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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bloody Monday Last Season 23

Example Sacrifices

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 3, 2012 20:49 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

-> RTS Page for Bloody Monday Last Season 23

For JAC only

Chapter 23


J: I had two terrorists in the control room eliminated to restore the system.
J: The enemy is headed for the control room too.
J: First, you need to slip past the battlefield...
J: and get to the control room...
J: before they do.

Fujimaru: The control room is on the west end of the Gate Floor!
Fujimaru: I need to hurry!

Fujimaru: I've secured a route!

Fujimaru: I don't see any terrorists on the surveillance cameras.
Fujimaru: Okay, just a bit further...


Fujimaru: Oh, no!!

Terrorist: I've spotted someone! Hurry!!

SFX: Chk
Terrorist: Take him out!!

SFX: Bang

Fujimaru: Ohh!
Fujimaru: Damn you!!
SFX: Shatter

SFX: Rumble


SFX: Crash
Terrorist: Gyaahh!!
SFX: Thud

Fujimaru: Damn!
Fujimaru: Two got through!
Fujimaru: Hurry up!!

Fujimaru: Almost there...
Fujimaru: That's the door!

Fujimaru: The code number is...
SFX: Beep beep beep

Terrorist: There he is!
SFX: Appear

Terrorist: The bastard's after the control room.
SFX: Chk


SFX: Beep
SFX: Click

SFX: Bang bang bang

SFX: Slam
SFX: Clang clang clang
SFX: Click

Terrorist: Kh...He's inside the control room!
Terrorist: Hey, open up!
SFX; Wham
Terrorist: We'll just destroy the door if you don't!!

Fujimaru: Like I'll...
Fujimaru: let you do that!
Fujimaru: Now that I'm here, I can do anything!
Fujimaru: First...


SFX: Pour
Fujimaru: I turn the hall's sprinklers on full blast!
Fujimaru: And then...

SFX: Rain
SFX: Sizzle sizzle

SFX: Boom boom boom

SFX: Zap

SFX: Zap zap zap


Terrorist: Gahhhh!
SFX: Zap

Fujimaru: Hello, terrorists.
Fujimaru: Do not come any closer to the control room!

Fujimaru: If you do, I will respond with a current more on the level of an electric chair!
Terrorist: Gh...

Terrorist: Let's fall back.
Terrorist: Contact the Storyteller!


Fujimaru: This is my fortress.
Fujimaru: Starting now...
Top: Volume 1 is on sale now!
Text: He displays his true ability!!
Fujimaru: I am the brain of...
Fujimaru: Tokyo Neo Tower!!
Title: File 23 Example Sacrifices
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Kujou: I see.

Kujou: After contact was lost with the two in the control room, the system came back up.
Kujou: Whoever took control can freely use the system.
Kujou: There is no mistaking it.

Kujou: This uncertain factor is...

SFX: Click click

Kujou: Condor.
Kujou: It's me.
Condor: What is it?
Condor: Why are you using the phone?

Kujou: I know who the uncertain factor is.
Kujou: It is Takagi Fujimaru.
Kujou: The wizard-class hacker known as Falcon.


Kujou: Falcon has complete control of the tower's main system.
Kujou: He may also have a connection to the remnants of Third-i.
Kujou: It is possible our operation could drag on.

Kujou: In case he is monitoring our communications, we should do it all by phone now.
Kujou: We already shared all our numbers.

Condor: I have heard of this hacker known as Falcon...
Condor: but he is just a boy of around 20.
Condor: I do not see why you should fear him.


Kujou: Many people have underestimated him for that reason and been crushed by him.
Kujou: As his presence was not made public, people in the JSDF like you may not know...

Kujou: but he was working in secret during the incident a year ago.
Kujou: With nothing but a single computer, he ended the terrorist attack by destroying an enemy that annihilated an American intelligence team and a platoon of special units.
Kujou: It was not because of Third-i's ability that we were forced to reshape our plan.
Kujou: It was mostly due to his frightening hacking ability.


Condor: So his presence rivals that of an army...
Condor: or...
Condor: even more?
Kujou: Yes.

Kujou: But if we are up against Falcon, we can use Takagi Haruka.
Kujou: Bring her back immediately.
Condor: About that...

