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Kurenai 47

True Feelings

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 14, 2012 07:26 | Go to Kurenai

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For JAC only

Chapter 47


Text: Volume 8 is on sale now!!

SFX: Rustle

Text: A mysterious group appears, watching over the chaos in Kyoto!!


Ginko: Stop!!

Ginko: How could you raise your hand against a child!?
SFX: Approach

Koto: Don't think that you can escape.

Koto: Just...
Koto: wait there.


Text: The same form, different hearts...and the same earnestness.
Title: Chapter 47 True Feelings
Original Work: Katayama Kentarou
(Shueisha: Super Dash Bunko)
Manga: Yamamoto Yamato
Script: Koyasu Hideaki
Continuity Organization: Furuya Daisuke

SFX: Run run


SFX: Pant pant

Shinkurou: It's no good.
Shinkurou: The grounds are just too large. I can't figure out which way to go.

Murasaki: How about you put me down, Shinkurou?

Shinkurou: Eh?
Shinkurou: No, I'm fine, Murasaki...

SFX: Wham
SFX: Crash

Shinkurou: Wha-...!?


Shinkurou: Murasaki!!!

Koto: You really do...
Koto: look just like my young master.

Koto: If...
Koto: I were to kill you...

Koto: the Outer Thirteen Families would be unable to maintain their nonintervention.


Shinkurou: Let go of Murasakiiiiiiii!!!

SFX: Clang
Shinkurou: Houzuki Style.


Shinkurou: Type 1 Class 2 Fighting Demon,
Shinkurou: Kurenai Shinkurou.

Koto: <Suzakujin> Guard Unit 4 Captain,
Koto: Koto.

SFX: Toss


SFX: Charge

SFX: Rustle
Koto: Too slow.

SFX: Impact


SFX: Impact

SFX: Land
Koto: The ridiculous strength of the Houzuki Fighting Demon is pointless if you cannot hit.
Koto: And I can hit you all I want.

Koto: In other words...


Koto: I have an overwhelming advantage.
SFX: Rustle

SFX: Charge


SFX: Rush

SFX: Jump

SFX: Impacts


Koto: He's getting closer!!

SFX: Charge


Koto: Damn him!!

SFX: Stab

Koto: He was never intending to dodge...

Koto: Not bad.


SFX: Wham


SFX: Step

Murasaki: Shinkurou...

Koto: Kill me...


Koto: If you...
Koto: do nothing, I will eventually take over this family.
Koto: That is the destiny of the blood flowing through my veins.

Murasaki: Hah.

Murasaki: Liar.

Murasaki: Your true goal is not the family.

Murasaki: It's Usui.


Koto: It can't be...
Koto: Do you have the power to read minds, too?
Murasaki: Even without that power...
Murasaki: it's clearly written on your face.

Murasaki: Your head is filled with your feelings for Usui!

Murasaki: Just like Shinkurou's head is filled with his feelings for me.


Koto: Heh.

Koto: You're exactly right.

Koto: My one wish...
Koto: is for Usui to be happy.

Koto: I...
Koto: wanted to purify the dirty world in which he lives even if just a little.


Koto: I don't know how they found out...

Koto: but as soon as the highest members of the Suzakujin learned that the family's blood ran in my veins...
Koto: they came to me suggesting that I should take over the family.
Koto: They wanted to set me up as the head of the family so they could hold the true power of the family through me.

Koto: I learned something then.

Koto: I learned just how brutal the battle over influence was in this family.

Koto: I also learned how Usui was viewed within all that...
Koto: and that I would become a spark that would threaten him.


Koto: As long as I am in this house, the threats to his position as head will continue.
Koto: I decided that I must play the part of the usurper to draw out all of the trash...
Koto: and purge them from this house.

Koto: And in the end, I would be eliminated as a traitor.
Koto: With that, all the loose ends would be tied off.

Shinkurou: Wh-
Shinkurou: Why would you have to go that far...?

Koto: Yes, it may be impossible for you to understand...


