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Kurenai 48

Solitary Fortress

+ posted by js06 as translation on Sep 15, 2012 02:04 | Go to Kurenai

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For JAC only

Chapter 48
[Note: I translated from the volume and the chapter numbers in the volumes are one behind the ones in the magazine, so this is Chapter 48 even though the last one was too.]


Title: Chapter 48 Solitary Fortress

Shinkurou: B-
Shinkurou: Benika-san...

SFX: Rinnnng

Phone: Caller - Murakami Ginko
SFX: Rinnnng

SFX: Beep
Shinkurou: ...Hello?

Ginko: Shinkurou? It's me.
Ginko: I wanted to tell you before, but I lost my chance in the confusion.
Ginko: I'll tell you now.


Ginko: Juuzawa Benika...
Ginko: is being targeted.

Ginko: She will likely enter into a battle...
Ginko: in the very near future.

Shinkurou: Wh-
Shinkurou: Who would do that?

Ginko: The top adviser of the Akuu Company...
Ginko: known as...
Ginko: the <Solitary Fortress>.


Title: Chapter 48 Solitary Fortress


Box: Do you remember...
Box: the incident with <Red Cap>?

Box: It seems Juuzawa Benika had a skirmish with the <Solitary Fortress> then.
Box: That seems to have left a grudge.

Shinkurou: Ridiculous!!
Shinkurou: This is Benika-san we're talking about!!
Shinkurou: That arrogant and defiant woman!!


Shinkurou: There's no way she could have been defeated!!
SFX: Open

Tamaki: Ah!
Tamaki: Welcome home, Shinkurou-kun!

Shinkurou: What are you doing in my room?
Tamaki: Eh?
Tamaki: What are you having for dinner tonight?

Shinkurou: I already ate.


Tamaki: Did you hear that, Yamie-san?
Tamaki: That boy who is too kind to even kill a bug has eaten something delicious on his own.
Yamie: No, I trust the boy.
Tamaki(small): Ah.
Tamaki: You're right. We have to trust him here.
Tamaki: We're nothing more than poor little hungry bugs.

Shinkurou: Would an eggplant miso stir fry do?

SFX: Sizzle sizzle

Tamaki: Wow, that smells good!
Tamaki: It has garlic and ginger! Oh, and pork!
Tamaki: And red chili peppers too I think!
Shinkurou: She's right on all counts...

SFX: Steam


Shinkurou: Benika-san...

Yamie: You always seem to be worrying about something, boy.

SFX: Heartbeat

Yamie: But...
Yamie: Having plenty of worries is a good thing.

Shinkurou: It's a good thing?

Yamie: Boy.
Yamie: Remember this.


Yamie: It is only...
Yamie: when people have large, heavy, and painful worries...
Yamie: that they truly face themselves.
Yamie: That is when they first take an active position in their own lives.

Yamie: That is just how it is.

Yamie: Happiness teaches you nothing, boy.
Yamie: Learn from your difficulties.


Shinkurou: My difficulties, hm?

Shinkurou: In the year after I left the Houzuki household...
Shinkurou: I had plenty of experiences.
Shinkurou: I met lots of people...
Shinkurou: and had to say goodbye to a few.

Shinkurou: My life was constantly filled with worries...
Shinkurou: but...
Shinkurou: I get the feeling that led me to think about many things.

SFX: Click

Shinkurou: And this...
Shinkurou: must be the same.
Tamaki: Shinkurou-kun's eggplant.
Tamaki: I want Shinkurou-kun's eggplant!
Shinkurou: It's ready.


SFX: Rinnng

SFX: Rinnng

SFX: Beep
Lucy: Hello?

Lucy: Oh, Kurenai-san.


Lucy: I do not often get a call from you!
Lucy: Have you finally decided to join the comp-

Lucy: I see.
Lucy: The <Solitary Fortress>, you say?

Lucy: Yes, she is our top adviser, but...
Lucy: No, no! Of course not.

Lucy: ...Understood.
SFX: Glance
Lucy: If you insist, I will at least discuss it...


Shinkurou: ...Thank you.
Shinkurou: Goodbye.

SFX: Beep

Lucy: Don't look at me like that, Kirihiko-kun.
Lucy: I was just answering his questions.

Kirihiko: What are you doing, Lucy?

Lucy: I still want him for the company if possible.
Lucy: It will help if he feels indebted to me.


SFX: Stand

Lucy: Sit down, Kirihiko-kun!!

Lucy: Our business meeting is not over.
Lucy: And...

Lucy: I am the one that...
Lucy: got Hoshigami-san to overlook your actions in Kyoto.

Lucy: There would have been nothing you could do against her.

Lucy: She is invincible after all.


Shinkurou: This building...
Shinkurou: is the head of the Akuu Company.

Shinkurou: What kind of person...
Shinkurou: is the <Solitary Fortress>?


Zena: Hi there!!
SFX: Grab
Shinkurou: Wah!!?

Zena: I'm not letting you go tonight!!
Shinkurou: Eh!?
Shinkurou: Eh!?

Shinkurou: Wh-who is this!?

Shinkurou: You're...
Shinkurou: Eh?
Shinkurou: Hoshigami-san?


Zena: Ahhh!! Hey, it's you!!
Zena: So you're here to celebrate too!!
Shinkurou: Hah?

Shinkurou: Celebrate?

Zena: Never mind.
Zena: We can discuss it inside!
Shinkurou: Eh!?
Shinkurou: No, wait!

Zena: So...
Zena: For now...


Zena: Cheers!!

SFX: Gulp gulp

Zena: Phahhh!!