Condor: I cannot contact Shrike and the other who took her.
Condor: It seems they have...

Kujou: betrayed us...
Kujou: or...
Kujou: been switched out with someone else?


Kujou: I see.
Kujou: I had heard he had disappeared.
Kujou: So he has gotten himself here.

Condor: Storyteller?
Kujou: Listen, Condor.

Kujou: Due to unknown trouble, the world's exchange system was brought down.
Condor: Yes.
Condor: I had heard it was overloaded due to the concentrated transactions.


Kujou: Most likely, it was Falcon.

Kujou: If that system had not gone down, one of our objectives would have already been completed.

Kujou: The demand we gave the Japanese government...
Kujou: was to sell all of their stored foreign currency.
Kujou: If investors had all gotten rid of their dollars in fear of that happening...
Kujou: the dollar would now be a worthless scrap of paper.

Kujou: Even if the Japanese government did not comply...
Kujou: the great financial country of America would be as good as dead.

Kujou: But what about now?
Kujou: The exchange system will be back up in about an hour.
Kujou: We have no choice but to delay our plan.

Condor: But...
Condor: won't that be resolved as soon as the system is back up?
SFX: Jangle
Kujou: It will not be that simple.


Kujou: Their goal...
Kujou: is to use that open time...
Kujou: to free the hostages in some way or another.

Condor: But that's impossible!!
Kujou: I doubt Falcon and Third-i's Exodus...

Kujou: are unrelated.

Kujou: And whether it is impossible or not does not matter...
Kujou: when it comes to...
Kujou: people like those two.

Condor: Those "two"?
Condor: Falcon and...someone else?


Kujou: Kamishima Shimon died to change this country.
Kujou: It is his child.

Kujou: He promised to return him to my daughter once this was all over.
Kujou: The child was not the type to have great ideals for this country...
Kujou: but when he did as he was told, he could-

Kujou: We will make the first move.
Kujou: I will not let them have their way.

Kujou: Bring out one hostage from each of the G12 nations including Japan...
Kujou: and execute them.


Kujou: Film the execution and send it out to the whole world.
Kujou: After that, have all the world's governments sell their American dollars in addition to Japan.

Kujou: That way, the instant the world's exchange system goes back up...
Kujou: America's financial control will completely crumble.
Kujou: It will be over!!


SFX: Stare

Fujimaru: The terrorists have begun taking hostages somewhere!
Fujimaru: J! What is going on?
J: Most likely...
J: they are going to kill them as an example.

Fujimaru: Wha-!?

J: I would say I expected this, but I didn't expect them to go this far.
J: Once they realized you were here, they decided not to wait around and to make the first move.
J: The instant the exchange system goes back up...
J: is the instant the dollar collapses.

Fujimaru: They would kill the hostages...
Fujimaru: for just that?


Fujimaru: How could they?
Fujimaru: How am I supposed to deal with this?

J: Isn't it about time you gave up on this 0 sacrifices business?
J: For now, we should focus on the heads of the 12 nations and their families.
Fujimaru: No!

Fujimaru: This only happened because I came here.
Fujimaru: I will not let there be any sacrifices!
Fujimaru: Not even one!

J: Do you have a plan?
Fujimaru: I...
Fujimaru: I'll think of something!!

J: I had noticed this before...
J: but even if your abilities are a sight to behold...
J: your sense about what actions to take...
J: is downright pathetic.


J: You leave me no choice.
SFX: Grab

J: I'll give you a plan.
Fujimaru: R-
Fujimaru: Really, J?

J: However...
J: it is possible it will lead to sacrifices in our pawns.
J: This game plan is about as risky as it gets.

J: Are you prepared to take that risk...
J: or are you nothing but talk?

Michael: I thought you said you'd grown out of childish things?
Michael: That was quite an expression there.
J: Quite an expression, hm?

J: It was pretty bad.
J: I really wish...
J: I could grow out of it.


Fujimaru: I...
Fujimaru: I'll do it!
SFX: Clench

Fujimaru: I came this far...
Text: His confidence supports his unwavering conviction!!
Fujimaru: so I will do anything!

J: Perfect!
Bottom: To be continued in Combined Issue 2/3.

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on May 6, 2012
Ah~! Thanks js <3
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