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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Kurenai 46

The Traitor

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 12, 2012 22:06 | Go to Kurenai

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For JAC only

Chapter 46


Text: The two finally meet...

Murasaki: By the way, Kirihiko.
Kirihiko: Yes?


Murasaki: Why are you here in Kyoto?

Kirihiko: I just wanted...
Kirihiko: to get far away!

Kirihiko: I have no right...
Kirihiko: to be with you two anymore...

Shinkurou: Th-
Shinkurou: That's not true, Kirihiko-chan.


Murasaki: You fool!!
Murasaki: What are you talking about!?

Murasaki: We are friends!!
Murasaki: It's okay for us to be together!!

Kirihiko: Eh?
Kirihiko: B-but...
Kirihiko: I tried to kill all of you...

Murasaki: Such trivial things do not matter!
Kirihiko: Trivial!?

Murasaki: Anyway...
Murasaki: you didn't do anything wrong, right?
SFX: Nod nod


Murasaki: Okay!
SFX: Smile

Murasaki: I believe you.
Murasaki: Let's go back, Kirihiko!

Shinkurou: Let's go,
Shinkurou: Kirihiko-chan.

Koto: That settles it.


Koto: Since you covered for Kirishima Kirihiko...
Koto: you are enemies of the <Suzakujin>.

SFX: Approach

SFX: Grab

Shinkurou: No, Kirihiko-chan!

Shinkurou: Murasaki is here!!


Text: She isn't called Guillotine for nothing.
Title: Chapter 46 The Traitor
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke
Text: Volume 8 will be released on Friday November 4th!!


Ginko: Usui-kun.

Usui: You are...
Ginko: I am Murakami's...

Usui: Yes, Murakami Ginji-sama's granddaughter.

SFX: Realization


Ginko: You just...
Ginko: read it, didn't you?

Ginko: That is why you trusted us upon first meeting us.

SFX: Step
Ginko: That is how you knew we meant no harm.

Ginko: You used the power of the <Suzakujin>, didn't you?
Ginko: You have the power to read people's minds.


Koto: What are you talking about?

Koto: Oh, I see.
Koto: So you are related to that information broker.

Koto: So that means...
Koto: you must be after that, doesn't it?

Usui: Koto.
Usui: Did you find Shinkurou-sama and the others?

Koto: Yes.
Koto: There is nothing to worry about, young master.
SFX: Smile


Koto: Nothing at all.

Guard: Get in!!
SFX: Push push

SFX: Slam

SFX: Click


Murasaki: What violent people.
Murasaki: Where are we anyway?
Shinkurou: It looks like an underground prison.

Tamaki: Ahhhhh!!

Tamaki: I got a Kirihiko-chan!!
Shinkurou: T-
Shinkurou: Tamaki-san!!?

Shinkurou: And Yamie-san, too.
Shinkurou: So you two were also captured?
Yamie: Personally, I find this damp darkness much more comfortable than outside.

SFX: Realization
Shinkurou: Ginko...!

Murasaki: This is ridiculous! Let us out of here at once!
Murasaki: I will speak with the head of the family!

Kirihiko: They won't let you.
Murasaki: Mh?


Kirihiko: We were caught in a trap.
Kirihiko: So it doesn't matter what we say.

Shinkurou: A trap?
Murasaki: What do you mean, Kirihiko!?

SFX: Clatter

Usui: Shinkurou-sama!!

Usui: Wh-
Usui: Why are you all being held here!?


Usui: And even you...

Guard: Those were the captain's orders.
Guard: We were told to capture them as suspicious people who were after your life, Usui-sama.

Kirihiko: Keh.

Kirihiko: We're the suspicious ones?

Kirihiko: How can that long haired one say that?
SFX: Touch

Kirihiko: He's the one that set it all up.
SFX: Slide


Shinkurou: Set it all up?

Kirihiko: His face may have been hidden...

Kirihiko: but there's no way I would mistake those movements.

Kirihiko: That long-haired guy who is always by your side...
Kirihiko: is the one that attacked us!


Shinkurou: H-
Shinkurou: He was!!?

Shinkurou: Why would he do that!?
Shinkurou: And does that mean it was no mistake that he had us imprisoned?

Usui: Y-

Usui: You're wrong!!!


Usui: Koto would never do that!!

Koto: My grandfather, the previous head of the family, brought him here...
Koto: and he has been with me ever since!!

Koto: H-
Koto: He is my...

Koto: My only...


Shinkurou: U-
Shinkurou: Usui-kun...

Usui: I hate you, Shinkurou-sama!!

