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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Needless 106

City Arc (17)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Nov 11, 2012 18:13 | Go to Needless

-> RTS Page for Needless 106

Red Hawk has dropped Needless, so I am posting my translations here again and they are free for anyone who wants to use them.

Chapter 106


SFX: Rain
Man: H-hey!
Box: 16 years ago.
Man: I found a survivor!

Man: Bring a stretcher over here!
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Box: Adam Project Ruins
Text: What happened to her on that ruinous day 16 years ago!?


Title: #106 City Arc (17)
Bottom: Volume 15 will be released on November 19th!!
Text: The Blade vs. Arclight rematch begins! Who will be the victor of this battle of destiny!?


SFX: Bshh

Riru: Uuh...
Riru: Uuuh...

Man: Are you okay!?
Man: Can you tell me your name!?

SFX: Whisper...

Man: What!?
Man: Say it again!!

Riru: E...
Riru: ve...

Man: "Riru"...?
Man: Got it!


Text: I was discovered in that mountain of corpses.
SFX: Shut
Text: Ironically, I had been protected by the experimental capsule I had been confined within.

Text: But I had been so injured...
Text: the rescuers were unable to hear my voice.
SFX: Roll roll

SFX: Roll roll roll
Label: Riru

Text: After that...
Text: I waited 10 years for the true ruler of the Black Spot to arrive until I met Arclight-sama.


Text: I waited for my master...
Text: who could tell me why I was given this power.


SFX: Boom

Eve: A vision just ran through my head!!
Eve: What was that?

Riru: An Apparition!

Riru: Psychokinesis is but one form of Psy Energy.
Riru: There is also Psychometry, Telepathy...

SFX: Disappear


Riru: and Teleportation!!
SFX: Appear

Riru: Eternal Distortion!!!
SFX: Boom
Eve: Gwaaaahhh!!!


Eve: Kh!
SFX: Whoosh

Riru: You cannot escape.

SFX: Impact
Eve: Agh!

SFX: Slam


Riru: As another Eve...
Riru: I cannot allow you to live after you shamed yourself...
Riru: by stealing your master's "Sign of the King".

SFX: Appear

Cruz: Stigmata!!

Eve: Sign of the King!?
Eve: Does she mean Doppelganger!?


SFX: Burst
Teruyama: Phlogiston!!

SFX: Flame

SFX: Melt
SFX: Crash crash

SFX: Roar


Mio: Ahhn! It's too hot!
SFX: Roar

Setsuna: Kh...
SFX: Fan...
Setsuna: Such heat!!

Teruyama: Mio!! These flames will keep the Fragrance particles away!!
Teruyama: Take out Kuchinashi before the passageway completely melts!!

Mio: Oh!!
Mio: Okay!


Mio: Without her Fragrance...
Mio: Kuchinashi-chan can't do anything!!

SFX: Tap

SFX: Slam slam

SFX: Roar
Mio: Mio-chan Hip Attack!!

SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Hold out
Kuchinashi: Too bad!! I developed a new technique for just such an occurrence!!


Kuchinashi: Double Jet Gauntlet!!!

SFX: Boom boom
Kuchinashi: You will regret doing this!!


Kuchinashi: Interrogation Jackhammer Spike!!!
SFX: Whoosh
Teruyama: The hell kind of attack is that!!?

SFX: Crash!
Teruyama: That was one hell of a noise!!!


SFX: Whirrr

Kuchinashi: Will the bones of my fingers be crushed first!!?
SFX: Whirrrr
Kuchinashi: Or will your anal sphincter split first!!?

Mio: Nniii!!
Mio: You're on!!

Teruyama: Please...
Teruyama: stop!!!


Setsuna: Haaahhhhh!!

Setsuna: Dean Drive Fox Hound!!!
SFX: Boom
Teruyama: Gheh!

Setsuna: Could you stop it with that heat pollution?
SFX: Whoosh


Teruyama: Heh.
Teruyama; Fine!! I will stop!
SFX: Appear

Setsuna: Kh.
Setsuna: Why!?

Setsuna: I am a Missing Link!!
Setsuna: I rose to the top of the Girls' Squad.
Setsuna: So why do I not have a Stigmata!?

Setsuna: I'll never forgive you!!!


SFX: Crash

Teruyama: Damn...
Teruyama: you're fast!

Teruyama: Ooohhhhhh!!

Teruyama: Little B-


SFX: Kick

Teruyama: She deflected it!

Teruyama: Not good!!
Teruyama: My neck and heart are wide open!!


Setsuna: Dean Drive Black Bird!!

Teruyama: Seriously!!?

Mio: Mister!!


Setsuna: Kahah!
SFX: Burst

Teruyama: Nh!?

Setsuna: What...
Setsuna: is this!?
SFX: Throb throb


Blade: Die!!!
Blade: You knockoff!

SFX: Roar
Blade: Agnishwattas!!!

Cruz: He hit him!!


SFX: Ooze

Blade: The flames...
Blade: disappeared!!?

SFX: Glow
Arclight: Stigmata: Rain Maker!!!

SFX: Step

SFX: Burst


Cruz: He distorts the ground...
Cruz: as he walks!!

SFX: Whoosh

Arclight: How arrogant.

SFX: Snap

SFX: Step step step step
Arclight: Stigmata: Psychokinesis!!!

Disk: That Stigmata on his right leg...
Disk: is the same as Riru's!!!


SFX: Crash

Blade: That's just one leg.
Blade: Don't get carried away!

Blade: Magnetic World!!!

SFX: Whoosh

Blade: Take this!!!


Blade: Vajra Cruel Fist!!!

Blade: Ohhhhhhhh!!!
SFX: Impacts

SFX: Impacts


SFX: Impacts

Blade: What!?

SFX: Impacts

Cruz: He isn't deflecting them or even defending against them!!
Cruz: They're all hitting, they're just not working!!!

SFX: Flash


Arclight: Planet Smasher!!!
SFX: Wham

SFX: Crash
Blade: Ghah!

Arclight: Have you...
Arclight: forgotten that I...
Arclight: am a god?
SFX: Rumble rumble rumble


Blade: Hah!!
Blade: A self-proclaimed one maybe!
SFX: Crumble
Blade: I'm not buying a futon or vase though!!

Arclight: You are always...
Arclight: pretending to be a priest...
Arclight: so do you not believe in god?
Arclight: In a being that caused the big bang and gave Needlesses their power?

Blade: What!? Don't be stupid. Of course I do!!
Blade: I believe in god plenty!
SFX: Rumble rumble
Blade: Especially in the "god" that a 10,000 yen bill is made of!!
[TN: Japanese for "god" is pronounced the same as Japanese for "paper". The same play on words is used on the next page.]


Blade: Oh!
Blade: And I very much want to believe I will find "god"...
Blade: after I finish taking a shit!!
SFX: Dramatic
Text: Blade is not shaken!! How will this decisive battle end!?

Arclight: Damn you!

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