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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 21

Into the Flames

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 3, 2012 20:16 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 21


J: Ahh...
J: Now you've done it.
J: Now the mission's in trouble.

J: This is a problem to the mission as a whole...
J: but they'll also realize something is wrong when the dead terrorist, Jacob, and Takagi Haruka do not return.

J: We've given them a hint that the "uncertain factor" is you, Falcon.
J: If Kujou realizes it's you, he'll cut off internet access to the tower even if he has to cut off all power, including the backup power.
J: If that happens...
J: it's all over.


J: Even...
J: your determination to rescue all 200 hostages and prevent the Storyteller's terrorism...
SFX: Crinkle

J: will be over.

Fujimaru: I'll go.
J: Are you serious?

Fujimaru: Give me 15...
Fujimaru: no, 10 minutes.
Text: Volume 1 is on sale now!
Fujimaru: I will go to the tower!!
Text: He heads to the tower himself... He cannot avoid the danger now!!
Title: File 21 Into the Flames
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Otoya: Haruka-chan!
Haruka: Otoya-san.
Haruka: Hibiki-san!

SFX: Jump

Hibiki: Why did you aim your gun at him!?
Hibiki: You gave that terrorist a valid reason...
Hibiki: to shoot you!!


SFX: Tears

Hibiki: E-eh?
Hibiki: ...No.
Hibiki: I didn't mean...

Haruka: I'm sorry...
Haruka: I...
Haruka: used to think you were kind of scary, Hibiki-san.
Haruka: Something seemed out of place.
Haruka: I wondered what kind of person you were.


Haruka: Can you?
Haruka: Will you care for me...
Haruka: and I care for you like with my brother...
Haruka: when you...
Haruka: one day become part of our family?

Hibiki: ...Yes.

Hibiki: I think one day...
Hibiki: that will come to be.

Haruka: Thank you...
Haruka: for saving me!


Otoya: Mizusawa.
Otoya: ...Thanks.

Hibiki: Call me Hibiki.
Hibiki: I'm still not used to that family name.
Hibiki: And it'll change to Takagi once this all over anyway!

Fujimaru: If I go to the tower, I can completely control the internal system.
Fujimaru: And I can prevent the enemy from getting into the server room.
SFX: Rustle
SFX: Whiiirrrr
Fujimaru: We'll have an overwhelming advantage.
Fujimaru: I will take responsibility and bring this mission back on track!

J: If an amateur like you can survive entering an enemy territory overflowing with terrorists.

Fujimaru: I know it's dangerous.
SFX: Pull out
Fujimaru: But I've had enough of being frustrated at my limitations here.

Fujimaru: This is...
Fujimaru: my determination!!


SFX: Sigh

J: How are you even planning to get up there?
Fujimaru: There are small freight elevators in the western area.
Fujimaru: I'll use one of those.

J: Those ones meant for the restaurant area that can only take 50 kg?
J: Those aren't made for people.
J: You're both...
J: too big and too heavy.

Fujimaru: From what I can find, they're made to hold up to 70 kg.
Fujimaru: It's possible they won't move when the weight limit is exceeded...
Fujimaru: but I can just hack the sensor to bypass that and I just need to break the top open to fit!

J: If it shakes too much, you could be killed.
J: And if it doesn't stop until it reaches the restaurant floor at the top, you'll be crushed against the ceiling.

Fujimaru: If I grab on tight, it won't be as dangerous.
Fujimaru: And as long as it's connected to the network, I can stop it before I get crushed!


J: Ten minutes, hm?
J: Do as you wish.
SFX: Gnaw

J: But...
J: if you get killed and the tower's server is brought down, this plan is done for.
J: Don't forget that I will then have to switch over to a plan that will not necessarily rescue all 200 hostages.

Fujimaru: I know that!
SFX: Dash

SFX: Tone
SFX: Open

Fujimaru: Can you hear me, Hibiki?
Fujimaru: I'm headed there now!
SFX: Thrum thrum
Fujimaru: I'll enter the western area...
Fujimaru: and head to the tower's server room!


Hibiki: You're coming here?
SFX: Thrum thrum

Fujimaru: Yes.
Fujimaru: I'll be there in 10 minutes.
Fujimaru: Continue sending me your coordinates.
Hibiki: Okay...

Fujimaru: What is it?

