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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 18

Third-i's Wings

+ posted by js06 as translation on Feb 29, 2012 17:45 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 18


Makimura: Mamiya-san?

Title: File 18 Third-i's Wings
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Text: The truth appears on his face!
Makimura: What is that...
Makimura: on your face?

Text: Last Season Volume 1 is on sale now!

Mamiya: Makimura.


Mamiya: You have...
Mamiya: something on your face, too.

Makimura: Eh?
SFX: Reach

SFX: Grab

Makimura: Mamiya-san!?
Makimura: What are you-!?
SFX: Turn


Mamiya: You idiot.
SFX: Push

Mamiya: I was hoping to keep you alive for a bit longer.

Makimura: Eh?


SFX: Bang bang

SFX: Hit

SFX: Bang abng

SFX: Collapse collapse


SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat
Makimura: Why is Mamiya-san doing this!!?
Makimura: What is going on!?

Makimura: And why are the shot terrorists getting back up?

Makimura: Were those blanks!?
Makimura: Was the battle with the terrorists just an act!?

Makimura: No way...
Makimura: That would mean Mamiya-san is...

Mamiya: I suppose this should be expected of the JSDF's record holder for moving target marksmanship.
SFX: Step
Mamiya: I have been a commander for some time...
Mamiya: but I rarely see such excellent movement.


Mamiya: But aiming for the head is not a good idea.
Mamiya: It makes the target smaller for the shooter...
SFX: Step step
Mamiya: and the target can instinctually avoid the bullet with the proper training.

SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat

Mamiya: That is one of the most basic standards of combat shooting.
Mamiya: Do the soldiers who should be protecting the country forget what it is to be a warrior...
Mamiya: when they go to an intelligence organization like Third-i?
SFX: Step

Makimura: What are you saying, Mamiya-san!?
Makimura: Don't tell me you're a traitor!
Makimura: A terrorist!!


Mamiya: A terrorist?
SFX: Step

Mamiya: No. I am a warrior.
Mamiya: I am part of CraUns.
SFX: Step
Mamiya: I fight to make this country a truly independent nation.

SFX: Bang
Makimura: Why!?
Makimura: Why!?

SFX: Dash


Mamiya: After him.
Mamiya: Corner him at the western staircase.

Men: Understood!

Mamiya: Makimura,
Mamiya: there is no need for you to understand.
Mamiya: After all...
Mamiya: you will all soon be dead!


Kirishima: How can we say we've saved Japan again and again!?
Kirishima: We wouldn't have been able to pull any of it off without him.

Kirishima: And...
Kirishima: once again...

Sawakita: Kirishima-san.
Sawakita: Are you okay?
SFX: Step

Kirishima: Sawakita...
Kirishima: Thanks. Did something happen? I'll be right back.
Sawakita: No.
Sawakita: I was just wondering if you were okay.

Kirishima: It's just...
Kirishima: this possibility of another spy in Third-i.


Sawakita: Yes, there is that.
Sawakita: But there is also Falcon.

Kirishima: Yes.
Kirishima: To be honest, I don't know what to believe.
Kirishima: I'm conflicted.

Kirishima: Sawakita.
Kirishima: Before, you told me to keep some distance between Tsukamoto and Makimura.
Kirishima: Do you suspect her?

Sawakita: No, that was because...
Sawakita: she and Makimura-kun...
Sawakita: were engaged once.


Kirishima: They "were" engaged?
Sawakita: They got engaged...
Sawakita: but due to his family...

Sawakita: it fell through.

Kirishima: I see.
Kirishima: Makimura does come from a rather distinguished family.
Kirishima: Did he split up because his family told him to?

Sawakita: Given his family, he probably didn't have much of a choice.
Sawakita: He said he isn't bothered by it anymore...
Sawakita: but with how it was forced on him, I didn't want any unnecessary hindrances to their work.
Sawakita: But it seems it wasn't necessary.
Sawakita: She has been taking care of it herself.

Sawakita: Are you doubting...
Sawakita: Third-i?

Kirishima: I trust all of us.
Kirishima: But when I remember that woman...
Kirishima: I start to doubt.


Sawakita: Houshou-san, you mean?
Kirishima: Yes.
Kirishima: I trusted her skills and her as a person.

Sawakita: Did you admire her?

Kirishima: I wouldn't go that far.

Kirishima: But when I remember that she was a traitor...
Kirishima: it makes me doubt...
Kirishima: what I can trust.

Kirishima: Including him.

Kirishima: Let's head back.
Kirishima: We need to trust our comrades..
Kirishima: and do our utmost to protect this country!!


Makimura: I can't believe it...
Makimura: Mamiya-san was a contender to be one of the highest members of the JSDF.
SFX: Pant pant
Makimura: Why would he be a terrorist!?

Makimura: Don't tell me all of CraUns is with the enemy!
Makimura: Or the entire JSDF!!

Makimura: There could even be traitors in Third-i!!
Makimura: I need to contact them.
SFX: Throb throb
Makimura: At this rate, Exodus will not just fail, everyone will be-...!!

Makimura: Dammit! How could I let him take my communications device.

Tsukamoto: You really are naive!
Tsukamoto: Are you some kind of idiot?

Makimura: Shit...
Makimura: This is no time to be remembering that...


Makimura: Just you watch, Mari! I'll show you...
Makimura: that it was not my family that got me into Third-i!
Makimura: It was my own ability!!

Makimura: After I get back from this...
Makimura: I will go to you and once more-...!!

SFX: Dramatic


Makimura: Damn iiiiittt!!

SFX: Bang

SFX: Step out


Woman: He has been taken out.
Woman: Just as Condor commanded.

Men: Excellent.
Men: How many Third-i members are left?
SFX: Step step
Men: We've killed 3...
Men: so there should be 4 or 5 left.

Men: It's only a matter of time before we've taken them all out.


Fujimaru: Okay.
Fujimaru: Blocks F-8 and C-19 are locked down.
Fujimaru: Only 20% to go.
Fujimaru: Target Point 1 is...

Men: Move all these plants over by the Party Floor windows.
Men: We can use them to hide behind in case a helicopter attacks.
Men: Understood.

Fujimaru: N-
Fujimaru: Not good!
Fujimaru: If they move those...!!


Fujimaru: J.
Fujimaru: Look at Point 1!!

J: I heard, I heard.
SFX: Crack
J: It looks like things aren't going to go exactly as planned.
Fujimaru: This is no time for that!
Fujimaru: What are we going to do!?

J: All we can do...
J: is find some way to move those plants back...
J: or put the spares there.

SFX: Look over

Fujimaru: We can't move them back...
Fujimaru: so we'll have to use the spares!!
Fujimaru: But...
Fujimaru: how!?


SFX: Step
Tsukamoto: Kirishima-san.
Kirishima: What?
SFX: Step
Tsukamoto: Before...
Tsukamoto: you said you were conflicted...
SFX: Step

Kirishima: If I told you...
SFX: Step
Kirishima: I still trusted Falcon somewhere in my heart...
Kirishima: would you laugh?

Tsukamoto: ...No.
Tsukamoto: He is our...

Tsukamoto: He is Third-i's wings.


Kirishima: Yes.

Kirishima: I want to believe that...
Kirishima: the bonds between him and Third-i and Takagi Ryuunosuke's spirit of self-sacrifice for the country...
Kirishima: live on within him!!
Text: They each face their own crisis... The power of trust will pull them through!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 49

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2012
Thanks js~! :D
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