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Bloody Monday Last Season 19

Budding Feelings

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 7, 2012 20:29 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 19


SFX: Bang bang

SFX: Ricochet ricochet

Kanou: Pant pant. Damn, I just can't hit them.
Kanou: And yet you managed to hit them.
Kanou: I'm losing confidence in myself here.
Kurata: I hope Mamiya-san is okay...

Kurata: Maybe my radio is broken.
Kurata: I can't seem to contact him.

SFX: Focus


Kanou: I can't...
Kanou: contact Makimura either.

Kurata: Does that mean...?

Kanou: Don't be silly!
Kanou: They wouldn't get taken out so easily!!
SFX: Slap

SFX: Smile
Kanou: ...Right?

Kurata: ...Right!
Kurata: We just need to believe that they are on the way to secure their route...
Kurata: while we make sure to secure the other route!

Kanou: Right.
Kanou: Don't lose your focus, Kurata!
Kurata: Okay!

Text: Volume 1 is on sale now!


Kurata: One other thing, Kanou-san.
Kanou: What?
Kurata: The escape routes are the cornerstone of Exodus...
Kurata: so could you tell me what they are?

Kurata: If we get split up...
Kurata: I want both of us to be able to carry out the mission.

Kanou: That's a good point.
Kanou: The escape rou-

Voices: Were they over there?
Voices: No...
Kanou: Shit!
Kanou: We can't let them find us! Let's go!


Kurata: Tch...
SFX: Ksshh
Mamiya: This is Condor.
Mamiya: Report your situation in Morse code.

SFX: Ta-tap
SFX: Tap tap
Kurata: This is Pigeon.
Kurata: I still haven't gotten the information from Kanou.
Kurata: How about you?
Mamiya: We can't count on him anymore.

Mamiya: By a fluke, he realized what was going on...
Mamiya: and γ-team took him out before I could get any info out of him.
Mamiya: Don't kill Kanou yet.
Mamiya: Stay with him and keep him alive as long as possible so that we can keep tabs on Third-i's movements.


Kurata: Understood.
SFX: Tap
Text: A threat approaches to make their efforts futile!!

Title: File 19 Budding Feelings
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Men: Move all these plants over by the Party Floor windows.
Men: We can use them to hide behind in case a helicopter attacks.

Fujimaru: N-
Fujimaru: Not good!
Fujimaru: If they move those at Point 1...!!
Fujimaru: J!!

J: Honestly...
J: Using the plants to hide themselves is such a pain and so plain.
J: If they want cover from snipers, they could make a perfectly good human wall by having the foreign VIPs stand there.
Fujimaru: What are we going to do!?


J: All we can do...
J: is find some way to move those plants back...
J: or put a spare there.

Fujimaru: We can't move them back...
Fujimaru: so we'll have to use the spares!!
Fujimaru: Who has one!

J: Jacob does.
Fujimaru: Good! Thank goodness he's still on the party Floor!
Fujimaru: Okay, have him-

J: I can't.
J: Jacob can't leave that floor.

Fujimaru: What!?

Fujimaru: That's right.
Fujimaru: The terrorists aren't allowed to take independent actions.


J: Right.
J: That's one of the pieces of information your hacking gave us beforehand.
J: Any independent actions will be seen as the actions of a disguised enemy or a traitor.
J: They will either be restrained or shot on the spot.
J: By having them all watching over each other, unity is guaranteed between these soldiers with no command and without knowing who the others are or what they look like.
J: It's a pretty good idea.

J: Cain and Abel have a spare too...
J: but it would completely ruin the schedule to have them return to Point 1.

J: We'd never make it in time.

J: Your boasting...
J: about how you are going to rescue all 220 of them has suddenly...
J: become impossible.


J: If we have Jacob do anything too forceful, the other blocks could become more alert.
J: That would be a problem.

Fujimaru: We need an excuse.
Fujimaru: Anything.
SFX: Scratch scratch
Fujimaru: But what...?

SFX: Realization

Fujimaru: That's it.
Fujimaru: What if he was accompanied by a hostage?
Fujimaru: Like taking the hostage to the bathroom or something?

J: Eh?
J: Really?

J: That could indeed work as an excuse...
J: but...

