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Bloody Monday Last Season 22

The True Nature of the Enemy

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 17, 2012 01:35 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 22


Crowd: Kyahhh!!
Crowd: They're burning! They're burning!
Crowd: Wahh!
Crowd: It's really a terrorist attack!!
SFX: Shouts

Fujimaru: The diversion was a success!
Fujimaru: I'll be at the tower soon!!

Text: Volume 1 is on sale now!

SFX: Pant pant pant


SFX: Click

SFX: Whirrrrr

SFX: Clatter

Fujimaru: This just might...
Fujimaru: work.
Text: He knows the danger! He is prepared for the worst!!
SFX: Clank
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 22 The True Nature of the Enemy

Fujimaru: If I remove the safety device for the weight limit...
Fujimaru: it should manage up to 70 kg!

Fujimaru: Here goes.
Fujimaru: Begin the ascent!!
SFX: Flash

SFX: Whirrrrr
SFX: Thunk


SFX: Roar
Fujimaru: I'm coming for you, Storyteller!!!

Kujou: They're late.

Man: You...
Man: mean Takagi Haruka, Storyteller?
Kujou: Have you received any word?


Man: Shrike sent a report saying she had holed up in the bathroom.

Man: If she stays too long, should we break down the door...
Man: or...
Man: how about killing her?

Kujou: Wait.
Kujou: There is something more to this.

SFX: Step
Man: Something...more?
Man: Do you think that girl is planning something?

Man: Even if she is, what can one girl do with Shrike and Kingfisher there?

Kujou: Those two were not members of CraUns like you, were they?
Man: No.

Kujou: What if they have betrayed us?
Kujou: Or...
Kujou: what if they have already been killed and replaced?


SFX: Step
Man: Isn't that overthinking things?
Kujou: No.
Kujou: There is also the possibility of some other unknown factor.

Kujou: That girl is no ordinary child.
Kujou: She is the daughter of a man who risked his life for this country...
Kujou: and the girl my grandson chose.
Kujou: She would not make foolish actions out of fear for her life.

Kujou: And most importantly...

Kujou: she is the sister...
Kujou: of Takagi Fujimaru aka Falcon.
Kujou: Most likely, this unknown factor...
Kujou: is the wizard-class hacker Falcon!!


Kujou: Contact the control room immediately.
Kujou: Have them shut down the power to the tower's central control system.

Man: But that will obstruct our control of the tower...

Kujou: I do not mind.
Kujou: Do it.

SFX: Roar
SFX: Clatter clatter clatter
Fujimaru: Kh...
Fujimaru: Th-this is shaking more than I expected!
Fujimaru: I need to be careful!
Fujimaru: If I screw up the timing, I'm done for!!


Fujimaru: My last stop is the restaurant area of the Gate Floor!!
Fujimaru: If I do not hack into the control server and stop the elevator just before arriving...

Fujimaru: I will be crushed against the ceiling!

Fujimaru: I need to carefully calculate the timing.
Fujimaru: A minute 29 seconds...28...

Fujimaru: Now!!
Fujimaru: Begin...
Fujimaru: hacking!!


SFX: Whoosh


Fujimaru: Okay!
Fujimaru: Capture complete!!
Fujimaru: I've hacked into the control system of the control room!!

Fujimaru: Just a minute until I need to stop it!
SFX: Roar
Fujimaru: I need to be careful. I can't be too soon either.

Fujimaru: There isn't much time left.
Fujimaru: We need to hurry up with the mission.
Fujimaru: I don't want to stop it too soon and be stuck desperately climbing up!


Fujimaru: 50 seconds left!!
SFX: Gulp
Fujimaru: 49...48...

Men: Shut down the tower's control system right away!?
Men: But that controls everything from...
Men: the elevators to the emergency doors.

Men: Shut it down now.
SFX: Step
Man: This was a direct order from the Storyteller to eliminate an unknown factor.

Men: Understood!!
SFX: Rush


Men: But is that really okay?
Men: This is a very high level system.
SFX: Type type
Men: If anything is moving when it shuts down, it could go out of control.

Men: It's an order. Some risk is unavoidable.
Men: Hurry!

SFX: Roar
Fujimaru: 40 more seconds.
Fujimaru: 38...37...
Fujimaru: 36...!!

Fujimaru: Okay...
Fujimaru: It's about time to stop it.

SFX: Beep beep
Text: Power

Fujimaru: Wha-?
SFX: Beep beep
Fujimaru: The whole system is down!??

Men: This is the control room.
Men: Tokyo Neo Tower's entire central system is down.
Text: Tower System - All Down
Men: We can no longer remotely control anything including the power.
Men: Order complete.


SFX: Type type

Fujimaru: Shit!! Why?
Fujimaru: I can't control it!!

Fujimaru: I need to bring the system back up somehow!
SFX: Roar
Fujimaru: I can't stop the elevator!!!

Fujimaru: Damn. Even the power's down!!
SFX: Scratch scratch
Fujimaru: But then the enemy can't control the tower either...

J: If Kujou realizes it's you, he'll cut off internet access to the tower even if he has to cut off all power, including the backup power.
SFX: Realization


Fujimaru: The Storyteller.
Fujimaru: It can't be.
Fujimaru: He noticed my interference!!?

Fujimaru: Shit. Only 20 seconds left.

Fujimaru: Shit!

Fujimaru: Shit...

Fujimaru: Shiiiiiiittt!!!
SFX: Roar


SFX: Beep
Top text: Power
Bottom Text: Neo Tower System - All Down
Fujimaru: The power's back up!?

Fujimaru: Kh...
Fujimaru: I'll hack back in!!
SFX: Focus

Fujimaru: Stop the freight elevator.
Fujimaru: Stop it!!


Fujimaru: Make it...
SFX: Grind grind grind
Fujimaru: in tiiime!!


SFX: Thunk

SFX: Pant pant pant
SFX: Heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat

J: That was a close one,
J: Falcon.
Fujimaru: J!
Fujimaru: What happened?

J: The Storyteller finally noticed you.
J: As I expected...
J: he brought down the power to Tokyo Neo Tower's system.
Fujimaru: I guessed that, but why did it come back up?


J: I had some preparations in place.
J: If you can predict something, you can stop it.

Fujimaru: Y-you saved me.
Fujimaru: Thanks.
J: I don't need your thanks.

J: What I need is for you to get to the control room.
J: Two terrorists were killed there.
J: They will be headed there soon.
J: You do not want to die in vain, do you?

Fujimaru: N-
Fujimaru: No!
SFX: Type

SFX: Beep
SFX: Open


SFX: Drop

Fujimaru: This is the battlefield...
Fujimaru: on which Hibiki and the others are fighting!!
Text: He once more feels the possibility of death....
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 1

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#1. by Arhazivory (Scanlator)
Posted on Apr 25, 2012
Level [B] Translator

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