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Bloody Monday Last Season 20

A Gun Barrel Held Forward

+ posted by js06 as translation on Mar 24, 2012 20:52 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 20


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Text: Volume 1 is on sale now!
Title: File 20 A Gun Barrel Held Forward

Fujimaru: Damn.
Text: Girl vs. Terrorist!!
Fujimaru: I thought they would at least allow him to go alone when taking a girl to the bathroom...
Fujimaru: but I guess not.
J: Yes, but this is still only one terrorist with them.
J: And no other hostages took this chance to use the bathroom. We were lucky.


J: Given the overall plan, we can't have Jacob use any forceful methods at the moment.
J: As such...
J: she is going to have to help us out some more.

J: If she can...
J: that is.

SFX: Clench

Fujimaru: I know!
Fujimaru: Damn...
Fujimaru: you're annoying.


Fujimaru: Listen, Haruka.
Fujimaru: That man has something he needs to set up.
Fujimaru: Due to certain reasons, he can't do it himself.

Fujimaru: I need you to take the gun and spare he has and place it at the designated point.

Fujimaru: I know I am asking you the unreasonable.
SFX: Chk

Fujimaru: But this is the only way to rescue everyone.
Fujimaru: Please, Haruka.

Haruka: I'll do it, onii-chan.
Haruka: No...
Haruka: I must do it!!


Fujimaru: Haruka, can you hear me?
Fujimaru: If you can, tap your back teeth twice.

SFX: Tap tap
Fujimaru: Don't look around like that.
Fujimaru: Calm down and listen.

Fujimaru: I will lead you to the...
Fujimaru: designated point.
SFX: Type

Fujimaru: Listen, Haruka.
Fujimaru: I will give you a sign when you are there.
SFX: Whoosh
Fujimaru: Act exactly as I explained earlier.
Fujimaru: I will tell you when to begin.
Fujimaru: Got it?

SFX: Slam


SFX: Step step step

Man: Tch.
Man: The barrier's down.
Jacob: There was a firefight around here.
Jacob: The emergency fire system must have activated due to the smoke.

Man: Damn. And the bathroom is beyond here.
Man: I guess we have to circle around.
Jacob: No, we can just go through that emergency door.
Jacob: That will get us to the other side of the barrier.

Man: Oh, yeah.
Text: Heh heh
Man: That's lucky. If we went the long way, the girl'd probably wet herself.
Man: C'mon, get going.

SFX: Heartbeat


SFX: Grab

Jacob: This way.

SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat

SFX: Clench...
SFX: Heartbeat


Fujimaru: Now, Haruka!!


Haruka: F-
SFX: Jump back
Haruka: Freeze!!

Man: Th-that brat!!
SFX: Step forward

SFX: Bang

SFX: Bump

SFX: Pant pant
SFX: Focus


Haruka: Close this door!
Haruka: Hurry!!

Jacob: Okay...
SFX: Creeeeak.

SFX: Close
SFX: Jump forward

SFX: Click


Haruka: I-I did it!
SFX: Pant pant
SFX: Lean

SFX: Wham

SFX: Wham wham
Man: Open up!
Man: Do you want us to kill you, brat!?
Man: We have comrades all over the place.
Man: I don't know what you think you're doing, but you won't escape!

Haruka: I need to hurry!
Haruka: Onii-chan!

Fujimaru: Calm down, Haruka!
Fujimaru: Point 1...the place to set it is in the middle of that room.
Fujimaru: A potted plant was placed there, so a circular mark is still there.


Fujimaru: Do you see it!?
Haruka: Yes...here it is!

Man: Hey, open up!!
SFX: Shock
SFX: Wham

Fujimaru: Place the spare you were given there.
Fujimaru: Make it so it doesn't stand out!
Fujimaru: Gather things around there, making it look like they're to hide you!

Haruka: I'm scared...
Haruka: But...!
SFX: Drag

Haruka: Dad and onii-chan have been fighting like this all along!
Haruka: So has Otoya-san...
Haruka: And the people of Third-i!
Haruka: They've been doing this...


Haruka: Kujou is a wonderful person...
Haruka: and I don't know what he wants to do to this country...
Haruka: but there is no way this violence will bring happiness to the country!
Haruka: Isn't that right, dad!!

SFX: Wham

Man: Y-you brat!!
SFX: Enter
Man: Not a move!!

SFX: Place


Fujimaru: Sh-shit! The guy's in a rage!
Fujimaru: Have Jacob save her, J!

J: Jacob.
J: Don't move.
J: I repeat.

J: Calm down.
Jacob: If we take her back to the party floor, we can show the hostages that escape is futile.
Man: Good idea. And a corpse would work even better!!

Jacob: That girl was with Kujou.
Jacob: We do not know if we have the authority to kill her.
Man: I don't give a fuck!!

Man: If she had gotten away...
SFX: Pant pant
Man: we might have been purged!!

Jacob: That is exactly why you need to calm down.
Jacob: You're a professional, right?
Jacob: Then do not do anything that might not be in the interests of the client.


Fujimaru: It's not working!
Fujimaru: J!!
Fujimaru: Have Jacob take him out!!

J: No.
J: I told you we need to give the mission priority.
J: You agreed.
J: If we shoot him here, the mission will be in trouble.

Fujimaru: Are you just going to abandon Haruka!?

J: He is not some thug.
J: If he calms down, he will not shoot her.

SFX: Breath


SFX: Snap

J: Tch.

Fujimaru: J!!

Man: Don't take us lightly!!!
SFX: Chk

Fujimaru: Stop him!!!
Fujimaru: Haruka!!!


SFX: Bang


Haruka: Otoya-san!!
Haruka: Hibiki-san...

Fujimaru: Thank god...
Fujimaru: Thanks, Hibiki.
Fujimaru: I'm glad I sent you over just in case!

J: Ahh...
J: Now you've done it.
SFX: Gulp
J: Now the mission's in trouble.

Fujimaru: Haruka was about to be killed!!
Fujimaru: How dare you...!!

J: You knew it would be dangerous from the moment Takagi Haruka left the party area.
J: That's why I asked if you were serious.
J: And...
Fujimaru: And so it's okay to treat her as expendable!?


J: Give it a rest already.
J: I am not doing this for fun.
J: Remember when you asked me what I was planning, Falcon?
J: I am planning to stop Kujou for the sake of the future.

J: You said you would save everyone even if you had to take on the name of a terrorist.
J: Was that determination a lie!?
J: No matter what you say...
J: if you are not wholly committed...


J: you will not bring any reward...
J: to those who are fighting while trusting in you!!

Fujimaru: ...Sorry.

SFX: Twitch

J: We need to think about what to do now.
SFX: Sit
J: Both for this and the time we've lost having Mizusawa Hibiki...
J: go all the way back there.


Fujimaru: I'll go.

J: Are you serious?
Fujimaru: Give me 15...
Fujimaru: no, 10 minutes.

Fujimaru: I will take care of this.
SFX; Stand
Fujimaru: I will...
Fujimaru: go to the tower!!
Text: He is showing himself in the tower battle!!
Bottom: We are taking a break next issue. Look forward to Issue 52!!

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Posted on Mar 25, 2012
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