Zena: C'mon, you drink too!!
Shinkurou: N-no, I'm in high school...
Shinkurou: I'm fine with oolong tea.

Shinkurou: Um...
Shinkurou: So what happened?

Zena: I had...
Zena: a major victory in a fight!
Shinkurou: A fight?


Zena: Just when I had my escape cut off, I went in fists flying!!
Zena: I got a good one in on that face that always looks so damn calm!!

Zena: And I made sure to get a good one in on that eyesore of a car, too!
Zena: After that, I activated the things I had set up before hand and it all went boom!!

Shinkurou: Ha ha...
Shinkurou: You're a strange person, Hoshigami-san...

Text: ...Yugamisora, Ochibana, Kirishima, Endou, Houzuki...


Text: ...Utsuromura, Gouga, Shimizu, Kaien, Mikanagi...

Zena: This may just be me talking here...
Zena: but I'm invincible!

Text: ...Wakuraba, Ajou, Hoshigami.

Shinkurou: Hoshigami...
Shinkurou: By any chance, are you from the 13 Inner Families?

Zena: Allow me to introduce myself again,
Zena: Kurenai Shinkurou-kun.


Zena: I am the <Solitary Fortress>,
Zena: Hoshigami Zena.


Zena: I am the top advisor of the Akuu Company.
Zena: I may only be 17, but I'm an employee rather than a student.
Zena: Most of my work is deskwork, but I do get some manual labor, too.
Zena: My favorite food is natto.
Zena: I'm currently looking for a boyfriend.

Shinkurou: Y-
Shinkurou: You're the one that...?

Zena: Yes.
Zena: I killed her.

Zena: By the way...


Zena: I'd like for you to take a look at this.
SFX: Jangle
Zena: What do you think?

Shinkurou: Wh-
Shinkurou: What do you mean?

Zena: Just sit there...
Zena: and look.
Zena: This was my victory prize.

Zena: I got it from Juuzawa Benika.

Zena: Just as I would expect of her, it shows ridiculous style and technology.
Zena: It's special made.
Zena: At first, I thought it was nothing more than a memento...


Zena: but one thing...
Zena: stuck out to me.
SFX: Jangle...

Zena: The back has the initials JJ.

Zena: I could ignore the men's design.
Zena: But this inscription makes no sense.
Zena: If it was Juuzawa Benika's personal watch, wouldn't it say JB?
Zena: That means it belongs to someone else.

Zena: She intended to give it to someone else.
Zena: Perhaps it was a Christmas present for someone.

Zena: And I have heard rumors...
SFX: Jangle...


Zena: that Juuzawa Benika has a child.

Zena: I want to tie up all the loose ends.

Zena: Could you give me any information you have...
Zena: on Juuzawa Benika's child?


Shinkurou: I knew very little about Benika-san's child.
Shinkurou: The little I did know came from speaking with Benika-san herself and chats with Yamie-san.
Shinkurou: But not even that little bit had made it to the underworld.
Shinkurou: Juuzawa Benika had used all of her influence to protect that information.

Shinkurou: The child was male.
Shinkurou: He was in the lower years of elementary school.
Shinkurou: He lived in the city.

Shinkurou: Supposing...
Zena: Hm?
Shinkurou: Supposing Benika-san actually has a child...
Shinkurou: what would you do?

Zena: Well...

Zena: There are several paths I could take.
Zena: This is Juuzawa Benika's child after all.
Zena: The company could carefully train the child and then sell him or her on the black market.
Zena: After that, he or she might be tortured to death, stuffed and mounted on the wall, or made into a pet.
Zena: The world is full of people who hate that woman.
Zena: We could sell her child for a high price.

Zena: So, Shinkurou-kun.
Zena: Could you give me...
Zena: your answer?


SFX: Splash

Zena: What...
Zena: is the meaning of this?

Shinkurou: I hate...
Shinkurou: people who prey on children.


SFX: Stand
Zena: And here I thought we could get along...

Shinkurou: I would never betray someone who saved me.
SFX: Stand
Shinkurou: It is not even worth discussing.

Zena: I see.
Zena: Then I will just have to take it by force♪

Box: This is someone from the 13 Inner Families.
Box: As well as someone at the top of the Akuu Company.


Box: She claims to have defeated Benika-san.

Box: I cannot hold back my power here.
SFX: Sharp
Box: I need to use my full power against this unknown enemy.

SFX: Hold up


SFX: Slide

Shinkurou: A fake arm!?

Zena: That's right.
Zena: But don't mistake it for the second rate ones you see around.

Shinkurou: Mine is Hoshigami-made.
SFX: Hold up


SFX: Click

Shinkurou: She loaded a cartridge into the fake arm.
Shinkurou: It really is meant for combat.

Shinkurou: Don't let it get to you!
Shinkurou: The Houzuki style you learned from Houzuki Housen is a killing technique.
Shinkurou: I can win if I attack first.
SFX: Press

Zena: Okay,
Zena: Kurenai-kun.

Zena: Don't die too quickly.


Shinkurou: O-

Zena: Bang!


SFX: Wham

Zena: Ohh!
SFX: Slam slam
SFX: Steam...


Shinkurou: ...Uuh...

Shinkurou: Wh-what was that!?
Shinkurou: Was it a punch!!?

Shinkurou: It felt like getting hit by a digger.
Shinkurou: If I hadn't activated the horn, I would have been killed instantly!!

Zena: How as that,
Zena: Kurenai-kun?
SFX: Pshh


Zena: C'mon.
Zena: Quit lying there.
SFX: Clank

Zena: Come and get me.
SFX: Click

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