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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bloody Monday Last Season 25

Farewell, Old Friend

+ posted by js06 as translation on Aug 29, 2012 18:06 | Go to Bloody Monday Last Season

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For JAC only

Chapter 25


Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji
Title: File 25 Farewell, Old Friend
Right text: Volume 2 is on sale now!
Left text: The scene fills everyone's eyes...
SFX: Bang
Man: Gyah...

Terrorist: We pray that you...
Terrorist: come to a quick decision.

News: The confinement of 12 heads of state and their families in Tokyo Neo Tower by terrorists naming themselves Bloody Monday...
News: has reached the worst possible conclusion.
Text: Live - Tokyo Neo Tower
News: Shocking footage of 12 innocent hostages being murdered has been sent out!


News: The terrorists demand that the governments of the 12 nations sell all of their US dollars!
News: The world exchange system is currently down, but they say the remaining hostages will be killed...
News: if the sales are not carried out within 5 minutes of coming back up!

News: This is an interview with the American government.
Man: The US government will not give in to terrorists!
Man: President Curtis declared that a year ago and followed through with it.
Man: We hope the other nations will remain resolute as well.

Hibiki: Mission complete.


Hibiki: How did it go, Fujimaru?
Hibiki: Did those outside not realize they were just being knocked out with electric bullets?

Fujimaru: No.
Fujimaru: Well done, Hibiki!
Fujimaru: Well?
Fujimaru: That went exactly as you planned.

J: Using samples of Kujou's voice to synthesize a fake order...
J: really is one of your specialties.


Fujimaru: That was really pushing it.
Fujimaru: If they noticed, Hibiki would have been in trouble.
SFX: Sigh...
J: She was trusting in you.
J: You should praise her for that.

Hibiki: I wouldn't run away.
Hibiki: If I had, 12 hostages would have been killed.

J: Have you gained the desire to risk your life for complete strangers...
J: over the past year?

Hibiki: Yes.
Hibiki: Thanks to Fujimaru.

J: That's amazing.
J: You really are an ally of justice.


J: But the real problem is yet to come.
J: We need to hurry to the next step.
J: The financial crisis that comes with the exchange system recovering is just 40 minutes away.

J: How far have you gotten on sealing the firewalls?
SFX: Click

Fujimaru: Not as far as I'd like.
Fujimaru: I only just got to 88%.

J: What do your calculations say, Michael-kun?
Michael: That's not enough.

Michael: That would definitely lead to a ton of deaths.
Michael: Worst case, the tower itself would be destroyed.
Michael: We need at least...
Michael: 92...no, 95%.

J: There you have it.
J: How long will it take you to reach 95%?
SFX: Type type type
Fujimaru: I won't know until I try!


J: I'd like for it to be...
J: 10 minutes.

Fujimaru: That's impossible! I have to pay attention to where the terrorists are on the security cameras...
Fujimaru: and seal them bit by bit so as not to stand out much!

J: We have no other option.
J: Especially if you insist on not having...
J: a single hostage die.

Michael: J.
Michael: Falcon.
Michael: Cain and Abel are nearby, so they can manually lower area B6.

Michael: That will take care of 2%.
Michael: Okay, you two?


Cain & Abel: Don't act so self-important, four eyes.
Cain & Abel: Understood.

J: Anyway,
J: just hurry up.
J: You can do anything, right?

Fujimaru: Damn you!!

SFX: Click
SFX: Rinnng

Michael: With that dummy voice and the way he brought down the exchange system...
Michael: it becomes more and more amazing how explosive his abilities are when he's cornered.
J: When he stops thinking about pointless crap and actually focuses, he really shines.


J: No matter how high his specs are..
J: it is meaningless if he does not let those abilities thrive.
J: Basically, it's a division of roles.
J: We just have to make use of him.

J: He isn't good at thinking things through.
J: He gets bogged down in his stubborn greed...
J: and just makes the situation worse for himself.

Hibiki: That is because Fujimaru is kind.
Hibiki: His kindness prevents him from taking the best option if it requires sacrifice.

Hibiki: I only recently grew to understand it.
Hibiki: If you are kind...
Hibiki: you gain more things you wish to protect which become more constraints.

Hibiki: I used to think that made you weaker.


Hibiki: But I was wrong.
Hibiki: The weakness you take on is cancelled out...
Hibiki: No, overpowered by...
Hibiki: the strength you gain from the desire to protect. It has made me stronger than when I was just a soldier!

J: Hmm.
SFX: Flick
J: I don't really understand all this mental analysis...
J: but it seems you are prepared.

Hibiki: You say that...
Hibiki: but you knew this long ago.
J: Do you have any evidence of that?