Hibiki: Oh...
Hibiki: Nothing really.

Hibiki: It's just...
Hibiki: I'm a bit scared having you come to such a dangerous place.
Hibiki: I'm afraid.

Hibiki: But...
Hibiki: It will be okay.
Hibiki: I will...
Hibiki: protect you.


Fujimaru: Of course!
Fujimaru: I will protect you...
Fujimaru: I will protect all of you!!!

Michael: That was...
Michael: quite unlike you,
Text: Raising your voice like that.
Michael: J.

SFX: Catch

J: Was I cool?
Michael: No.
Michael: I wouldn't say that.
SFX: Cold

Text: Ehhh?

J: He just pissed me off with how...
J: he keeps saying he's committed but also keeps hesitating and going soft.


J: Also...
J: I'm about old enough to be growing out of such childish things.

Michael: You're not going to convince anyone with that face.
SFX: Munch
J: How cruel, Michael-kun.

Michael: I hope...
Michael: this all ends soon.

J: Yes.
J: Let us end this.

Fujimaru: Just in case, I secured a direct route through the inspection points.
Fujimaru: Beforehand, I hacked into the national and city servers and altered their master map.


Fujimaru: According to the maps of possible infiltration points the police, the JSDF, and Third-i are using...
Fujimaru: this sewer does not exist.

SFX: Brake

SFX: Run run

SFX: Type type type
SFX: Beep beep beep beep

SFX: Open

SFX: Slide
SFX: Beeep


SFX: Creeeak

Fujimaru: And just through this sewer...

Fujimaru: is the underground maintenance tunnel for the telecommunications cable!!


Fujimaru: Countless such tunnels are laid out all over the place beneath Tokyo.
Fujimaru: They were originally made as escape routes for important people in case of emergency.

Fujimaru: Without the normal populace knowing...
Fujimaru: those in power have been taking measures to survive.

Fujimaru: But!
Fujimaru: Now it's my turn to use it!!

SFX: Pant pant pant

SFX: Kneel


Upper left box: Current Location
Lower right box: Destination
Fujimaru: Okay, I'm here.
Fujimaru: And the guards are...

SFX: Type type

SFX: Appear
Fujimaru: Piece of cake.

Fujimaru: There are relatively few right around the tower.
Fujimaru: All the non-Third-i guards out there have the same model of special smartphone.
Fujimaru: I spread a Trojan horse to them beforehand...
Fujimaru: so their smartphones are free sources of data for me.


SFX: Pant

Fujimaru: The teams in my way are...

SFX: Chatter chatter
SFX: Step
Fujimaru: 3 and 27.
Fujimaru: If I can deal with them, I can make it to the elevator.

J: It seems you've made it near the Neo Tower.
J: I can see your location.
Fujimaru: J.

Fujimaru: I need some kind of diversion.
SFX: Whistle whistle
SFX: Excited chatter
Fujimaru: Where are the people you hired?
J: On standby along your route.

SFX: Whistle
SFX: Excited chatter


Michael: We just need to spread on Twitter that something is happening there in order to bring more people in.
Michael: But the people we hired and the other normal people know nothing of what is going on.

Top tweet: Nothing yet, but I can't wait to see what happens.
Next tweet: The people taking this seriously have too much time on their hands. ...I'm here too, though.
Next tweet: I'm watching this on TV, but is Japan done for?
Bottom tweet: Keep me updated~

SFX: Excited chatter.
Police: Get away from here!
Police: It's dangerous.

Fujimaru: This is enough.
Fujimaru: I'll create an opening!

Fujimaru: The security team's smartphones use a small but powerful CPU.
Fujimaru: The power of the battery is also much greater than the consumer version.
Fujimaru: I just need to hack in and set the virus I sent them beforehand...
Fujimaru: to go out of control.


Police: Hot hot hot hot! Wh-what the hell!?
Police: Waaahh!!
Crowd: Kyaaahhh!!
Police: What!?
Crowd: They're burning!!
Crowd: Wow, something really happened!
Police: It's a terrorist attack!!
SFX: Burn


SFX: Shouts
SFX: Flash flash flash
SFX: Dash

Fujimaru: Okay!!
Fujimaru: Wait for me,
Fujimaru: Storyteller!!!
Text: He heads to the tower filled with beasts.
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 53.

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