SFX: Mad

Murasaki: What a girly little boy.
SFX: Step forward

Murasaki: Where is he?

Murasaki: If I ask him, we can know the truth of this!
Murasaki: Where is he!?


Usui: Ko-
Usui: Koto is with Ginko-sama...

Shinkurou: Ah!
Shinkurou: Usui-kun!!
SFX: Dash

Murasaki: Wait!!
SFX: Clank
Murasaki: Let us out of here!!

Kirihiko: That will not be an problem.


Kirihiko: I can get us out
SFX: Tight
Text: Oh!
Tamaki: Oh!
Tamaki: So can I!

Usui: Impossible!!

Usui: Koto would never...
Usui: He would never...!!


Text: Look, that is the head of the family's grandson.
Text: He really does look just like a girl.
Text: It's pathetic that HE will be the next head.

Text: But he inherited the supernatural power of the Suzakujin family, right?
Text: He can read people's minds.
Text: It's really creepy.

Text: I hope he dies quickly like his father.
Text: That way, the head might look in my direction.


SFX: Bounce

SFX: Bounce bounce

Grandfather: Usui.

Usui: Grandfather!

Usui: Who is that?


Grandfather: His name is Koto...
Grandfather and he will be acting as your bodyguard from now on.

SFX: Smile

SFX: Step forward

Usui: S-stay back!!
Usui: If you approach me, I will be able to read your mi-!!

SFX: Grab


SFX: Pick up
Usui: Wah!

Koto: I don't...
Koto: mind.

Usui: I can't hear the voice of his mind!?
Usui: Why?

Usui: But for some reason...
Usui: he feels very warm.

Koto: All I desire is your smile.
Koto: So please smile,
Koto: young master.



Ginko: This is it...?
Koto: Yes.
Koto: That is what your grandfather gave the previous head of the family long ago.

Koto: The previous head trusted Ginji-san...
Koto: so it was stored safely.

Koto: He also seemed to have asked a secret favor.
SFX: Flip

Text: Remember...
Text: one thing...
Text: Ginko.


Ginji: If...
Ginji: you ever hit a wall while continuing my work as an information broker...

Ginji: head to the West.
Ginji: Okay?

Box: That isn't very concrete advice, Grandfather.
Box: Ha ha. I suppose not.

Ginko: A hidden page?

SFX: Flip

Box: "Investigation Report"


Box: "He has definitely inherited the blood of the Suzakujin...
Box: and he has now become the bodyguard of the next head based on his own wishes."

Koto: Did you figure something out?
Ginko: Eh!?

Koto: Oh, so you found out.
Koto: I really didn't expect anything about me to be written in there.


Ginko: You read my mind!?
Ginko: So you really do have Suzakujin blood in you!?

Koto: Yes,
Koto: I do.

Koto: Apparently, the previous head met my mother while outside our territory.
SFX: Step forward
Koto: I had Murakami Ginji search out that information and bring me here.

Koto: And of course, the fact that I had Suzakujin blood was kept a secret from everyone but the previous head.
SFX: Thud

Koto: I wish for your assistance.
Koto: You should be able to read the all the coded messages in this notebook.


Koto: Murakami Ginji left behind all sorts of information on the underground society.
Koto: As long as I have that, I can...

Ginko: You intend to take over the Suzakujin family, don't you!?

SFX: Bang


Usui: Koto.

Koto: Young master.

Usui: I...
Usui: I trust you, Koto.

Usui: I-it's true that...
Usui: you and grandfather are the only two people whose minds I have been unable read.

Ginko: Just as the notebook said...
Ginko: Those with the same bloodline kill each other and cannot read each other's minds.

Usui: But...
Usui: I do not mind.


Usui: I trust you, Koto.
Usui: No matter what anyone says, you are...
Usui: my only...

Koto: Ha ha.

Koto: What are you talking about?
Koto: You really shouldn't trust people so easily.


SFX: Wham

SFX: Collapse
Ginko: Usui-kun!!


Usui: Koto.

Guards: It's no good. We can't stop them!!
Guards: Backup!
Guards: We need backup!!

SFX: Step


Tamaki: It looks like we've taken out most of them.
Kirihiko: But...

Kirihiko: Was it really okay...
Kirihiko: to let Murasaki...-chan go along with onii-san?

Tamaki: It's fine, it's fine.
Tamaki: The thing about Murasaki-chan is...

Yamie: Once she says she is going, there is no stopping her.


Bottom: To be continued in The January Issue

Murasaki: Let's find out the truth.
Murasaki: Let's go, Shinkurou!
Text: They will smash through the darkness lurking in Kyoto!!

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