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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kurenai 45

Lies and Hugs

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 12, 2012 20:29 | Go to Kurenai

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For JAC only

Chapter 45


Text: A mysterious masked figure targets Murasaki!!

SFX: Jump back
Text: The long-awaited Volume 8 will be released on Friday November 4th!!

Murasaki: What...!?

Murasaki: Who are you!!?


SFX: Grab


Kirihiko: Uuh...

Murasaki: K-

Murasaki: Kirihiko!!?

Masked figure: Tch!!


SFX: Tug

SFX: Wham

SFX: Slump
Murasaki: Kirihiko!!


Text: The Japanese heart of this Yamato Nadeshiko conceals a deadly blade...
Bottom: Volumes 1-7 are on sale now!! Volume 8 will be released on Friday November 4th!!
Title: Chapter 45 Lies and Hugs
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke


Shinkurou: That sound...

Murasaki: Are you okay, Kirihiko!?
Murasaki: Pull yourself together!!

Kirihiko: That...

Kirihiko: Give me that...
Murasaki: What?


SFX: Pull out
Murasaki: Ow.

SFX: Grab

Murasaki: Wh-
Murasaki: What are you doing!!?
Murasaki: Let go of me!!

SFX: Tense


SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Spurt

Kirihiko: Who do you think you're laying your hands on,
SFX: Land
Kirihiko: you pig.


SFX: Tighten

Murasaki: A hair!!

Masked figure: Tch.

SFX: Disappear

Murasaki: Kirihiko...

Shinkurou: Murasaki!!


Shinkurou: Kirihiko-cha-...!

Guards: Usui-sama!!
SFX: Rush forward

Guards: What...?


Guards: Why you...!
Guards: What did you do to Usui-sama!?

Murasaki: Wh-what are you talking about!?
Murasaki: I'm not Usui!!

Shinkurou: Ah.

SFX: Sneak
Murasaki: Kirihiko!?

Murasaki: Kirihiko!!
Murasaki: Wait, Kirihiko!!
SFX: Dash

Murasaki: Kirihiko!!


Usui: Well, if you see her, please report to me.
Woman: Understood.

SFX: Clatter clatter

Koto: I'm back,

SFX: Grab
Koto: young master.


Usui: Koto...

Usui: Where did you get off to at a time like this?
Usui: Has our guest been found?
Koto: Yes, she has.

Usui: Eh?

Koto: But she got away.

Usui: She got away!?
Usui: What do you mean!?
Koto: Oh, I only heard about it from my subordinates.
Koto: I also learned something else quite surprising.

Koto: She is actually...
Koto: <Kirishima Kirihiko>!


Usui: <Kirishima>...

Koto: Yes.
Koto: <Kirishima> of the Inner Thirteen Families.
Koto: The Kuhouin girl was being attacked by her...
Koto: when the guards came and saved the girl.

Koto: The <Kirishima> family is a line of hit men.
Koto: And she is the one that has been given the title of the 66th <Kirihiko>.

Usui: So she really is an assassin.


Usui: B-but why is someone from the Inner Thirteen Families here?

Koto: A Kuhouin of the Outer Thirteen Families is here too...
Koto: so it isn't...
Koto: too surprising.

Koto: Perhaps it is...
Koto: this <Kirishima> girl...

Koto: that has been going around assassinating high ranking members of the Suzakujin family for the past month.


Usui: Ridiculous!!
Usui: It can't be!!
Usui: She would do something like that!!

Koto: ...That's right.

Koto: It is true...
Koto: that you have the mysterious ability to see people's ill intent.

Koto: That is why you are worthy of being the head of the Suzakujin family.


Koto: However...
Koto: this is not someone that our normal methods will work against.

Koto: Someone who knows of your power...
Koto: might be able to use it against you.

Koto: It is also possible you have merely misread her.
Koto: You first...
Koto: need to accept the reality that lies before your eyes.


Usui: Koto...

Koto: Do not worry.
Koto: I am with you, young master.


Murasaki: But you're wrong!!
Murasaki: Kirihiko was...
Murasaki: Kirihiko was saving me!!

SFX: Pat

SFX: Poke

Tamaki: We know, Murasaki-chan.

Murasaki: Tamaki...

Shinkurou: What is going in...?

Shinkurou: Was Murasaki being targeted because it was revealed she is a Kuhouin?
Shinkurou: Or was it Usui-kun being targeted?
Shinkurou: And either way, who was that?


Shinkurou: Hey, Ginko.
Shinkurou: Do you know anythi-

Ginko: I didn't know.

Ginko: Even considering Murasaki-chan and that girl's presence...
Ginko: something must be going on within the West internally.

Ginko: I didn't know...
Ginko: and yet I'm an information broker...


Ginko: I need to get it.

Ginko: I need to get what...
Ginko: my grandfather left here.

Shinkurou: Ginko...

Guard: It seems she has been cornered in the east-southeast block.


Guard: Gather the guards!!
Guard: Let's go!!

Murasaki: Shinkurou!!

Shinkurou: Let's go!


SFX: Trip

Kirihiko: Ahh!!
SFX: Fall

SFX: Pant pant

Murasaki: Kirihiko!

Murasaki: Let's go, Kirihiko!

Kirihiko: Uuh...


SFX: Rustle rustle

SFX: Appear

SFX: Whoosh


SFX: Slice

SFX: Crumble

SFX: Charge

Kirihiko: Shit!!
Kirihiko: I need a better blade!!


SFX: Whoosh

Kirihiko: Damn you!!

SFX: Charge

Kirihiko: Fuck...

Kirihiko: Fuck!!


Kirihiko: Why...
Kirihiko: Why am I doing this?

Kirihiko: Why did I...

Kirihiko: run away back there!?

Kirihiko: I always do this.
Kirihiko: I always run away when it matters most.
Kirihiko: That was even why I came here to Kyoto.

Lucy: This is good enough for you.


Lucy: You don't need friends.

SFX: Charge


SFX: Wham


Shinkurou: Please wait!!

Shinkurou: She is...Kirihiko-chan is...
Shinkurou: my friend!!

SFX: Catch

Kirihiko: Stand back,
Kirihiko: onii-san.


Kirihiko: This will be over in 10 seconds.

Shinkurou: Kiri-...!!

Guard: Uuh...

SFX: Wham wham
SFX: Crack crack


Kirihiko: Heh...
Kirihiko: I guess I went a little nuts.

Shinkurou: B-but you didn't do anything, did you, Kirihiko-chan?
Shinkurou: If you just explained yourself...

Kirihiko: They wouldn't listen.

Shinkurou: Eh?
Kirihiko: If my guess is correct, they wouldn't.


Shinkurou: What do you mean?
Kirihiko: But more importantly...

Kirihiko: You need to get away from here.

Kirihiko: That wasn't even the beginning of their true strength.
Kirihiko: That guy is especially dangerous.
Kirihiko: You need to leave before he gets here.

Murasaki: I will not run.

Murasaki: Why must we flee when we have done nothing wrong?


Murasaki: Honestly, you keep running away...
SFX: Step
Murasaki: so I never get a chance to thank you.

Murasaki: How many times...
Murasaki: do you think you've saved me now?


SFX: Hug

Murasaki: Thanks for saving me,
Murasaki: Kirihiko.
Text: She had been wanting to say that for so long...

Bottom: To be continued in the December Issue

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#1. by Arhazivory (Scanlator)
Posted on Feb 12, 2012
Ah~ I feel like you've held my hand and invited me to dance. Thanks js, let's tango...later, after I sleep. XD
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