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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Bloody Monday Last Season 24

The Deadly Front Lines

+ posted by js06 as translation on May 13, 2012 03:31 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 24


Kujou: Bring out one hostage from each of the G12 nations including Japan...
Kujou: and execute them.
Woman: Honey!

Man: E-
Man: Ee!
Man: Wh-what!?
Man: What are you doing?

Woman: Stop!
Woman: Don't take her away!

Kujou: Film the execution and send it out to the whole world.
Boy: Papa!

Kujou: After that, have all the world's governments sell their American dollars in addition to Japan.
Kujou: The instant the world's exchange system goes back up, it will be over!!
Text: Volume 2 goes on sale Friday December 16th!


Kujou: What is wrong, Condor?
Kujou: Are you having doubts?
Condor: ...No.

Condor: It's just...the JSDF is supposed to protect.
Condor: If I said the thought of using our power for violence was not making me hesitate...
Condor: I would be lying.

Kujou: The idea that violence cannot change things...
Kujou: is a lie.
Kujou: Every time the world has been changed it was by unilateral violence.

Condor: ...Yes.
Condor: I understand that growing coldhearted is the only way to change the state of the country.

Condor: We cannot...
Condor: remain like slaves with the right to change of our own will having been taken from us.

Kujou: Yes.
Kujou: That is why we have decided to become the foundation.
Text: A twisted conviction that will not change!!
Credit; Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Kujou: We are sacrificing ourselves as terrorists to make this a truly independent nation that has pride!!
Title: File 24 The Deadly Front Lines

Fujimaru: We don't have time.
Fujimaru: Please hurry, J!

Fujimaru: I came this far, so just tell me what to do.
Fujimaru: I will see this through to the end!!


J: Perfect!
J: Show me your conviction is more than just talk...
J: by pulling this off, Falcon.

J: You will need to accept the risk of death.
J: First...

Fujimaru: Are you...
Fujimaru: serious?
J: Do you really think...
J: I would be joking right now?

Fujimaru: But...
Fujimaru: one wrong step...
Fujimaru: and Hibiki would...!!


J: If you have another idea, I'm listening...
J: but thanks to a certain someone, we're a bit short on time.

J: Or...
J: is this too difficult for you?
J: I thought the great Falcon would be up to the task...

J: but perhaps I overestimated you.

Fujimaru: Fine, I'll do it.
Fujimaru: I will protect the hostages and Hibiki!!
SFX: Dramatic

J: I'm sick of hearing that.
J: How about you actually start doing it?
J: Y'know, before it's too late?
J: Okay?

SFX: Click


Fujimaru: I've...
Fujimaru: already started!!
SFX: Shine

J: Tokyo Neo Tower has...
J: base stations from various cell phone providers inside it.
J: Cell phones connect to the closest station where the signal will be the strongest...

J: so if you hack into the servers of the stations in the tower...
J: you gain access to all the cell phones in the area.

Michael: Cell phones?


J: Our interception of the terrorists' radio communications...
J: has stopped picking up on information on what they are doing.

J: That means the Storyteller is likely responding to Falcon's intervention...
J: by having the terrorists communicate via cell phone.

J: But...
J: if they have done that...

Fujimaru: Okay, got it!
Fujimaru: There are 5279 cell phones transmitting faint signals in the tower!!

Michael: That was fast!
Michael: You already hacked into all the companies' servers!?

Fujimaru: Okay, I'm removing the ones used by the Third-i guards.
Fujimaru: If I then take just the ones that have made calls in the past 5 minutes...


Fujimaru: That's 35!!

J: The hostages had their cell phones and other means of communicating taken away.
J: Those 35 should all belong to the terrorists.
J: And...
J: The phone used most frequently in the past 5 minutes should be...

Fujimaru: Found it!!
Fujimaru: In all likelihood, this is the Storyteller's.
Fujimaru: This is his phone!!

Fujimaru: Okay!
Fujimaru: We have a chance now!!

