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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Kurenai 49

An Unavoidable Fight

+ posted by js06 as translation on Oct 2, 2012 20:23 | Go to Kurenai

-> RTS Page for Kurenai 49

For JAC only

Chapter 49


Zena: Hey, what's wrong?
Zena: Come and get me,
Zena: Kurenai-kun.

SFX: Pant pant

Shinkurou: She's the one...
Shinkurou: This is the power...
Shinkurou: that killed Benika-san...

SFX: Clench

Shinkurou: I have to do this.
Shinkurou: I can't hold back anything!!
Title: Chapter 49 An Unavoidable Fight


Ginko: That's why you're such an idiot.

Shinkurou: What would...
Shinkurou: she think about a situation like this?

Ginko: What's important is being able to adapt to the situation.
Ginko: If you are in danger, immediately draw back.
Ginko: If things get bad, immediately run away.

Ginko: Who are you up against?
Shinkurou: A powerful enemy.
Ginko: What are your odds of success?
Shinkurou: ...Low...
Ginko: Are you injured?
Shinkurou: Slightly...


Shinkurou: I'm surprisingly calm...
Zena: What's wrong?
Zena: If you won't come to me, I'll have to-

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Wham

SFX: Crash


Zena: So the student fights much like the master!!


Title: Chapter 49 An Unavoidable Fight


SFX: Pant pant

Shinkurou: Ha ha...
Shinkurou: Just one attack and I'm almost out of gas...

Shinkurou: I hope I actually managed to escape...


SFX: Sit

Shinkurou: So that's the <Solitary Fortress>.
Shinkurou: And she's targeting more than just Benika-san.
Shinkurou: She's after her kid, too.

Shinkurou: Does her dark spite know no bounds?
Shinkurou: Her thoughts are like those of someone from a different world...
Shinkurou: Not to mention her strength...


Zena: You...
Zena: aren't too bad.

Zena: That was quite an excellent move.

Zena: But...
Zena: how can you just leave partway through like that?
SFX: Hop

SFX: Land

Zena: I hate leaving things incomplete.
Zena: It just...
Zena: feels bad, y'know?

Zena: It leaves me with this...
Zena: odd feeling...
SFX: Horn

Zena: in my chest...

Zena: Hm?


SFX: Roar


SFX: Collapse

Shinkurou: She was...
Shinkurou: hit by a train?

SFX: Grab

SFX: Hop

SFX: Land


Zena: Ow, that hurt.
Zena: I can't believe that train would hit someone in the middle of a conversation.
SFX: Pat pat
Zena: And isn't that what you call a hit and run?

Zena: Um...How far was I?
SFX: Crack
Zena: Oh, right. I hate leaving things incomplete!

Shinkurou: A-

Zena: Hm?

Shinkurou: Are...
Shinkurou: Are you...
Shinkurou: really human?

Zena: That's a funny question...
Zena: coming from someone with a horn growing from his arm.


Zena: Of course I'm human.

Zena: I'm female. I can have sex and give birth.
Zena: And I do feel pain.

Zena: But then...
Zena: you were really asking why I can be standing here after being hit by a train.

Zena: Kurenai-kun.
Zena: That is because I am strong.

Zena: Now then.
Zena: How about we finish thi-


SFX: Slice

SFX: Clatter

Kirihiko: Looks like you two...
SFX: Scrape
Kirihiko: are having fun.


Kirihiko: Let me join you.

Shinkurou: K-
Shinkurou: Kirihiko-chan!!?

Zena: <Guillotine>...

Zena: Are you...
Zena: getting in my way?


Kirihiko: I'm gonna die...

Kirihiko: Well, whatever.
Kirihiko: So long as it's for him.

SFX: Vvvvv

SFX: Beep
Zena: Hello?
Zena: What is it? I'm a bit busy...

Zena: What?


Zena: An intruder?

Zena: At the company?

Zena: Understood.
Zena: I'll be right back.

SFX: Beep

Zena: Sorry, Kurenai-kun.
Zena: Looks like something's come up.
Zena: That's all for today!

Shinkurou: Eh?


Zena: I'll call you when I want to continue!
Zena: Bye!

SFX: Wind...

Kirihiko: Don't think about it too much.
Kirihiko: She's always like that.

SFX: Hoo

Kirihiko: H-hey.
SFX: Collapse

SFX: Hug


Box: A few days later - The day before Christmas Eve

SFX: Sizzle

Murasaki: If you are worried about something, tell me about it,
Murasaki: Shinkurou.
Shinkurou: Eh!?

Shinkurou: Wh-what makes you say that?

Murasaki: Does it have to do with your work?


SFX: Clank

SFX: Clatter
Shinkurou: H-hey!

SFX: Kiss

Murasaki: That should do it.

SFX: Hee hee

Murasaki: By the way, Shinkurou.


Murasaki: About what you told me about Santa before.

Murasaki: Was that true?

Murasaki: I was surprised to find that no one at school believed me.
Murasaki: They said it was all made up.

Murasaki: And...
Murasaki: I have never actually seen Santa Claus.

Murasaki: Does Santa Claus really go around...
SFX: Clatter
Murasaki: to all good kids' houses on Christmas Eve?

Murasaki: Am I...
Murasaki: really a "good kid"?


SFX: Glance

Kiba: Yes.
Kiba: I am aware of the speculation that Juuzawa is dead.

Box: Kuhouin Personal Guard Unit Lieutenant Commander - Kiba

Kiba: It is true that there are a lot of aspects of this that are unlike Juuzawa Benika.


Kiba: It seems certain that there is something more to this.
Shinkurou: Kiba-san, what do you think that could be?