J: You understand, don't you?
SFX: Tap
J: We need a hostage that we can explain the situation to and have act.


J: That leaves...
J: only one option.

Fujimaru: We have no choice.

Fujimaru: In order to quickly recover within the limited time...
Fujimaru: we have to go with that.

Fujimaru: Haruka.


Girl: Why are they lining up those plants?
Girl: What's happening?
Boy: Papa and mama look so scared...
Boy: Uuh...Are we...going to die?

Haruka: Don't cry, okay?
Haruka: You're a boy, right?

SFX: Pinch

Haruka: If you look like that, you'll worry...
SFX: Smile
Haruka: your new friend.


Text: Gh...

SFX: Ksshh
Fujimaru: Haruka.
Fujimaru: Can you hear me?

Fujimaru: If you can, tap your back teeth twice.
Haruka: Onii-chan!
SFX: Tap tap

Fujimaru: There is...
Fujimaru: something I need you to do.

Fujimaru: To be honest...
Fujimaru: I don't want to ask this of you.

Fujimaru: It's...
Fujimaru: very dangerous.


Fujimaru: But...
Fujimaru: You are the only one I can ask.
Fujimaru: If we can't recover now, our rescue operation will fail.

Fujimaru: If you're willing, tap your back teeth twice.
Fujimaru: If you have the slightest doubt, do it only once-

SFX: Tap tap

Haruka: I'll do it.
Haruka: If...
Haruka: there is something I can do...!
Haruka: I will do it...

Otoya: Once the party is over...
Otoya: I have something I want to talk with you about.
Otoya: And something I want to give you.


Fujimaru: Haruka...

Fujimaru: Okay.
Fujimaru: First, look over at the tallest of the masked terrorists.
Fujimaru: He is currently holding his right hand to his ear.
SFX: Focus

SFX: Look around

Fujimaru: Go over and speak to Kujou pretending you have to use the bathroom.
Fujimaru: When that man approaches, tell him you need to go to the bathroom.
Fujimaru: If you understand...
Fujimaru: tap your back teeth twice.

SFX: Tap tap

Boy: What is it?

SFX: Squeeze
Haruka: Nothing.


Haruka: That's right.
Haruka: I must...
Haruka: make sure everyone returns home safe!

Otoya: Mizusawa Hibiki.
Hibiki: What?

Otoya: When you shot...
Otoya: before I did it wasn't because Fujimaru told you, was it?


SFX: Step
Hibiki: No, Fujimaru would never tell me to do that.

Hibiki: But...
Hibiki: I can tell.
SFX: Smile
Hibiki: I'm just that in love.

Otoya: Next time...
Otoya: I will shoot.


Otoya: If you really aren't a weapon...
Otoya: and are a human who is prepared to dirty her hands for the man she loves...

Otoya: then just like you did not allow me to become a murderer for Fujimaru's sake...
Otoya: I do not want you...
Otoya: to dirty yourself any more for Fujimaru's sake.

SFX: Hee hee

Hibiki: Understood.
SFX: Step
Hibiki: Do...
Hibiki: as you wish.


Hibiki: People...
Hibiki: really do...
Hibiki: change.
Hibiki: And also...
Hibiki: change others.

Hibiki: People are...
Hibiki: kind.
Hibiki: And not just Fujimaru.
Hibiki: Tons of kind people are out there.

Hibiki: It's scary.


Hibiki: If I wonder if the person might be kind...
Hibiki: or have those who are kind to him...
Hibiki: I might not be able to pull the trigger.
Hibiki: And then it would be me...

Hibiki: I don't want to die.
Hibiki: I want to live...
Hibiki: and have Fujimaru embrace me once more.
Hibiki: One day, I want to have his child.
Hibiki: And not a child like me that never knows her mother or father.
SFX: Tear...

Hibiki: An irreplaceable-


Otoya: Mizusawa...

SFX: Rub

Hibiki: I will overcome all of this
Hibiki: And return to Fujimaru's arms.
SFX: Wipe
Hibiki: Let's hurry. We don't have time.
Text: Unlike the past, she now has a reason to live!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 50

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#1. by Arhazivory (Scanlator)
Posted on Mar 7, 2012
Oh? What's this?

Hehe...thanks js~!!

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