Koto: just how dirty this world is to people like myself or my young master...
Koto: who can read the minds of everyone around us.

Koto: When I saw that seven year old child desperately living on while putting up the "voices" around him...
Koto: I could not help but grow attached to him.

Koto: If I am eliminated as a portion of that dirty world...
Koto: then he will not have to be hurt.

Koto: I had hoped to draw out even more of the trash using Murakami Ginji's notebook, but...

SFX: Step forward


Murasaki: Give it a rest already!!!
Murasaki: You fool!!!

Murasaki: I listened to what you had to say, but it was nothing but selfish delusions!!
Murasaki: Do you really think what you are doing is for Usui's sake!?

Murasaki: If so, you don't understand anything about how he feels!!

Murasaki: What Usui truly wants is...!!

Murasaki: Mh?


SFX: Push
Murasaki: Wah!

SFX: Step

SFX: Grab
Usui: Stop it...

Usui: Stop being mean to Koto!!!

Koto: Young master...


Usui: Waaaahhhh!!!

Usui: I don't want you to go!!
Usui: Koto!!
Usui: Koto!!

SFX: Wind...


Shinkurou: Wh-
Shinkurou: What?


Koto: Run!!

Koto: You mustn't fight!!
Koto: Not against them!!

Koto: They are the dark side of the Suzakujin...
Koto: no, of the Four Western Gate families.
Koto: That combat group is intended to directly prevent interference from the Outer and Inner Thirteen Families.
Koto: They are the most powerful assassins.

Koto: They are after me.
Koto: I am their target as the one who destroyed the order of the Suzakujin.


SFX: Step
Shinkurou: I can't let you die.

Shinkurou: After all, we can't have Usui-kun suffer any more, right?

Tamaki: Well said, Shinkurou-kun!
SFX: Step

Tamaki: If you keep saying cool things like that, I might just fall for you.
SFX: Step forward


Shinkurou: Kirihiko-chan!
Shinkurou: Tamaki-san!

SFX: Draw

Usui: Stop this!!


Usui: I am Suzakujin Usui, the head of the Suzakujin family.
Usui: I do not approve this physical intervention on our grounds!!

Assassin: The ways of the Four Western Gate families are absolute.

Usui: And I am one of the heads that rules at the top of those ways.

Usui: Judgment regarding this infighting has been made under my authority.
Usui: If you still intend to interfere...

Usui: I will take responsibility and end my life here and now.


SFX: Disappear

Koto: Young master!!
SFX: Run over

Koto: Young master!


Box: A few days later

Usui: As a result of the discussion between the <Suzakujin> and the other Four Western Gate families...
Usui: the interference here by the <Kuhouin>, <Kirishima>, and <Houzuki> will be ignored.

Usui: After all, it was all caused by a scandal within my own house.

Shinkurou: Um...
Shinkurou: What about Koto-san?


Usui: He received an inquiry from the Four Western Gate families...
Usui: and is currently imprisoned.

Usui: I intend to...

Usui: No, I will...
Usui: visit him regularly.

Usui: One day, he will have atoned for his crimes...
Usui: and the two of us will be able to walk together once more.

Shinkurou: We'll come see you again sometime, too.


Usui: Please do!

Ginko: This would have been too much for me alone.

Ginko: Thank you,
Ginko: Shinkurou.


Shinkurou: W-wow. You don't often thank people.

Murasaki: That is a rather rude thing to say, is it not?
Murasaki: Shinkurou-sama.
SFX: Pff

Tamaki: Ahhhh!! Shinkurou-kun mistook her for Usui-kun and is really turned on!!

Box: Thank you, grandfather.
Box: With your notebook...
Box: I can be much more of a help for Shinkurou.
Bottom: To be continued in the February Issue

Tamaki: So you really do swing both ways, Shinkurou-kun!!
Text: Waaaahh! Waaaahh!
Shinkurou: I already told you I don't!!
Ginko: What are you all yelling about?
Text: He's had enough of look-alikes!

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