Kiba: I am not sure.
Kiba: But knowing her...
Kiba: it was likely something simple.

Shinkurou: Something...
Shinkurou: simple?

Shinkurou: Kiba-san is one of the few people to survive a serious fight with Benika-san.
Shinkurou: That was when he lost his eye.

Shinkurou: People cannot choose where they live or where they die...
Shinkurou: but they can choose where they might die.
Shinkurou: That seems to be the case.


Zena: I'll call you when I want to continue!

Shinkurou: I cannot avoid a rematch with her.
Shinkurou: But I will do...
Shinkurou: everything I can before then.

Box: Christmas Eve

Lucy: So...
Lucy: you asked to speak with me?


Lucy: You really are shameless.
Lucy: Telling you Hoshigami-san's location was more than I should have told you in the first place.
Lucy: Also, I am impressed you managed to survive a conflict with her.
Lucy: You are as lucky as ever.

Lucy: Kurenai-san, let me warn you ahead of time so you are not mistaken.
Lucy: I do not have the slightest intention of becoming friends with you.
SFX: Chatter chatter
Lucy: Having you call me out here is quite a bother.
Lucy: I do not enjoy it at all.

Shinkurou: Um...
SFX: Sip...
Shinkurou: Then why did you come?

SFX: Place

Lucy: Because I'm obsessed.
Lucy: I'm obsessed with anything having to do with the 13 inner families.


SFX: Chatter chatter
Lucy: In my spare time, I investigate the traces of the extinct families,
Lucy: I find the descendants of the ones that have gone out of business,
Lucy: and I look through the old records.
Lucy: It's quite interesting.
Shinkurou: I shouldn't have asked.

Lucy: For example, do you know...
Lucy: how many students <Houzuki> has had in the past 100 years?
Shinkurou: No...

Lucy: Three.
Lucy: Only three and that's counting you!
Lucy: You are quite a valuable existence...
Lucy: so I suppose I want to preserve any connection I have with you.

Lucy: Anyway, I think I know why you are here.

Lucy: You have thought deeply about your past actions and wish to apologize.
Lucy: You have had a change of heart and wish to work for the Akuu Company.
Lucy: And so you want me to straighten things out with Hoshigami-san.

Shinkurou: No.
Shinkurou: That's not it at all.


Shinkurou: I want any information you have...
Shinkurou: on the <Solitary Fortress> and <Hoshigami>.

Lucy: Kurenai-san...
Lucy: Do you take me for a fool?
Shinkurou: No, not at all.

Lucy: Why do you think I would give you information on Hoshigami-san?
Lucy: More importantly...
Lucy: do you still think you can defeat her?

Lucy: As Kirihiko-kun has said before...
Lucy: you are a very unusual person, Kurenai-san.
Lucy: You seem like a complete fool that does not know how the world works.
Lucy: I just don't understand you.
Shinkurou: You sure have a low opinion of me...

SFX: Hee hee


Lucy: But...
Lucy: fine.

Shinkurou: Eh?

Lucy: I have no obligation to save you...
Lucy: but I like how shamelessly you will even make use of an enemy if you need to.
SFX: Rummage
Lucy: I'll help you out a bit.

Lucy: Think of it as...
Lucy: a small Christmas present.

Sign: Newspaper Club


Ginko: Here.
Ginko: It's your Christmas present.

Box: Ginko and I exchange Christmas presents every year.
Shinkurou: A tinplate cup!
Shinkurou: It sure is austere. Is it military?

Shinkurou: Okay, here's my present.


Ginko: You're going to Houzuki-senpai's place today, right?
Shinkurou: Yes, I am.

Ginko: I will be up late tonight...
Ginko: so call me if you need anything.
Shinkurou: Okay, I will.

SFX: Close
SFX: Type type

SFX: Type

Ginko: Idiot.

Yuuno: Eh?
Sign: Houzuki


Yuuno: These are...
Yuuno: for me?

Yuuno: Thank you like every year.
SFX: Hoo
Shinkurou: Looks like she likes them...

Shinkurou: I get so nervous whenever I give someone flowers.

Shinkurou: Although I've never given flowers to anyone but you.

Yuuno: You've never given them...
Yuuno: to Murakami-san or Murasaki-chan?
Shinkurou: No, only you.
Shinkurou: Ginko doesn't really like flowers and Murasaki is still a kid.

Yuuno: Only me...


Yuuno: Only me only me only me only me only me only me

SFX: Sigh

Yuuno: I need to write this in my happiness diary...
Shinkurou: Oh, and I have a picture book for Chi-chan.

Shinkurou: Bye, Yuuno-san.
Shinkurou: I have to give everyone else their presents too.
Yuuno: Okay.
Yuuno: I'll give you my present when you get back.


Shinkurou: That's Tamaki-san and Yamie-san done.
Shinkurou: That just leaves Kirihiko-chan and...

Shinkurou: For Murasaki...
Shinkurou: maybe I should attach a Christmas card from Santa.

Shinkurou: Going around like this...
Shinkurou: giving out presents the day before...
Shinkurou: a life or death fight might be another kind of escape.


Shinkurou: Okay.
SFX: Rummage
Shinkurou: I'll add a card for Murasaki.

Shinkurou: A foreigner?

SFX: Step

SFX: Jump


SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Drop

Shinkurou: Ah!


SFX: Catch

Gergiev: I am Gergiev of the Akuu Company
Gergiev: Do you think you can remember that?

Shinkurou: Murasaki's present!!

Gergiev: Zena-sama instructed me to bring you to her.

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#1. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2012
Thanks js~! Ok, this'll be out next week.
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