

SFX: Splash

SFX: Sit

Kirihiko: It's too hot...


Shinkurou: Wh-what an amazing house...

Koto: Young master...
Koto: Should we really be...
Koto: inviting in these unknown people...
Koto: during this time of such dispute?


Usui: Koto.

Usui: We are the ones that were unnecessarily suspicious of these guests and treated them violently.

Usui: We cannot be so rude as to...
Usui: merely part ways once our business with them is over.

Koto: Young master is cute even while angry!

Koto: What are you standing there for?
Koto: Our young master invited you in...
Koto: so, please, do not refrain from entering.


Koto: However...
Koto: we must insist that you obey the rules of the West.

Ginko: Shinkurou...

Ginko: You must not mention...
SFX: Approach
Ginko: that you are connected to the <Houzuki> family.

Shinkurou: Wh-why not!?
Shinkurou: And what is all this about the rules of the west and the Four Western Gate families?

Ginko: Kyoto...
Ginko: is a special place.


Shinkurou: A special place?

Ginko: Yes.
Ginko: It is the only place in this country...
Ginko: where the outer and inner thirteen families have no power.

Ginko: Four families rule both the outer and inner portions of Kyoto.


Ginko: They are known as the Four Western Gate families.

Ginko: They are the <Seiryuujin>, <Byakkojin>, <Genbujin>,
Ginko: and <Suzakujin> families.
Ginko: They are said to be the descendants of the military nobles who were appointed as the defenders of Kyoto in ancient times.

Ginko: With both "outer" assets and "inner" supernatural powers, they set up a powerful barrier around Kyoto without anyone noticing.
Ginko: After a long history of resistance, they finally succeeded in eliminating the outer and inner influence of the other families.


Ginko: Do you understand now...
Ginko: just how dangerous it is for a Houzuki and a Kuhouin to be within that barrier?

Ginko: So do not speak the name <Houzuki>.
Ginko: And of course make sure to attentively protect Murasaki-chan.

SFX: Approach

Tamaki: That really was a surprise.
Tamaki: I can't believe how similar you two look.


SFX: Mad

Tamaki: Oh?
Yamie: Heh heh. It appears the girl is upset.

Murasaki: Of course I am!!

Murasaki: I can't believe...
Murasaki: Shinkurou would mistake someone else for me...


Usui: Oh...
Usui: I-I am very sorry about that.
Koto: Why are you apologizing, young master?

Tamaki: Hey, hey!

Tamaki: Then how about this?
Yamie: Don't play around too much, Tamaki.


Shinkurou: Murasaki and the others sure are taking their time.

Shinkurou: Hey, Ginko.
Shinkurou: Was the reason you came to Kyoto...


Shinkurou: to meet with the Four Western Gate families?

Shinkurou: Is there a connection between them and Ginji-san?
SFX: Slide
Tamaki: Sorry about the wait!!

Tamaki: Now, Shinkurou-kun.


Tamaki: Which one is Murasaki-chan!?
Shinkurou: Why are you just playing around, Tamaki-san!?

Tamaki: Oh?
Tamaki: So you can't tell?
Shinkurou: B-but...

Shinkurou: If they're wearing the same clothes...
Shinkurou: they look exactly the same...


Shinkurou: This one.
Tamaki: Wow, that's right!!

Murasaki: Shinkurou!!
SFX: Hop

Murasaki: So you really are my Shinkurou!!
Tamaki: That's amazing, Shinkurou-kun. This must be love!
Tamaki: Seeing those two is enough to bring out my passion even during the day!
Shinkurou: Ha ha...
Shinkurou: I definitely can't tell them I just chose the one that looked like she was about to attack me.

SFX: Angry


Ginko: Lolicon.
SFX: Stab

Tamaki: But that really is amazing, Usui-kun.

Tamaki: You really do look like a girl.
Shinkurou: Hah?

Shinkurou: What are you talking about?
Shinkurou: Usui-chan IS a gir-

Koto: Young master.

Shinkurou: Eh...!?
Shinkurou: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!!?


Shinkurou: Y-
Shinkurou: You're a boy!!?

Usui: The custom of my family...
Usui: is to dress up like a girl while we are young to ward off misfortune.

Shinkurou: But you're so cute...

SFX: Blush

Tamaki: He really is a boy.
Tamaki: I made sure to check back there.
Shinkurou: Don't check that kind of thing!!

Shinkurou: Um...
Shinkurou: So...


Shinkurou: So I guess I should...
Shinkurou: call you Usui-"kun".

Text: Hee hee

Usui: If you wish, Shinkurou-sama.

Shinkurou: He looks exactly like a girl.
SFX: Smile smile

Murasaki: What are you blushing about?
SFX: Heartbeat
SFX: Grab


Ginko: You aren't...
Ginko: feeling conflicted about something, are you?
Shinkurou: Eh!?

SFX: Rumble...

Shinkurou: N-no, no!!
Shinkurou: Not at all!!
SFX: Slide
Murasaki: Are you sure?
Ginko: Are you sure?

Woman: Excuse me.

Usui: Oh,
Usui: is she here?

Woman: Actually...


Usui: She disappeared?

Woman: Yes.
Woman: She suddenly vanished after getting out of the bath.

Yamie: Is this the person you say was looking for David?
SFX: Step forward

Usui: Yes.
Usui: She was a girl...

Usui: just a bit younger than Shinkurou-sama and Ginko-sama...
Usui: and she had a large scarf wrapped around her neck.


Ginko: A large scarf?

Murasaki: K-


Murasaki: Kirihiko.


Shinkurou: Ah!!
SFX: Dash
Shinkurou: Hey, Murasaki!!

Shinkurou: Could it really have been Kirihiko-chan!?
Shinkurou: But why would she be here?

Ginko: Shinkurou!!

Ginko: What are you doing!?
Ginko: Head after Murasaki-chan!!
Ginko: Hurry!!


SFX: Slide

SFX: Slide

SFX: Slide


SFX: Pant pant


SFX: Droop

Murasaki: Kirihiko...

Shinkurou: Where did Murasaki get off to?


Shinkurou: I have to find Kirihiko-chan, too.

Shinkurou: Come to think of it, Kirihiko-chan is from the <Kirishima> family of the inner thirteen families.

Shinkurou: As Ginko said...
Shinkurou: this place is dangerous for us.



SFX: Jump back
Bottom: To be continued in the November Issue

Murasaki: What...!?

Murasaki: Who are you!!?
Text: The malice of the West shows itself!!

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