Hibiki: Woman's intuition.

SFX: Catch
J: What a cheap answer,
J: agent.

Fujimaru: I can't lower the barrier at point B23 because a terrorist is there!
Fujimaru: Hibiki! Help me out!


Hibiki: Leave it to me.
Hibiki: I'm going!!
Fujimaru: Okay!!
Fujimaru: Be careful, Hibiki!

Michael: So...
Michael: What's your progress?
SFX: Type type
J: If the area left to you and the point Hibiki's headed to are closed...
J: it'll be 95%!

Michael: Wha-?
Michael: It's only been just over 5 minutes!

Fujimaru: I played gunfire and footsteps over the speakers in the passageways...
Fujimaru: so the terrorists and Third-i would both frantically run away.
Fujimaru: I managed to seal a lot of them in the opening that gave.
Fujimaru: It worked even better than I had hoped!


Michael: I see. And you avoided any unnecessary battles.
Michael: How efficient.
Fujimaru: I had to send Hibiki where it failed, though.

J: See? You can do it when you try.

J: Now...

J: Let's finish this in the remaining half an hour!

Michael: Will they go along with it?
J: Since the collapse of the American economy would begin worldwide panic...
J: some countries probably won't.


J: But civilian financial institutions and investment funds will definitely get rid of their dollars.
J: I do kind of want to see what would happen if...
J: the standard world currency became worthless scraps of paper...

SFX: Turn off

J: But I refuse to let that man have his way...
J: I suppose.

J: I will crush him.
J: For sure.


SFX: Tap tap tap
Kurata: Condor, please respond.
Kurata: I know you said to contact you by cell phone if anything happened...
Kurata: but that would be difficult in my situation.

Mamiya: Pigeon, hm?
Mamiya: That transmission is being intercepted.
Mamiya: Keep that in mind as we speak.
Kurata: Tap tap (Understood)

Mamiya: We know the identity of the uncertain factor.
Mamiya: It is the Wizard Hacker known as Falcon.

Mamiya: The Storyteller sees his abilities as incredibly dangerous!!


Mamiya: We can no longer afford to keep Kanou alive.
Mamiya: Eliminate him ASAP and regroup with the main force.

Kurata: Understood.
SFX: Hold up

Kanou: Kurata.
Kanou: Have you contacted Mamiya?

Kurata: No...

Kanou: I see.
Kanou: Well, he isn't an easy man to kill.
Kurata: Yes...I hope you are right.

Kanou: But he did not like that he could only protect his country while under the jurisdiction of the American troops in Japan.
Kanou: I felt it was still worth doing, so I did it...
Kanou: but I wonder how he feels about it now?

Kurata: Good question.


Kurata: He might...
Kurata: still be dissatisfied...
Kurata: with this country...
Kurata: essentially belonging to America.

SFX: Bang


SFX: Vvv
SFX: Vvv

Mamiya: Since you are using the phone...
Mamiya: I take it you've done it.
Kurata: Yes.

Mamiya: I see.
Mamiya: Then regroup with the main force as planned.
Kurata: Understood.

SFX: Clench
Mamiya: Kanou.

Mamiya: Farewell!!


SFX: Beep beep
SFX: Rinnng rinnnng

SFX: Beep
Mamiya: It's Condor.
Maya: I thought you might be crying right about now.

Mamiya: Crying? You are mistaken.
Mamiya: It just means it is time for your job.
SFX: Step forward
Maya: I see...
Maya(small): Hee hee

Mamiya: Normally, I would never allow someone only after money like you on a mission like this.
Mamiya: But the Storyteller felt your knowledge of Falcon's methods was enough.

Maya: Dissatisfied?
Maya: You can't have everything your way.

Mamiya: I am quite dissatisfied.
Mamiya: But the Storyteller already agreed to it.
Mamiya: So go!


Maya: OK.
Maya: Hee hee. I'm sure you're listening,

Maya: Takagi Fujimaru-kun.
Fujimaru: This...
Fujimaru: voice.

J: Heh.
J: I was wondering where you had gotten off to.
J: So you're finally showing yourself.


SFX: Flutter

SFX: Rip
Fujimaru: It can't be...


Maya: Long time no see.
Maya: It's Maya-sensei.
Maya: It seems I have a naughty child who needs to learn a lesson.
Text: As the time limit draws near so does his bitter enemy, Orihara Maya!!

Fujimaru: Orihara Maya!!!
Fujimaru: And...
Fujimaru: Three Hibiki clones!!
Bottom: To be continued in Issue 6

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2012
lol. Thanks js. This will be out by the weekend. :D
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