SFX: Blank stare
J: Well...
J: I pretty much expected this...

J: but we need to be on our guard.

Fujimaru: Hibiki!!
SFX: Dash
Hibiki: Understood!


Terrorists: The camera is ready.
Terrorists: We can begin the satellite broadcast at any time.
SFX: Clatter clatter
Terrorists: Just give the signal.
SFX: Chatter...
Terrorists: okay...

Man: T-take me if you wish...
Man: but please!! At least...
Man: let the children go!!

Terrorists: I thought we told you we would do anything to achieve our goal?
SFX: Chatter

Terrorists: You will join us as this nation's...
Terrorists: No...
SFX: Energetic
Terrorists: this world's foundation!!

Crowd: Kyaahhh!!
Crowd: Honey! Mary!!
SFX: Ahhhh!!
Crowd: Ee!
Crowd: Ahhhnnn!! Mamaaaa!! Papaaaa!!

SFX: Clench...


SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Vvvv

SFX: Pull out
Terrorist: ...Yes?
Terrorist: This is Seagull,
Terrorist: Storyteller.

Kujou: There is hesitation in your voice.
Terrorist: No, I-...
Terrorist: ...I apologize.
Kujou: It is understandable.

Kujou: Leave the dirty work to those who lean in that direction.

Kujou: The executors...
Kujou: will arrive soon.

SFX: Knock knock

Terrorist: ...Enter.


Woman: We are here to take care of those 12...
Woman: on the Storyteller's orders.

Woman: We are enough.
Woman: You wait outside.

Terrorist: Sure...Thanks.
Terrorist: Do you know how to work the camera?
SFX: Step
Woman: Yes.


SFX: Appear
SFX: Turn on
Crowd: Kyaaaahhhh!

Crowd: Honey, honey!
Crowd: Stop!!
Crowd: What are you doing!? Stop, please!!
Crowd: Oh...Elisa!!

Terrorist: We are Bloody Monday.
SFX: Step
Terrorist: Are you listening, governments of the world?

Terrorist: The prologue is about to begin.
Terrorist: We will do whatever it takes to achieve our noble goal.


Terrorist: We have but one demand.
Terrorist: That is for each country to sell off all of their American dollars.

Terrorist: If you do so, the hostages will be freed and no more innocent lives will be lost.
Terrorist: Like this.
SFX: Chk


SFX: Bang

Crowd: Eeee!
Crowd: Waaahhh!

SFX: Bang bang

Crowd: Gyah!!

SFX: Bang bang

Crowd: Ah...


Terrorist: I repeat...
Terrorist: this is the prologue.
Terrorist: We pray that you...
Terrorist: come to a quick decision.
SFX: Type type type type type

SFX: Turn off...

SFX: Silence...

SFX: Press...


Kujou: Well done.
Kujou: Seagull, that is enough.
Kujou: Return here.
Crowd: U-uhhh...
Crowd: Oh, god...

Terrorist: Okay...
Terrorist: Understood.

Terrorists: They really...
Terrorists: show no mercy.
SFX: Step step step
Terrorists: Shh.
Terrorists: They'll hear you.

Woman: Mission complete.


Hibiki: How did it go, Fujimaru?
SFX: Dramatic
Hibiki: Did those outside not realize they were just being knocked out with electric bullets?

Fujimaru: No.
Fujimaru: Well done, Hibiki!
Man: Uuh...

Fujimaru: Well?
Fujimaru: That went exactly as you planned,
Fujimaru: J!

J: Well done.
J: Using samples of Kujou's voice to synthesize a fake order...
J: really is one of your specialties.


Fujimaru: But the problem is how to settle this.
SFX: Roooar
Fujimaru: We need to hurry to the next step.
Fujimaru: The financial crisis that comes with the exchange system recovering...
Fujimaru: is just 40 minutes away!

Text: Current Time: 21:45
Remaining Time 40:00
Bottom: To be continued in Combined Issue 4/5

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on May 23, 2012
XD Thanks js~!
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